Before becoming a full-time close-up magician, I worked for over 20 years in healthcare and education. As a mental health nurse my career spanned throughout practice, research and academia and finally onto being a Mental Health Trainer & Consultant.

My own personal experiences of mental health, gives me a unique insight into perceiving the world from different viewpoints. Coupled with my work as a magician, I have combined these two areas in innovative and inspiring ways (see below):

(1) Madness: Reality or Illusion?

In 2018 I wrote, produced and performed this show in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018 at The Pleasance Courtyard and Palm House. ‘Madness: Reality or Illusion?‘ is a thought provoking entertaining exploration of what is real and not real; how do we know and who decides? Drawing on my background in mental health, magic and spirituality, I invite the audience to consider these questions and more, illustrating my musings with magic tricks, stories and experiences as a mental health nurse.

As part of my company ‘Beyond Belief Magic’, I am now taking the show on tour at conferences, events and festivals throughout 2019-2020.

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(2) Learning Magic can boost mental health and well-being

Can learning and performing magic help boost people’s mental health and well-being? Although, exploration in this area is in it’s infancy, the evidence clearly points to the answer being YES!

From my own personal experiences I am aware how learning and performing magic and help increase my mental health and well-being. Plus, with increasing research and evidence that this is the case, I am sure this area is going to increase. Check out the link below:

Wiseman & Watt (2018) Achieving the impossible: a review of magic-based interventions and their effects on wellbeing

With this in mind, I am moving more towards teaching magic to people with mental health problems and/or people who want to increase their mental health and well-being.

With my previous background in education and training, I am in a unique position to can breakdown and steps and teach magic in a simple, gentle, effective way.

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(3) Raising Awareness of Mental Health

This is a new area I am exploring and still unsure where it is going to go. So far I have written a blog post, which I was invited to write for Dean Williamson, a magician in Manchester, exploring mental health in magicians. If you have any other ideas on how I can use my magic in raising awareness in mental health, please do get in touch. Check out a link to the Blog below:

Why don’t we talk about our Mental Health?