“We employed Jim the Magician to help us create interest and generate traffic to our stand at a large trade show.  He did both those things very well and was a pleasure to work with.  And his magic was brilliant – confounding, amazing and amusing people in equal measures.  He really is highly skilled and very personable.  I recommend him to provide a buzz of excitement to any event.”

(Simon Smith & Jane Morrell, Green Fuse Training


If you are exhibiting at a trade show or exhibition and want your stall/product to stand out, my magic performance can do just that!

With so many stalls/stands at trade shows and exhibitions, it is often hard to get people to stop long enough for you to tell them your brand and what you represent.  There’s always many inventive ways to encourage people to stop, including free coffee, popcorn and sweets.

My magic is the perfect way to grab peoples attention – its uniqe, generates a buzz and is memorable.

Not only next to your stand/stall, but I can also provide pop-up magic throughout the trade show, signposting people to your stall/stand.

It really is a unique, innovative and memorable approach at trade shows and events.


Some ideas are below:

Standing next to your stall/stand

What a better way to catch people’s attention and generate a memorable buzz, with a burst of amazing close-up magic right infront of them.

Pop-up magic throughout the trade fair/event

Want to maximise people visiting your stall/stand.  My pop-up magic to people walking between stalls, grabbing a drink or wondering where to go next, is a unique way to get their attention and signpost them to your stall/stand.

At the entrance of the Show

If you are one of the sponsors at the trade show/event or exhibition, why not position myself at registration, amazing people at the start.  It will be a lot more memorable than a banner!  If there are long queues, my pop-up magic in the queues can breakdown the long wait.

Evening Entertainment

If you are putting on evening entertainment between the days of the trade show/event or exhibition – my magical entertainment during a champage reception or meal, will bring a buzz of excitement to the evening.