REFERENCES TO THE SHOW – ‘Madness: Reality or Illusion

If you have seen my magic lecture show and want to explore more of what I talked about, please check out all the references below.  I hope you enjoyed it.  Please let others know about it and get in touch if you want to find out more about booking me to perform it.  Thanks.  Jim

Indian Rope Trick – CLICK HERE

The Rise of the Indian Rope Trick by Peter Lamont – CLICK HERE

Sympathetic Magick – CLICK HERE

Edinburgh Art Festival – CLICK HERE

Spiritualist Churches – CLICK HERE

Eleanor Longden Ted Talk – CLICK HERE

Social Construction Theory – CLICK HERE

The Birth of the Clinic by Michel Foucault – CLICK HERE

Discourse and Power – CLICK HERE

History of Magic – CLICK HERE

Homosexuality in DSM – CLICK HERE

Intervoice – International Hearing Voices Network – CLICK HERE

How to become a Schizophrenic by John Modrow – CLICK HERE

Stanislav Grof – CLICK HERE

Spiritual Crisis Network UK – CLICK HERE

Ron Coleman – CLICK HERE

Famous people who hear voices – CLICK HERE

Derren Brown – CLICK HERE

Colin Cloud – CLICK HERE

Many Souls, Many Bodies by Brian Weiss – CLICK HERE

The Myth of Mental Illness by Thomas Szasz – CLICK HERE

Going Mad? by Michael Corry & Aine Tubridy – CLICK HERE

The Dialectics of Schizophrenia by Philip Thomas – CLICK HERE

The Construction of Power and Authority in Psychiatry – CLICK HERE

Alternatives Beyond Psychiatry – CLICK HERE