‘Madness: Reality or Illusion?’, Edinburgh Festival has started…

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The Edinburgh Fringe is now in full swing and as usual I am super busy!  My time is split between, performing magic around the tables in The Pleasance Courtyard and preparing for three ticketed shows I am putting on which is part of the Edinburgh Art Festival.  The familiar August busyness of Edinburgh is back – where crowds of visitors fill the streets.


As part of the Edinburgh Art Festival 2018, myself and a few other magicians have collaborated with artist Ruth Ewan’s ‘Sympathetic Magick‘, which weaves a trail of magic with a political edge through the city and the Festival’s programme.

Madness: Reality or Illusion?, is the name of my performance, its on during the last three Sunday’s of August, across two different venues.

The first two performances on Sunday 12th and Sunday 19th August 2018 is on at 7pm and is at The Green, Pleasance Courtyard. The show is suitable for ages 14+, with a cost of £7 (£5 concessions).


The show questions what is real and not real, and how do we know and decide.  Drawing on my background in mental health, magic and spirituality, I invite the audience to consider these questions and others and offer my own thoughts and stories, illustrating my musings with close-up magic.  It is a cross between a magical performance and a lecture.  Please do come along and you can also get to know a bit of my life, before I was a magician!

The final performance, on Sunday 26th August is at 3pm, at Palm House, Johnston Terrace Wildlife Garden.  It is part of a special performance, with other magicians performing their magic with a political edge.  No booking required, but please come early to avoid disappointment.


Jim the Magician Badges – this year, for the first time, I have decided to develop some Jim the Magician merchandise! Following some research from friends, help from a fantastic Graphic Designer, Adam Wilson and fast turn around by Fiona at Edinburgh Badge Makers, I picked up the completed badges on Friday.  There are two designs.  Check out the images at the top of this blog.  I will be selling the badges across August and beyond.  Each badge is only £1 each!

Also new for the summer is a Jim the Magician mailing list.  I will be sending out regular newsletters, providing updates on what is happening.  I have a unique, eco-friendly approach for people to sign up, whilst I am out and about performing magic, so please ask.  For an extra incentive, every 100 people who sign-up, will be entered into a prize draw, with one lucky person, winning a free magic lesson from myself – which I can do either in person or virtually online.

I hope you are all having a fantastic summer and hoping to see some of you this month!

Thanks for reading.

Jim x