One of the most common questions I get asked is “How do you learn magic?” or “Can you teach me a trick?”.  With a diploma in Training & Development and a working background in facilitating training / workshops, I can give you all the materials and learning to be up and performing in a few days.  Whatever you level of magic and learning, I will teach you.

So, if you have ever wanted to learn some magic, which you can show to your friends and family?  I can teach you.  I run group magic classes and one-to-one magic lessons.  I can teach from beginners to intermediate level.

Why not combine watching magic and learning some too.  A perfect way to bring something different to a party or event.  I can perform some magic and then teach some.

I don’t just give you the secrets of how the tricks are done but will help you learn the theory and mechanics, giving you a firm foundation in performing magic.



I will teach some self-working close-up card magic, some of which I perform professionally.  The card tricks will be using a regular pack of cards.  the magic you learn will be suitable to be performed to people aged 7 years old and upwards.



I will teach some basic sleight of hands tricks with a regular pack of cards.


In the Lessons, you will receive:

  • All you need to start performing close-up card magic.
  • Time to practice.
  • A new pack of high-quality playing cards (Bicycle Cards) that magicians use.
  • Written instructions on how to perform the tricks you learn, to use when practising at home.
  • Electronic videos on some of the tricks you learn.