“We’d be delighted if you would come along this year and do what you do. It was great fun and certainly helped generate a fun atmosphere.”

(Caroline MacLennan, Heb Celt, Festival Director)

“Thanks again for performing on the day of the event – it was much appreciated by both us and the spectators around the course.”

(Meadows Marathon Team)


Most music festivals have fringe events going on, to entertain people when they are having a break from the music. I have found that having a roaming magician, works really well. I am now in my 5th year of being ‘Festival Magician’ at Heb Celt (Hebridean Celtic Music Festival) – www.hebcelt.com
My ‘pop-up’ magic show fits in perfectly, with a combination of close-up magic and entertaining stories for all the family. It brings fun and excitement to the festival – and also can give parents a break from their children! I also make sure that I get around the staff and volunteers when they are having a break to see some of my awesome magic.

Other music festivals I have performed at includes Spey Fest (www.speyfest.com).  September 2017 I am performing at Electric Fields Festival (www.electricfieldsfestival.com).


But not just music festivals. My magic works in lots of other festivals and works just as well. I have performed Loch Lomond Fest, Gala Days, Fetes, and Fairs. I even performed at the Meadows Marathon entertaining spectators as they waited to cheer on their loved ones (www.meadowsmarathon.org.uk).

If you are organizing a festival or something similar and are wanting to bring a sparkle to the event, my magic could be perfect. There really is no limit to where I can perform. Please do get in touch to discuss more!  Contact Me


“We’ve been fortunate to have had Jim come back this year after a wee break, fresh with some great new tricks.  A real addition to the festival main site he was brilliant and even took time to call by a busy shop and wow the queues of folk there.  Thanks Jim!”

(Caroline MacLennan, Heb Celt, Festival Director, July 2017)