Day 98 – Reflections on Lock-Down

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Following on from an article I stumbled across about Arthur’s Seat last week; my hunt for Elves on Arthur’s Seat on Saturday (Day 96); and a message from Susi about Arthur’s Seat yesterday (Day 97) I have decided to theme this blog on Arthur’s Seat.

For people who live in Edinburgh, Arthur’s Seat is a very prominent part of the city.  You may remember on Day 88, when Hannah, Honey and I were exploring the top of Arthur’s Seat in a massive cloud/fog?  I realised on that day, that Edinburgh folk use Arthur’s Seat as a kind of compass of where they are.  Not just when we are exploring Arthur’s Seat, but anywhere in the city!  You can work out where you are in the city, to the location of Arthur’s Seat – looking to see where it is.

I live in the north/east of Edinburgh, so I have a very familiar image of what Arthur’s Seat looks like.  When I am in the south of the city it has a totally different shape and always catches my attention!

Arthur’s Seat is an extinct volcano, forming a 250.5m (822 feet) hill, with a series of other hills and Salisbury Crag’s (known as ‘The Crags’ to locals).  It is situated to the east of the city centre, about 1 mile to the east of Edinburgh Castle.  From the top, you can get amazing views of the whole of Edinburgh and up to 30 miles into the distance (pending the weather).

I always encourage tourists and visitors to go to the top, as it helps you see the whole of the city from one viewpoint and get a sense of the surroundings!  Most people, don’t realise how close Edinburgh is to the beach/sea.  Arthur’s Seat is part of Holyrood Park, which has Holyrood Palace and the Scottish Parliament next to it.  Late Sunday mornings are often a common time when families and friends head to Holyrood Park, The Crags and Arthur’s Seat for a walk before lunch.  Of course usually at this time of year there are hundreds of tourists trying to work out which way to go, but not this year.


There are actually numerous routes you can take to the top, which is great for exploring, as Honey and I have done through lock-down.  Although, the last part to the summit is always a scramble over rocks, as there is no specific route.

It remains unknown why the hill is called ‘Arthur’s Seat’ – this article ( suggest that it could be tied in with ‘King Arthur’ or maybe just named after someone called Arthur.  Other articles suggest it’s original name was from Scottish Gaelic, Àrd-na-Said, which means the “Height of Arrows“, which later became known as ‘Archer’s Seat’ and then Arthur’s Seat.  Another explanation is it came from Àrd-thir Suidhe, which means ‘place on high ground’.

The ‘Seat’ refers to the notch between the highest point of the peak and a secondary point of the hill.

According to Wikipedia (and I am sure Graham will know!) Robert Louis Stevenson described Arthur’s Seat as “a hill for magnitude, a mountain in virtue of it’s bold design”.


Stories of Arthur’s Seat

Murder Acre – is on The Crags where there were a series of killings of civilians by the Kings Troops in 1677.

17 Coffins – in 1836 five boys who were hunting for rabbits found in a cave on the Crags, 17 miniature coffins, containing small wooden people.  Originally thought to be connection to witchcraft, the legend has it that the coffins were symbolic burials of the infamous Burke and Hare’s in 1828, who murdered 17 people.

Susi sent me this message a couple of days ago:

“Hey Jim – I enjoyed seeing you and Honey exploring the wee cave..disappointed you didn’t make any exciting discoveries. Sounded nice you sitting in the rain enjoying the view.  The cave reminded me of a story of some kids discovering some tiny coffins which are now in the museum I believe. That story has always fascinated me! Here is a link to it in case you are unfamiliar – maybe you have already covered this in the blog?”″

This article also gives a potential solution to the mystery –


The Crags Killer – In 1972, Ernest Dumoulin, known as the ‘Crags Killer’, pushed his 18 year old bride off The Crags on their wedding day so he could claim a £1m insurance policy, he was convicted and imprisoned for 16 years.  He then re-married and became a minister!


On our daily walk today on Arthur’s Seat, Danny was cycling past just as we were heading home, so he stopped to say hello!  That was a nice coincidence 🙂

Also my monthly socks arrived 🙂

Today, in Scotland, non-essential shops opened, not many new shops have actually opened on Easter Road.  The two locksmiths, Bowdens Kilt Hire and Lothian Cat Rescue charity shop is all that I spotted.

Saying that from the top of Easter Road to where I live (not even half way down) there are 10 hairdressers/barbers, I guess they can’t open yet?  Plus a few tattoo shops, which also probably can’t open, the rest are cafes – some open, some not.  Oh and two bakers, next to each other!!  So actually not much has changed.

I took a couple photos of the new signs that have sprung up since opening today.  What I did notice is shops that were open before today, now have plastic perspective windows where you pay and the shops opened today have that too!

Quite a big contrast of the two signs.  The one of the left is a local locksmith/shoe repair shop, the one on the right is Lothian Cat Rescue charity shop.

Poetry Corner

Another poem of my own, written during my mental health nurse training.

This poem was written in a two hour lecture looking what ‘Spirituality’ means to us and how understanding the concept of spirituality can help us be better nurses.

The lecturer kept making the joke, that when she referred to the word ‘Spirit’, she was no meaning Whisky!  The poem is a good summary of the lecture.  However, I personally don’t think it is a very good poem.

I emailed the poem to the lecturer, who said it was weird that it was so similar to the lecture.  I wonder if she realised I had written in the lecture?  I was sitting in the front row!



Spiritual, Spirituality, Spiritualism, Spirit,
What does this mean to you?
We need to consider these words as a nurse,
To abide with the rules of the UKCC.

Belief, Soul, Life Journey, Whisky,
Are these the words that come to you?
We need to think about all of this,
As it affects our role as a holistic nurse.

Nightingale, Henderson, Neuman, Teachers,
What do these names mean to you?
We need to understand those different models,
To consider the different views of the world.

Despair, Anger, Fear, Unforgiving,
When do these occur in our spiritual faith?
It’s good to think about these life events,
Especially working in an Ethnic Cleansing State.

Acceptance, Respect, Belief, Values,
What doe these words meant to you?
As a nurse, when we consider the spiritual view,
These four main words are the key.

Readers Corner




“Hi Jim
You seem to have quite a bent for writing poetry. Have you ever thought of collecting your verses together in a book ?

Thanks Graham.  I put the poems together and gave them to my sister as a ‘Post-Wedding’ present, but apart from that no book planned.  I am currently just working through ‘Post Wedding’ ‘book’ for Poetry Corner.



“Another great blog. Thank you Jim”.

Thanks Ivan!  Glad you continue to enjoy them.



“Great Read Today…Thank You Jennie For Your Input…So Many People Are Suffering In Many Differing Ways But As The Saying Goes “This To Shall Pass”  But!! We Will Need To Always Remember This Time In Our Shared History Today As It Is In Our Nature As A Species To Forget When Everything Is Going Well….Jim Is So True When He Mentions Opening Up More On Mental Health…Since Jim And I Last Worked Together There Has Still Not Be Very Much Done In Regards This…I Could Go On…For The Moment I Will Just Say Stay Safe and Stay Well All…☘️☘️☘️☘️”.

Thanks Pat.  I have past your comment onto Jennie.


It Made Me Smile

I received a message from Brian this morning that made me smile and also something I saw myself that also made me smile.



This morning Brian messaged me saying:

“Hey Jim, I am still impressed at the influence of your lockdown blog and your efforts on the press-up challenge! It seems to be spreading like wildfire! :)”.

He was referring to a Tweet linked to an article in The Mirror –

Keir Stammer has challenged Boris Johnson to a Push-Up Challenge, to do 50 push-ups by the next Prime Ministers Questions!  Sadly, not to raise awareness of mental health, but in fact Boris’ physical health.



I would like to thank Fi for nominating me in the first place.  I did see that you were nominated as well Brian??



I must admit, since lock-down I have been mainly paying by card, I can’t remember the last time I went to a cash machine!  But today, I went to the Clydesdale Bank cash machine and saw this on the screen, it made me smile.


Can’t believe it, even cash is now being put into quarantine!

Twenty-Five Day Push-Up Challenge

Day 12 of the Twenty-Five Day Push-Up Challenge!  As this blog has an Arthur’s Seat themed, I made sure I did it near Arthur’s Seat 😉 – quite windy and nearly raining, but not quite.  I am getting faster and better, but I think I started off too fast to do them all without my knees down!


As I come to the end of today’s blog, it’s been a busy day of working.  I hope you found this themed blog interesting about Arthur’s Seat, I certainly enjoyed researching and writing it, I’ve learnt loads.  As regular readers will know, I have probably spent 80% of my daily walks/runs during lock-down on Arthur’s Seat, so good to learn all about it.

Today it has been cold, windy and wet.  I am not sure if it has actually rained, but there has definitely been rain in the air.  It seems like the heatwave is over!

Only two days until Day 100, when I plan to make an announcement to the Blog Community (Brayshaw, MJ, 2020).

Lots of love

Jim xx