Day 92 – Reflections on Lock-Down

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Despite going to bed really late and not being able to sleep, sometime after 2am, I have actually had lots of energy today and feeling upbeat and happy with life!

I’ve mentioned it before, but the streets are always a lot quieter at 10am on our morning walk, but by the middle of the day on our afternoon walk/run around 3pm/4pm/5pm there is loads of traffic and it is really busy!  Even though life seems more and more “back to normal”, I wonder if more people are having a lazy morning or are all working from home?

Today, in England, it was a special day.  The final Prime Minister Briefing by Boris Johnson and his team of scientists.  I’ve just looked to see when the first one took place – Monday 16th March – according to the BBC News. Do you remember it?  I was down visiting my family, so did watch it.

I remember, feeling a lot of fear and panic at the first one.  With news of the virus spreading across Europe and starting to grow in the UK.  I remember, Boris Johnson saying that many families would be affected by Coronavirus and many people would die before their time.  It felt very much like a war-time announcement, taking place in Downing Street with the Union Jack in the background.

Since then, Boris Johnson has not been to everyone, obviously he had the virus, was in hospital, then Intensive Care Unit and then took some time off to recover.  Other times he just wasn’t there.

I must admit, I didn’t watch the final briefing today.  In fact, it wasn’t until afterwards that I found out it was the final one.

The reason for the final one, is that he announced that on Saturday 4th July (I think), there will be more easing of lock-down, which could be in place until maybe Spring 2021.  This includes, reducing social distancing from 2 metres to 1 metre and a whole host of places being able to open including pubs, cinemas and hairdressers – that I can remember!

It will be interesting to see if things change.  I know many people I talk to are reluctant to end lock-down for themselves, as they fear of a second wave coming.  But certainly in Scotland, I have heard quite a few people saying they are bored of lock-down and can’t wait to get back to the pub!

I personally, am enjoying lock-down and don’t want it to end, nor in any hurry to get to the pub, cinema or hairdressers!

Of course – this is just in England.  Scotland still continues to remain at a different point in lock-down.  Nicola Sturgeon is emphasising that 2 metre social distancing rule is still in place in Scotland.

This evening, I was thinking back to those early days in the middle of March.  When there was mass worry, fear and uncertainty of the future.  I personally was worried about what I was going to earn.  I had already seen a drop in bookings coming in from the end of February and a few people had said, that we were going to be in for a bumpy ride for a while.

I remember, really panicking back at the start of March.  People I spoke to, seemed to think that I was being over the top and actually this was not going to affect us.  I feel that I was ahead of everyone a little with the reality of the situation.

But as Alistair, who I bumped into yesterday and have not seen in a long time said, I have a ‘Portfolio Career’.  It’s totally true, I have done so many different jobs, so many different courses, etc…and been self-employed for 13 years, I am good at creating work.  In fact, I love using my creative energies to generate an income.

I’ve kind of been re-inventing myself since lock-down!

But for many, there is the worry of losing their jobs in the coming months and becoming self-employed.  I feel for all of you in that situation.

Of course, there is also the fear of getting the virus and that remains a worry for all of us, for the next foreseeable future.

Fi’s Video Corner

You may remember back on Day 85 (last Tuesday) I started this new section.  Fi’s videos from the Isle of Canna!  Fi’s Video Corner appears every Tuesday.  If you didn’t see last week’s check it out – ‘Pinkness Video‘.

Today we have another great video, ‘Lockdown Dog Walks’ from the Isle of Canna, June 2020.

Thanks Fi for all your work on today’s video!  Absolutely loving it and great to see some amazing film of the Isle of Canna in lock-down.  Your dogs are so lucky 😉

For the rest of the week, when we don’t have Fi’s Video Corner, we return to ‘Poetry Corner’



Readers Corner

We’ve got three posts for Readers Corner.  Two people have never appeared here before, Cecilia and Lorna – Welcome to Readers Corner!



Cecilia posted a comment on Day 90 blog.  She views my blog on the Facebook Page Life in the Time of Covid-19, where I post my blog everyday.

Cecilia said:

“Day 90! Wow 😮”.

Yes!  Without my blog, no one would know what day we are on 😉



Lorna lives in Berlin.  She posted a Facebook comment on Day 88 blog, saying:

“Dear Jim, I’m looking forward to the upcoming book launch„100 magical lockdown days“ …. only 12 more blogs and it’s ready!”

Thank’s Lorna for planting that seed.  Yes – sounds like a good idea, but maybe a bit of editing first.  I don’t really have any time for that at the moment.  Anyone fancy helping out?




Matt put a Facebook comment on yesterday’s blog saying:

“I did not know of this poetry during your nurse training, Jim – there’s a collection there that could go out with the course information! I’m imagining where you’d be now with your verse if you were still in nursing!”

Well actually Matt, my poetry inspiration stopped when I finished my nurse training and has never returned!



It Made Me Smile



Fi sent this video in saying “Made me smile 😁“.

I’ve watched it twice and it is absolutely hilarious – especially if you are a dog lover!  Check it out below.



Carrying on with a dog theme.  This evening, after I had eaten my dinner I heard some banging noise coming from the other room, which sounded strange and unfamiliar.  It was definitely something that Honey was doing.

She had gone through my recycling and found an empty box of dog biscuits, that she obviously had put her head in to try and get something from it, but then had got her head stuck!

She was wondering around trying to get it off.

I grabbed my phone for a quick photo, before I helped it off her.

This made me smile 🙂

She has lost loads of weight recently, probably because of all the exercise she is doing.  I wonder if I should increase the amount of food she gets at breakfast and dinner?


Twenty-Five Day Push-Up Challenge

I am actually enjoying doing this challenge – I am getting better and better!  My friend Hannah also messaged me today with some more tips, so will be trying them soon – thanks Hannah 🙂



A few comments and chat when I posted this on Facebook after my run.


“Bloody hell its blowing a hooley up there! Here for you too if you ever need to chat!”.


Anna replied with:

“A bit different from here today!”.

They both live in the south of England!


Lisa then replied to Anna’s comment with:

“Definitely! It’s been lovely hasn’t it.”.

Anna then replied to Lisa with:

“It has, I think Thursday maybe too hot. Got my shorts back on today!”.

Then Lisa replied to Anna with:

“It looks like it’s set to be a scorcher!”.


Well glad you both were able to have a wee catch-up together about the weather 😉

I’ve just checked the weather in Edinburgh and it’s meant to be up to 24 degrees on Thursday, but still not much sunshine 🙁

But, hey – we have the late nights, which is lovely!


As I come to the end of today’s blog, it seems like quite a fun packed one!  My process of writing these now is that I first look at my photos and choose the ones to include and upload via my phone.  Then I put in the different sections, add the photos and videos to the sections, then I write the beginning an end part, before finally adding all my photos.  I then publish it and do a proof read on my tablet, editing any typos on my computer, I always miss a few, sorry.  Then I post it on three Facebook accounts, Twitter and send it various people including everyone who has appeared in Readers Corner!

Today the weather has been mainly cloudy and quite windy.  Although this evening the sky began to clear.  It’s been relatively warm, but no t-shirt and shorts warm.

This evening on our bedtime walk round the graveyard, as soon as I entered it, I felt a stillness and presence.  The wind had dropped, but I also noticed a presence.  I wondered, why that was and realised that there was no traffic in the distance.  It reminded me of the early days of lock-down, which I loved so much!

We do associate graveyards being quiet, still and present.  But it made me realise, that perhaps, especially in the city, this is due to walking from the hustle and bustle of city life into a relatively large rural area, which is away from so much noise.

This evening on our walk, half way round, I noticed the fox was back and watching us.  The fox has similar mannerism to a dog, sitting and watching like a dog.  Luckily, I saw the fox before Honey did and got her on the lead.  Otherwise she would be chasing it.

The last time I saw the fox was in May, the evening before the anniversary of my grandmother (Mama)’s death, Day 57.  I thought it marked a spiritual significance of her anniversary, but also looked up what seeing a fox meant and it means change is coming!

So lovely to see the fox, which continued to follow us round the graveyard, especially as there was so much stillness and presence in the air.

I am tired now, so will bid you farewell.

Stay Safe.

Jim xxx