Day 87 – Reflections on Lock-Down

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Today, I have had sooo much more energy and subsequently felt better in myself 🙂

I was in bed before midnight and asleep not long after.  I woke up BEFORE my alarm at 7.45am, so just lay in bed and listened to the radio.  Subsequently, I have felt good today.

This morning, after morning Chi Gong, Honey and I went to Kate’s Park for our morning walk.  For a few weeks now, Kate has not worked Thursday’s and Friday’s, so we arranged to meet up in the park.

We caught up on life, the blog and current life news.

We were talking about Day 85 blog about the grief that we are all experiencing in lock-down.  She referred to it as ‘collective grief’ – I really like that term / idea.  We are all experiencing massive grief with lock-down – the loss of so much in our lives.

Kate also talked about how the world, news and events change so quickly in lock-down.  We had Dominic Cummings saga, Black Lives Matter, all the protests, etc…all these things are happening all so quickly and we are having to get our heads round it all, with no time!  That must me causing us so much psychological pain and struggles.

I was thinking about that some more for the rest of the day.  Back in 2005, I got a 6-week travel scholarship to New Zealand and Australian to look at mental health services, funded by the Florence Nightingale Foundation.  I learnt, that because New Zealand is such a new country things can change really quickly.

Now, my history and knowledge of New Zealand is not good, so apologies if I get this wrong.  My understanding is it was the Treaty of Waitangi, in 1840, when New Zealand became the country it is today.

So ultimately, it is not even 200 years ago.  They are not entrenched in the hundreds of years of tradition and history, that the UK is, so things can change quickly.  New ideas can evolve and take effect in a matter of years.

But, now in lock-down, in the UK, things are changing really fast.

It made me wonder, we are kind of in a new territory within the UK (and the world), we are rapidly changing, new ways of living and new ways of being.  Things that take years and years to happen, have happened in the matter of days/weeks.

Are we in the UK evolving into a new world, just like in the New Zealand?

Poetry Corner

This is a new section, appeared for the first time yesterday!  If you have any poetry you have written or like, please share for this new corner.

As soon as Fi read ‘Poetry’s Corner’ yesterday, she messaged me to say she had a poem to include.

She said:

“This is the best poem I’ve ever written, for Georgiana when she was born 😁


Georgiana is the daughter of a good friend of ours Maggie.  Georgiana is now 7 years old.

I also checked with Maggie and she has shared a couple of photos of Georgiana to go alongside the poem.  The second photo (when she is not a baby) was taken today!

Maggie said:

“Taken today with her first radish! 😂


Little Seed

A tiny shoot pushed through the earth,
A tree was born today.
The sun shone upon its leaves,
New life had found its way.

The little shoot grew and grew,
A tender sapling she became.
Sheltered by her family’s shade,
She’d grow to do the same.

In Summer she grew the greenest leaves,
To Autumn gold she clung.
Sleeping through the long, cold Winter,
She blossomed when Spring had sprung.

Her roots grew deep on Wetherhill,
With nurture of sun and rain.
Her branches reached for the stars above,
She had grown yet again.

She welcomed in the birds and squirrels,
To them she was their home.
They returned to build their families,
From wherever they would roam.

For many years she stood tall and true,
Her head firmly in the cloud.
With her strength and grace and beauty,
Her family would be proud.

The magic of this story is
In every tree we need.
It’s true that the greatest forest grows
From the tiniest little seed.



Awww – Fi thanks for sharing that poem.  It’s lovely.  And thanks for Maggie for the photos 🙂


Readers Corner


Matt posted a Facebook comment on yesterday’s blog, saying:

“I’ve heard that there is a Change UK petition demanding that you re-instate ‘It Made Me Smile’ – and I don’t want that in Reader’s Corner or Poetry Corner. I don’t want to see it in a re-vamped, ‘It Made Me Smile’. I demand nothing less than our (it belongs to the people!) original ‘It made Me Smile’ back!! 🤣”

It seem’s like the ‘Blog Community’ (Brayshaw, MJ, 2020) has spoken!  I will re-instate ‘It Made Me Smile‘.


It Made Me Smile

Due to popular demand of the ‘Blog Community’ (Brayshaw, MJ, 2020) this section is back!

There is nothing to post in it, so if you having anything to post, please send to me!

Matt ??



Twenty-Five Day Push-Up Challenge

Yesterday my dream came true and Fi dominated me to do the Twenty-Five Day Push-Up Challenge on Facebook to raise awareness of mental health.

I’ve always wanted to be challenged to one of these physical challenges, as I wrote in Day 80.  So now I have created ANOTHER new section for the blog – of me doing the challenge.  If any of you who are doing the challenge and also want to be included in this section please let me know.  I don’t want more Change UK petitions saying that the ‘Blog Community’ (Bradshaw, MJ, 2020) feels like they have been excluded.

For those who do not know the challenge…it is a simple but tough challenge of 25 push-ups everyday for 25 days.

The rules are…

  • Once you’re nominated your have to get going quickly!
  • Everyday you record yourself doing 25 push ups either Box, Half, Full or Combination.  Anything goes.
  • Everyday you nominate a different person.



There were a few comments after I posted Day 1 on Facebook:



“Love this 😍 Well done Jim! Body Strong 💪 Head Strong 🧠 👏👏👏”


Thanks Helen, you’ve got another 24 Days to watch 🙂




“You’ll be doing Gym with Jim instead of Chi Gong before long!
Well done, it’ll be a breeze by day 25! x”


Ha!  Maybe I can run an extra class on this after Chi Gong 🙂



As I come to the end of today’s blog, it seems like I’ve got a bit carried away with ‘new sections’!  But glad that the ‘Blog Community’ (Brayshaw, MJ, 2020) can be included more.

A few days ago I was chatting to Matt and he used the term “Blog Community”, which I really like and told him this.  He replied that I would have to reference him, as it’s his term!  This is a blog in-joke from Day 80 and Day 81. Hence why you will have seen (Brayshaw, MJ, 2020) throughout today’s blog!

I am currently feeling less calm than usual.  Trying to pull together co-organising another charity Zoom event on Saturday.  I didn’t get time for my rest on the sofa after my run.  In fact, no time to relax today – and subsequently not so rested in myself.

The day started off cold and cloudy.  The sun came out early afternoon and it looked like it was going to turn into a lovely afternoon.  But the time I was out running, the clouds were back and the temperature had dropped with a bit of a breeze too.

I loved Fi’s poem and the photos Maggie shared…

Not quite sure what else to write…so I will end this here.

Good Night

Jim & Honey xxx