Day 77 – Reflections on Lock-Down

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This morning I slept right through to 8.25am, when my 3rd alarm clock was going off!  I didn’t really catch what Chris Evans was talking about on The Chris Evans Breakfast Show, as I was just waking up!  Although, he was soon to interview someone, but alas, I had to get up to start my morning Chi Gong session, so I never heard the interview.

Like, most Monday’s I have had loads of energy in getting things done, however now as I write this blog, I have over done it and feeling really tired!  That always seems to happen on a Monday and Tuesday.  I will need to remind myself to take a break tomorrow, so I am not exhausted by the end of the week!

Today is my friend Ron’s Birthday.  Ron is the guy who had a heart attack a week ago last Saturday.  He got home at the weekend, after spending a week in hospital in Glasgow.  He had an operation on his heart, in the middle of the last week, having a stent put in.  He wrote a poem, which he posted on Facebook over the weekend.  I’ll share it with you here:

Extra Time

There was no light upon my way,
In the game with death, I did play.
I fought so hard for every breath,
In my quest to stay upon this earth.
Time granted it’s voice did say,
I’ll come for you another Day.

I felt really touched when I read this.  Simple but effective.  Thanks Ron for allowing me to share this.



Today I have continued to feel a little unsettled in myself from yesterday.  I am not quite sure why that is.  But I am sure if will become clear for me in the next few days.

My day had the similar routine to it, as any other day in lock-down has been.  In fact, when I sat down to write it, I realised I didn’t know what day it was, so had to look!

Breakfast, morning Chi Gong, coffee, morning walk with Honey.  Bit of work, accounts, emails, etc….Did some things I needed to do around the house.  Did some more work.  Had lunch.  Did a few things I needed to do outside.  Then I had a Zoom call with my friend Ivan.  Then some more work.  Took Honey for a walk.  Relaxed on the sofa for 30 minutes whilst eating my dinner.  Then some more work and now the blog.

My dinner, was a surprise “delivery” from Soul Foods, whom usually provide a meal for those in need on a Thursday.  However, they have teamed up with Hawksmoor Restaurant and are providing free meals for anyone in need or wants one on a Sunday.

Rich Cornfield, who runs Soul Foods was driving down Easter Road yesterday and pulled in as Honey and I were walking along.  He said he had loads left over, which was going into his freezer – so and did I want any.  He opened the boot of his car to reveal bags of these meals.  He gave me both a meat dish and a vegetarian dish.  Today I ate the vegetarian dish, with cake for pudding!  It was delicious.

Rich explained, that as the restaurant is shut down due to lock-down and all the staff are on furlough leave, they have nothing to do.  So have started cooking these meals for anyone in need.  What a great idea!

So if you living in Edinburgh and want a delicious meal, head along to St. Andrews Square on Sundays at 2pm.

My Zoom call with Ivan was to have a Zen Tarot card reading.  Ivan has been doing these for years and I always find them really helpful.  We usually do them over Skype, with me writing notes.  But as you can record on Zoom, we did that instead and I got a video recording of it.

Ivan always sends a photo at the end of the cards.


We had a shorter walk today in Kate’s Park and then went through Montgomery Street Park, which had lots of people out in the sun.

The sun came out late afternoon.  The rest of the day was mainly grey.  It’s amazing, with the sun out, everyone was out enjoying it!

It’s now returned to being cloudy.

Readers Corner

Graham is the only contributor in Readers Corner today.  It is his first appearance – Welcome Graham to Readers Corner 🙂



I know Graham from when I worked in the mental health field.  He seems to have finally discovered my blog, saying:

“Just started reading your blog, loving it – looking forward to seeing in over the coming weeks”.

Thanks Graham.  So glad you are enjoying it.  Can be a lonely experience writing a blog everyday, not knowing whose reading it or enjoying it.  I hope you get to become one of the few exclusive daily blog readers!


It Made Me Smile

I came across this article today, about some research, before lock-down that looked at home gardening, finding it makes you happier.

It’s a study done at Princeton, US, and addresses things we can do as we are all confide to our homes in lock-down.  The research has shown, that how caring for your plants at home can have a positive affect on your mood.

I have been looking after a couple of plants for The Melting Pot (the office space I use) whilst it is shut, plus, with the gardening we did last week in Dalmeny Street Park, I clicked on the article to read more.

The article made me smile.

However, going on the picture attached to the article.  I think they are talking about plants in your actual garden, which looks a lot more elaborate and colourful compared to the two plants on my flat windowsill or the planting we did in the park – but hey its a start 😉

See the full article below:


Princeton Study Finds That Home Gardening Makes You Happier

As I come to the end of today’s blog, it is a short one!

Today, when I was walking with Honey the Dog, I thought it would have been useful to have written a daily score (from 1 to 10) on how my energy / mood has been through the day.  Which I then could plot on a graph, to see how it has gone up and down.  But alas, I am only thinking about this on Day 77!

I guess, I could go through all the blogs again and come up with an approximate score on what I wrote?

So with that in mind, I will score my day as a 6.  This is relation to my energy, mood, etc…It may take a while to work out what my baseline is, but at least it is a start!

On our bedtime walk it was a bit colder outside.  Certainly, the humidity we had a few weeks ago has gone.  I hope that is not the end of summer?!

Hope the start of your week has gone well.

Go Well.

Jim xx