Day 66 – Reflections on Lock-Down

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I woke up this morning to The Chris Evans Breakfast Show, talking about the book How Not to Die by Michael Greger.  Chris Evans was encouraging everyone to buy this book and put it by their bedside and read it for ever.  He then started quoting bits from it.  He also said there are hundreds of videos from the book online.

I then thought – I think I have that book, wondering why I don’t remember reading it.  I found it the kitchen amongst my cook books – then realised why I hadn’t read the whole thing – it’s over 600 pages and really small writing!!  See photos!

I may watch some of the videos instead.

I’ve missed not waking up to Chris Evans in the morning.  Of course – this morning, my radio came on at 7.30am, as my Morning Chi Gong holiday was over and the first session was today at 09:10!

Was really peaceful walking round the graveyard at 07:50am and I realised that despite me complaining about too much traffic being on the streets now, there are still very few cars around at 08:00am – outwith lock-down that’s nearly rush-hour!  I guess most folk are getting up later than usual.

Then onto Chi Gong.  Zoom is changing the way we all log in – which was confusing for everyone this morning!

I then did quite bit of work before heading to the Ear Shop to get Honey an ear.  Then watched Nicola Sturgeon’s Daily Briefing on Twitter, which was the announcement that as from tomorrow, lock-down is easing, as we enter ‘Phase 1’!



The Scottish Government has a Four Phase plan for exiting locking

Phase 1 – Virus not yet contained but cases are falling

One household can meet another (outside) up to a total of 8 people.  Sunbathing is allowed.  Outdoor activities are allowed including golf and fishing.  Garden centres and drive-through takeaways can reopen.  Some outdoor work can resume, and childminding services can begin.

Phase 2 – Virus controlled

Can meet another household indoors.  Construction, factories, warehouses, laboratories and small shops can resume work.  Playgrounds and sports courts can reopen, and professional sport can begin again.

Phase 3 – Virus suppressed

More than one household can meet indoors.  Non-essential offices can reopen, along with gyms, museums, libraries, cinemas, larger shops, pubs, restaurants, hairdressers and dentists.  Live events could take place with restricted numbers and physcial distancing restrictions.  Schools should reopen from 11 August.

Phase 4 – Virus no longer a significant threat

University and college campuses can reopen in full, mass gatherings are allowed.  All workplaces open and public transport is back at full capacity.


Seems pretty clear to me!

Another super hot day today!

So when we went out for a run/jog – it included stopping every 10 minutes or so to give Honey some water.  I had 1.5 litres of water in my rucksack with her travel water bowl!

It was very hot for me to run – so I am sure it was too hot Honey too!

Then, finally some relaxing on the sofa, before starting to write this blog.

Readers Corner



Sue is my colleague at the Quaker Meeting House.  We are part of a work WhatsApp Group, she shared this photo saying:

“The wildlife is talking over…these ducks appeared to be forming a socially distanced queue ready for The Hub to reopen.”

The Hub originally was a church, but now a venue for wedding, conferences.  In fact my first paid wedding that I performed at was here!


Another interesting article shared was this one –

A project in Edinburgh which is trying to help thousands of Bangladeshi garment workers hit by cancelled orders.  The country is left with mountains of unsold clothes in factories after UK retailers pulled out of their contracts.  You can buy a box of clothes, to your style and size for £35, rather than £70.

Today was the last ‘Clap for NHS’ – I must admit I’ve only done it twice, as I kept forgetting.  There was some fireworks set off in Edinburgh (which I heard) at 8pm, when I just realised I had missed it again!

But I managed to watch Peat & Diesel on Facebook Live tribute to the NHS, playing from a lorry (socially distanced) driving round Stornoway (Isle of Lewis).  Very ingenious!

Thank you NHS ❤️❤️

Posted by Peat & Diesel on Thursday, 28 May 2020

So another short blog today.  Nothing too inspiring to share.  With temperatures set to soar over the weekend and lock-down being eased across the UK, I wonder where people are going to flock to get some sunshine!  Now that we allowed to “sunbathe” 🙂

Nicola advised us (although not law) to not travel further than 5 miles from our home!

I am thinking for the next few days I will need to go out with Honey when it is a bit cooler – in the evening or first thing in the morning.  It was too hot for her today to be out at 4pm.

Just been out for a bedtime walk with Honey at 9.45pm.  In shorts and t-shirt and it is STILL really hot – it’s so humid in the air.  We don’t often get that in Scotland.  Gonna be a hot night through the night 😉

Hope you’ve all had some time in the sun!

Lots of Love

Jim xxx