Day 65 – Reflections on Lock-Down

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Last night, I rummaged round the back of my cupboard and found my electric fan, which I use in the summer.  I worked out that I woke up in the middle of the night on Monday night because I was too hot!

Most people would probably just open the window.  However, because I am allergic to wasp and bee stings, I generally don’t open the window.  I use a fan instead.  One of my biggest fears is that a wasp or bee would fly in through the window whilst I am sleeping.  Crawl into my hair, then I would roll over in my sleep and it would sting me!

So my solution is to not open the window and instead have a fan running all through the night.

Honey took a while to get used to the noise at the start.

It’s actually quite nice to wake up to the breeze of the fan in the morning.

When I say I am allergic to wasp and bees, it’s not 100% certain if it is wasps or bees or both.  You don’t often look at what has just stung you!

My mum says I was stung when I was 2 years old, my body swelled and I started to go blue as she rushed me in the car to the Doctors Surgery.  I then was stung when I was at Scout/Cub Camp when I was about 10 years old – that was a Bee, because it left its sting behind.  I didn’t have an anaphylactic shock that time.  And I think was stung by something when I was a bit younger.

But the last time and most memorable was when I was 18 years old.  I was putting on a wellington boot (I was wearing shorts) and the wasp (that was in the boot) stung my shin.  I saw it was a wasp.  My parents were on holiday and my sister was at work.  After about 20 minutes most my body had swollen up and I was finding it hard to breath, so I dialled 999!  An ambulance took me to hospital and I was discharged about 4 hours later.  My sister picked me up.

I was then on a high dosage of Piriton (antihistamine) to bring the swelling down.  It was before you could get non-drowsy Piriton, so I just slept for about 2-3 days pretty solidly.  I remember, walking up the stairs to go back to bed, sitting down on the stairs to rest and falling asleep for 4 hours!

Now I carry an Epi-Pen with me.  They say the reaction gets worse each time you are stung.  Luckily, being in Scotland, there are a lot less wasps around (compared to England).  I know the way a wasp flies – so I can distinguish is from a fly – they kind of hover more.  Plus, my hearing is very acute to a buzzing wasp or bee!  I am petrified of bumble bees – something to do them being so large!


This morning, I have been slowly getting back into work.  Had another long lie this morning.  Tomorrow, when Chi Gong starts is going to be a shock to my system!

It’s been another hot day (shorts & t-shirt), although not such glorious deep blue skies all day, like yesterday.  But still lovely.

We went out for a run this afternoon – the first run in maybe a couple of weeks.  Was good to be out running.  I was trying to get back to Easter Greens before it shut at 6pm, so it was good pace!  I got there just in time 🙂

Honey went “swimming” in the pond in the middle of the valley.  I’ve heard locals call the valley, the ‘fish bowl’.  When I say “swimming”, it is nearly dried up.  A couple of weeks with not much rain and it will probably just be mud.  She jump through it.  Covering the bottom half of her body in mud – that is pretty much what it is at the bottom!

I took a photo standing in the queue at Easter Greens.

I now soon to start Bedtime Chi Gong.

I contacted the folk who host my websites and they said that there may have other times when they will have to do essential maintenance.  They choose the quietest time to do this 11pm to 3am.  But said they may be able to email me in advance if it is going to happen again and give me a little bit of notice.

Readers Corner



My sister Anna gave me an update on the paddling pool / swimming pool, from yesterday, writing:

“So update on the getting the pool ready!  It was cold for us southerners so using the fish tank pump.  We were trying to siphon hot water out of the bath helping with the pump that we use to clean the fish tank out with.  I ended up using buckets!  Temperature increased by 3 degrees to 21!”

Here’s her photos:

Thanks for the update!  Hope it was all worth it and you enjoyed another swim 😉


A short blog today.  Don’t want to go to bed too late.  Nothing inspirational to write.  Just another similar day on lock-down.  I seem to get days when I write loads, other days not much!

Tomorrow, Scotland will start to ease lock-down.  So two households will be able to meet outside.  Plus Garden Centres will open.  Not sure if anything else will open?  I don’t watch the news much these days – mainly hear this from other folk.

The roads where I ran today, seem pretty much back to “normal”.

In England things seem to be easing more and more.

Hope you all have been having a great week and been enjoying the sunshine!

Go well.

Jim xx