Day 62 – Reflections on Lock-Down

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Today we have continued to celebrate Honey’s Birthday!  Pretty similar as yesterday.

Last night, just when I switched my light off to go to sleep Honey started chewing on her Birthday Bone, lying on her bed.  Originally, I thought she would soon lose interest and also go to sleep.  But after 20 minutes she was still at it and I was still awake.  The bone had tripe through the middle of it and the smell was beginning to radiate through my room and I was getting a headache!

With the fear of waking up with Odour to Tripe in my bedroom and perhaps be woken up later with Honey chewing it some more.  I took it off her and put it on the side.  Five minutes later she came back into my bedroom, very pleased with herself with the bone in her mouth!  She had jumped up and got it.

I then placed it in the food bin, where her food lives.  Over the years she has learnt how to open the cupboard door, put her head under the lid and help herself to her food.  But the lid now has a brick on it!  The brick that I use for my magic.  So, her bone was save for the night.

I slept really well – got up about 11am.  Did bits and bobs round the flat whilst Honey chewed her bone.  Had a shower and headed out the flat about 1pm.

And headed towards Arthur’s Seat.  Although still windy and not very sunny, the air was really warm.  I sat down and enjoyed the peace and quiet, watching folk walking by, whilst Honey went off to explore the surround area.  Then our friend Helen walked over the hill.  She had read my blog this morning, so knew it was Honey’s Birthday.  So joined us for a walk.

Wondering what to do, we decided to go up to the top of Arthur’s Seat again.  This time taking a different root, up the steep steps.  It’s a steep climb, but by far the fastest way to get to the top of Arthur’s Seat.

A few more people at the top compared to yesterday.  Pretty windy – but not as windy as yesterday.

Then headed back down the hill to Honey’s favourite Pond, but this time I put her on the lead.  Despite wanting to go for a long swim!

Then we headed along the road, anti-clockwise.  Bumping into a friend of Helen’s called Johnathan.  He had a small son, Ben, with him.  That just in the short time of lock-down, when he crawls, he doesn’t approach people, instead crawls around them keeping a social distance.  It’s amazing how young children, will have already noticed how adults are keeping their distance from each other.

As we continued on our walk, we bumped into Paul and Steve, who were part of my Virtual Magic Show earlier in lock-down.  They said they do a daily walk round Arthur’s Seat.  I am surprised we haven’t seen them before.  They were going to get married in July – had asked me to perform at their wedding – but I was not available.  However, they have now rescheduled until July 2021 and I am available!

Then back to past the swan lake, Honey went for a swim with me holding her on the lead.  Then back to Holyrood Park and home.

When I got home, I realised we had been out for nearly 3 hours – I was exhausted.

Check out the photos below.  In a Photo Gallery, so you can click on them to see them in full size.

Honey returned to her bone and is now fast asleep on her bed next to me as I write this blog.

Her bone is nearly finished.  She still has it next to her where every she is 🙂


Readers Corner

Both Helen and Hannah have Honey’s Instagram login details (@honeythedog_lab), they post on it more than I do!

Helen posted on Honey’s Instagram today, so I will include it in today’s Readers Corner, as I don’t have any other posts to include!


Honey the Dog

“This weekend it was my birthday! I have had lots of treats and I got to choose which walks to do.

We went on my favourite walk up Arthur’s seat with @jimthemagician – yesterday I bumped into my favourite @thelostscot I was so excited as I haven’t seen her for over 60 days!

Today we bumped into @dennyhelen – birthdays are great!”

This evening I feel so refreshed, after lots of long walks and no screen-time, staring at computers.

Helen and I were discussing, how during lock-down it is easy to end up doing work at the weekend, as everyday seems the same.

But I have made a particular effort this weekend to avoid being on my computer.

I have decided to create a chart and write down how many hours I  have spent each time on my computer, plus how much time walking, cooking/eating, lying on sofa/TV, etc…so that I can ensure that I do a bit of everything each day, get a balance and make sure I limit my screen-time.

The first few days will be a base-line to see how I can then reduce my screen-time.  Making a time limit on how much I am at my computer each day.

It actually feels like tomorrow is a bank holiday, as I don’t have any Chi Gong in the morning.  So looking forward to some bank holiday time and maybe another walk!  But probably not up to the top of Arthur’s Seat 😉

There was a lovely sunset this evening, on our bedtime walk round the cemetery.  We can now do that at 9.45pm and it is still light enough.  It was only a couple of weeks ago and it was getting dark at 9pm!

I love this time of the year, when the nights get lighter and lighter.

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend.

Jim & Honey xx