Day 61 – Reflections on Lock-Down

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Today is Honey the Dog’s Birthday!!  She is 7 today.  Her Kennel Club papers, with her Date of Birth on it – says her formal name is ‘Sunshine Tinkerbell’.  The ‘Sunshine’ part is like her surname.  So her actual name is ‘Tinkerbell’!  Thank goodness her previous owners called her Honey !!

We’ve had a great day!

Not to bear a grudge – but within minutes of posting her Birthday announcement on Facebook she started to get Birthday Messages!  As I write this, 10 hours after posting – she has 84 likes and 28 Birthday Message comments.  I think that is more than I got on my Birthday!

I wonder if the word ‘Birthday’ on Facebook brings the post up on people’s feeds quicker?  Or maybe she is just super popular?  I am going to try including ‘Birthday’ when I post this blog on Facebook and see what happens 😉

Honey the Dog 7th Birthday

We had a big lie in and got up at 11am.  Then I lay out her two Birthday Presents on the floor and got her to choose.  A Pigs Ear and a Big Bone!  She chose the Ear.  I thought I would go for Best of Three.  She chose the Ear again!

After she ate that, we went for a walk round the cemetery.  Before heading up Easter Road, for her to see her favourite dog friend – Nuno!

Then on to Arthur’s Seat.  It was a surprise that we bumped into our friend Hannah.  So she joined us on our Birthday walk.  The last time we saw Hannah was Sunday before lock-down 62 days ago.

We first headed up to the top of Arthur’s Seat.  It was windy, with strong busts of wind, which nearly blew us over!

At the top of Arthur’s Seat it was very windy.  There was a father with his two sons up there and that was it.  Probably good, as it would be hard to socially distance up there if there were many people there.

Check out the video message from the top.


We pretty much did all the walks we have done since lock-down, but all in one.  A total distance of just short of 10km.  But a lot of climbing too!

Honey had a lovely Birthday swim in her favourite pond at the back of Arthur’s Seat.


No ducks to try and catch, but she still swam back and forth for quite a while.

The photos below are in Photo Gallery, so you can click on any of them to see them full size.  The 4th photo where she is kind of bending over – was because of the wind – she couldn’t stand up straight without risk of being blown over!

On the way along the road, we saw the sign ‘No Going Back’ painted on the road.  Confused what that meant, with another one further along the road.

But this evening I read an email update from Extinction Rebellion and saw a ‘No Going Back’ campaign.

No Going Back

It states that, this Covid-19 has made clear, that there is no going back. No going back to business as usual that pushes us further and further into the abyss of a climate and ecological loss.  It states:

“We are living through an Emergency response that shows us things can be done differently”.

I completely agree, we have enjoyed wildlife in our streets, peace and quiet in our cities.  There’s been a pause – do we need to back to how it was before?

This article shows how a deer was spotted in Glasgow Buchanan Street (the main street in the middle of Glasgow!

We can do things differently – if we really want to!

We are guests on the earth, this planet.  We should remember that – rather than treating it as if we ‘own it’!

Sorry, a bit of a rant there about how we are destroying our planet.


We then walked back through the valley of Arthur’s Seat for a few social distance selfies.  Also in a Photo Gallery, so click to see the full photo.

Back home, Honey got her bone.  Which she loved and wouldn’t put it down.  Carrying it around where ever she went.

Even falling asleep with it, under her head!

Such a lovely day.  We will both sleep well tonight!

We are planning another big walk tomorrow.  Weather pending.

Despite the wind today, it didn’t rain.  Arthur’s Seat was super quiet.


Readers Corner

After a busy few days in Readers Corner, just one submission from Fi today.


Today Fi was “running” the Canna 10k Trail Run 2020.  Due to Covid-19 / lock-down the usual run was cancelled to people coming to the island.  However, the island residents ran it anyway.  Details of the run can be found here, which includes photos from last year –

Fi hadn’t done much (if any!) training – but she completed and enjoyed some well earned food and cider afterwards.

Check out the photos below (in a Photo Gallery) and video below that.



Congratulations Fi in completing the run!

As I come to the end of today’s blog.  I am super tired too.  But really enjoyed having no screen-time.  I only put the computer on to write this blog!

Has been a memorable Birthday for Honey.  Last year I accidentally booked a shift, so we didn’t really celebrate her Birthday!  But it is not often that you get your Birthday on a Saturday.  The next time her Birthday will be on a Saturday, will be when she is 13 (2026).

I spent part of this evening watching the virtual festival Knockengorroch.  I used to go to this festival years ago.  I went to one of the first in 1999 (I think!).  Then continued every year (it was on twice a year in the early days, May and September) until about 2005.  During the Foot & Mouth Disease, it was in a different place for the September one (Forest of Ae).  Then I went back in 2010 – but it had grown massively by then and I didn’t like it.  It is now just on in May.

The virtual version this weekend, is not the same.  I think I am Zoomed Out – and really do prefer real life things.

Hope you have all had a fun weekend and it’s not been too windy!

Honey & Jim xx