Day 60 – Reflections on Lock-Down

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Wow – Day 60!  It doesn’t seem that long ago when I was noting it was Day 31, one month into lock-down.  Now it is 2 months!

If someone said to me at the beginning of the year, that all our lives would have been turned upside down before the end of May, I would not have believed them.

Most days I go for a 1-2 hour walk/run (if not more) with Honey the Dog.  My last gig as Jim the Magician (in the real world) was on 12th March!  I write a daily blog.  Run Chi Gong sessions.  I spend a considerable amount of time on the sofa – especially later in the week and at weekends.  Have at least 2-3 meetings a day (in the week) on Zoom.  And hardly have any contact with people!  It’s unreal.

In fact today – I had 4 Zoom Meetings.  Two were Chi Gong – two were work meetings.

Honey the Dog, didn’t seem too pleased with last night’s “bedtime chat”.  Despite it only being TWO Big Sleeps until her Birthday.  Her birthday is tomorrow!  It’s not often that we have a birthday on a Saturday – but last night, she just was not feeling it!  Check out the video:


We are planning some long walks over the weekend – and she’s got a pigs ear and big bone as presents.

The pigs ear and bone were on top of the fridge.  Which is where all her bits and bobs live – but over the last few days she was forever sniffing upwards at the fridge – with excited eyes!  So now they have been hidden.

It’s been really windy today.  Loads of leaves and small branches blown off the trees!  No / little rain and quite warm.  Little sunshine.

Today I have had little energy.  My mind has been mince!  Too much screen-time, staring at my computer and doing work, early in the week.  It finally caught up with me.  My two work meetings – my brain / mind filled up quickly with information and I couldn’t take anything else in.  Which I had to say!

By the afternoon I was exhausted.  Spent the afternoon on the sofa watching TV (on my tablet) and napping.

I was not in the mood for a long walk.  So we went to Kate’s Park.

By chance, the infamous Kate was actually in her garden, so we sat on a log and chatted (socially distanced).  That’s the main photo of this blog!

This evening was Tom Brace’s Friday Quiz on Facebook Live!

Most people I speak to about this quiz, reply with “I am quizzed out”.  We seem to have been inundated with quizzes in the last 60 days!

But Tom’s quiz is so entertaining.

I don’t really like quizzes – my general knowledge is poor – probably because I don’t read fiction books 😉 – so I don’t do Tom’s quiz.  Just fire comments throughout, many of which he reads out.  It’s highly entertaining!  He is a natural TV Presenter….


I decided to take a wee holiday from morning Chi Gong, next week.  So it is only on Thursday and Friday next week.  I am looking forward to having a lie.  I wonder if Honey the Dog will let me have a lie in?!

Readers Corner



Fi shared a video from the Isle of Canna today, saying:

“Here’s a video of a breezy day in the Hebrides!”

She later commented that the video doesn’t really do it justice on how windy it was.  I had checked out the forecast earlier.




Graham followed up my comments from yesterday’s blog, by placing a comment on the blog, saying:

“’Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes’ is non-fiction Jim. Its based on an actual journey that Robert Louis Stevenson did with a rather cantankerous donkey called Modestine. Excellent read.”

I then messaged him asking if I could include this in Readers Corner and he replied:

“No problems Jim. Stevenson had a connection with Menton in France which you mentioned in your blog.  He was sent there in 1873 to recuperate from the bronchial illness that followed him throughout his life. The RLS website is a great place to go if you want more info on him and also wikipedia have good info on him. I have read a lot of his books and poetry but consider his last book ‘Weir of Hermiston’ which he was writing when died and remains uncompleted, one of his best although it is a rather dark storyline.”

Wow – thanks for all that information Graham.  I will definitely read more about Robert Louis Stevenson and check out the book, Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes.  Thanks so much for sharing so much!  You certainly seem to know a lot about RLS – its so interesting 🙂



Helen also commented on yesterday’s blog with:

“Happy birthday Honey!”

Thanks Helen – I will pass your birthday wishes onto Honey!



Maddy appeared in yesterday’s Readers Corner.  She had written:

“That is a beautiful story Jim, and wonderfully written, very emotional. Best thing I’ve read in a long time x”

But I didn’t know who she was.  I had emailed, but it bounced back undelivered.

She emailed me today, explaining she had mis-typed her email address and revealed her identity.  I met her in July 2019, at Laxdale Campsite, Stornoway.  She was travelling around the Western Isles and was heading to Heb Celt Festival, which I was also performing at as resident festival magician!

It’s so lovely to hear that my blog is reaching so many people and it’s touching people’s hearts!


So as I come to the end of today’s blog.  I am shattered.  Day 60 of lock-down – can’t believe it!  I

t’s been such a long 2 months!!  Thinking back to the early days of lock-down, the world seems so different since then.

Even though (in Scotland) not much has meant to have changed – the message is still “Stay at Home”!

The only change that is meant to have happened is that we are allowed to exercise more than once a day.

But certainly on the streets, life seems pretty much back to normal.  Except folk wearing masks, queuing to get into shops, socially distanced and only 30% of the shops are open!

Hope you have had a fun Friday night.

Good Night

Jim xxx