Day 59 – Reflections on Lock-Down

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The last thing I do, before going to bed, is sit on the floor next to the front door with Honey the Dog and have a “bedtime chat” with her.  Talk about how the day has been, what we did (we used to pick 3 things each that we were grateful for) – and I tell Honey about anything that is happening in the next few days.  It’s our kind of ritual – to connect at the end of the day.

In lock-down there isn’t anything to tell that is happening in the future.  But this week there is!

Check out our “bedtime chat” last night at 2am in the morning!

Today I haven’t had much energy to do much.  I didn’t get much sleep after writing yesterdays blog!  Maybe 5 hours.

Also this week I have been spending up to 9 hours a day looking at my computer.  So today, I  decided to reduce that drastically.  After a quick hello at Rachel’s Coffee Morning on Zoom, I had a meeting at 11am.  Then haven’t been back on the computer until now!

Been really nice to not spend the day starting at the computer.  Reminds me of early days on lock-down, when I would spend nearly the whole day on the sofa watching films…oh – how I wish life was like that again!!

But today I did spend most the afternoon and evening on the sofa.

It was just before 2pm when I realised we hadn’t been to the Ear Shop today – the last day it is open before Saturday, which is Honey’s Birthday.  It is only open 10am to midday, Monday AND Thursday.  I phoned Don (the ear man) and he was doing some things at the back of the shop.  Closed but still in the shop.  So we ran down and bought Honey an Ear for her Birthday!

The weather today has been quite cloudy – well in the afternoon – but really warm.  I was in shorts and t-shirt (no socks) on our afternoon walk and felt fine.  In fact, at 9.15pm when I took Honey out for her bedtime walk – I was still in shorts, t-shirt and no socks and was warm enough!

On our afternoon walk – I noticed lots of people (mainly females) in Holyrood Park, with their yoga/exercise mats on the grass – listening on their headphones and doing work-outs.  Beats doing it at home!  Does that happen outwith lock-down?  Maybe not – as a lot of folk are on Furlough Leave, which is pretty much an extended paid holiday 😉

A piper was back on the hill at Arthur’s Seat – but he started playing really close to where I was sitting on the hill – looking over towards the city.  With Honey the Dog exploring.

So I got a good video of him.  Check out below!


On our way back up Easter Road, after our daily walk, I remembered it was Thursday – where Mustard Seed / Soul Food gives out free meals for those in need at St. Margaret’s Church.  I had been thinking, I didn’t have much food in my flat for dinner.  Then saw them.

Near the start of lock-down, I talked with Rich Cornfield, who I know from Cafes round Easter Road – and he offered me a meal.  Was I in Need?  He was pretty insistent.  It was Easter Weekend and it included a Easter Card and an Easter Egg.

Now it is more expected that I will take the bag of goodies – and dinner!

He also gave me a leaflet.  They are starting a similar scheme at the Hawksmoor Restaurant, St. Andrews Square, Edinburgh – on a Sunday.  Just head along for ‘Soul Food Grab and Go’  Sunday at  2pm.  It’s hosted by Hawksmoor Restaurant.  I went there back in the Autumn 2019 when they launched their new menu and it was fantastic food!

Will keep you posted if I make it along.

Readers Corner

Lots of sharing for Readers Corner.  Thanks for that.



This is Graham’s first appearance.  Welcome!  He posted a comment on my blog.

Moving story Jim. You were obviously very close to your grandmother and she to you.

I messaged him to ask if I could put it in Readers Corner and he replied with –

“No problem Jim. Thought of a title for your journey to France with your Gran – Travels With a Grandmother (in reference to RLS)”.

I wasn’t sure what RLS meant, but looked it up – Robert Louis Stevenson.  And checked that was what it was.  Graham replied with:

Indeed. I am a great fan of RLS and when reading your story it brought to mind his book Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes. Donkey’s name was Modestine. A passage from the book, with influenced my travelling, is below and is something I kept :

For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move; to feel the needs and hitches of our life more clearly; to come down off this feather-bed of civilization, and find the globe granite underfoot and strewn with cutting flints. Alas, as we get up in life, and are more preoccupied with our affairs, even a holiday is a thing that must be worked for. To hold a pack upon a pack-saddle against a gale out of the freezing north is no high industry, but it is one that serves to occupy and compose the mind. And when the present is so exacting who can annoy himself about the future?”.

Thanks so much for sharing all that Graham.  I generally don’t read fiction, just books on life.  But may at least check this out and look at it a bit more.




Helen also commented on yesterday blog with:

Thanks for sharing those memories ❤ What a wonderful lady and what a fantastic grandson giving her all those adventures in her final years here!”.

Aww – thanks Helen.




Maddy also shared a commented on my blog.  I emailed her to check if I could include this in Readers Corner, but the email bounced back unable to delivery.  I don’t recognise who she is.  But I am sure she would be OK for me to share as her comment is at the bottom of the blog on the internet.  She wrote –

“That is a beautiful story Jim, and wonderfully written, very emotional. Best thing I’ve read in a long time x”

Thanks Maddy, glad you enjoyed it.  Also Welcome to Readers Corner!




Pat posted a comment on Facebook about yesterday’s blog –

“A Beautiful Read And About A Beautiful Person…It’s Lovely To Have Memories That You Can Turn To When You Feel Kinda Low…I Am Sure She Is Proud Of You And All You Have Done.. Stay Well And Stay Safe May Friend…☘️☘️☘️☘️”

Thanks for that Pat.  I was working with Pat at the time all that happened.  It’s lovely that we have stayed in touch all that time!

A short blog today – my inspiration is not there.  I am super tired.

Glad there’s lots of sharing in Readers Corner!

Today Nicola Sturgeon announced a Four Phase approach to ease lock-down in Scotland.  It’s what everyone has been talking about today!

I haven’t seen the news, so don’t know what it really is.

Except from 28th May, we will start Phase 1 – which is meeting another person, not within our household outside – socially distanced.  Plus that the schools will be going back on 11th August.  They usually go back in Scotland middle of August (ish) probably about 2 weeks after 11th August.  So they will have a shorter summer holiday this year!

Hope you’ve all had a good day – tomorrow is Day 60!!

Good Night

Jim xx



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  1. Graham

    “Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes ” is non-fiction Jim. Its based on an actual journey that Robert Louis Stevenson did with a rather cantankerous donkey called Modestine. Excellent read.