Day 56 – Reflections on Lock-Down

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Today I have spent way too long staring at a computer screen!  So feeling quite spaced out.

I was doing some work which is part of the Dementia Radio Station that my blog has been played on.  The organisation, is soon to launch a new website, which includes various other projects that they are doing and I was helping give feedback for them and the website developers.  Today there was a meeting, with lots of final points – with the aim of the website being launched on Wednesday.

I then agreed to follow up these points to send over to the developers by the end of today.

I think this is the first piece of work which I have had to do since lock-down with a deadline and the stress coupled with staring at my computer (my small netbook for part of it) all day, ignoring that I needed a break, has not been so good for me.  Leading to feeling really spaced out!

I think, also, the lack of contact with people since lock-down, has left me less connected with myself, ignoring that I needed a break.

I remember this feeling of spaced out at the start of lock-down when I was doing way too much screentime.

Finally realising that this is what was happening – I realised I needed a break at 4.30pm,  So Honey the Dog and I headed out for a run on Arthur’s Seat.

As we got to the park, I noticed a police car and a couple of officers.  I thought – at last they are bringing in police patrols to ensure social distancing, etc…!

But then I spotted a lot more police officers, cars and onlookers watching from a distance.  There was obviously an incident going on.

I stood socially distanced with a couple trying to work out what was actually going on.  There were over 10 police officers scattered around Arthur’s Seat, they seemed to be looking for something or someone.

Finally, two men (I think) near the chapel ruin were escorted off the hill and everything went back to normal.  I am unsure what was happening – but not the best thing to be faced with as I was going for a run and trying to relax!

I spoke with the couple, that I was standing next to, socially distanced – Lesley and Jonny – who were solicitors.  We talked a little about lock-down.  They said it took a while to adjust to working from home for the first time.

And always wanted a dog.

I took  a photo of them for the blog, before I continued on my run.

I later found this article in the Edinburgh Evening News – as yet no details on what was happening.  The photos in the article was the other-side of Arthur’s Seat to where I was, so obviously a large scale incident. –

Of course – by the morning – this article may have been updated and all will be revealed!  I will keep you posted!

When I got home, I felt shattered.  Had a shower to relax some more and cooked some dinner.

Then I tried to do some more work for the website developers – but realised this was probably not the best thing to do.  So I sent an email saying I would finish it off in the morning.

Then onto writing this blog.  Not going to be long, as I am super tired, don’t need anymore screen time  and need to go to bed, straight after Bedtime Chi Gong!

Hope you’ve all had a good day.

Good Night

Jim xx



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