Day 55 – Reflections on Lock-Down

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I’m not in the mood to write this blog today!!  So probably going to be short.  There’s lots of contributions on Readers Corner – so that saves me having to be inspirational!

Not even in the mood to capture an inspirational photo for the top of this blog with Honey the Dog in it – I don’t think she was too pleased, getting to jump on that log and bench and having to pose for photos in some kind of interesting spot 😉

Just back from my evening walk round the cemetery.  Just before it got too dark (9.30pm) to letting Honey off the lead and not losing her.  One Autumn, I judge it wrong – it got dark too quickly and I couldn’t find her for 20 minutes.  I was convinced I had lost her.  Although, the the gate which is the only way in and out was shut.  She eventually appeared – who knows where she had been!

After her less obedience on Arthur’s Seat over the last month or so – I am being a bit more strict with her to come back.  She is pretty good now at sitting when I shout at her to “sit” from quite a distance.  I know if she is sitting she will not move, but if she is standing – she may suddenly see the movement of an animal and run off!

This evening, the air reminded me of camping again in the summer.  It’s something to do with the stillness in the air at the end of the day, coupled with the smell of the grass, the summer air and temperature dropping.  I really like that time of the day.


I always like the energy at the end of the day.  When I worked night shift as a mental health nurse, I was always really aware of this.  Sitting on the train (Glasgow to Edinburgh) going home at the end of a 12 hour shift in the morning, when everyone was going to work.  I was in ‘end of the day’ mode – whilst everyone was going to work.  Then when I was returning to work in the late afternoon (Edinburgh to Glasgow) when I was in ‘start of the day’ mode and everyone else was going home.

There was a clear difference in energy and so much more noticeable as I was different to everyone else.  Especially, the fresh energy and everyone rushing in the morning, when I was winding down!

This morning I had my fortnightly meditation group on Zoom, which as always was a lovely way to connect inwardly and more deeper within myself.

I then tried to do the Four Directions Movement Meditation at 12.30pm with my mum on Zoom.  We had a few technical difficulties, but this evening I read that Zoom had been down for most of today!  But we eventually connected.

The previous two times doing the meditation have not been so successful – initially as it’s hard to explain and follow along doing it virtually.  Then last week, my sound was really crackly.  I now have a video explaining the ‘moves’ and think I have sorted the sound problems – by using my wee netbook.  My laptop has too much software on it – and is getting really slow!  It’s a pretty old laptop, which recently got ‘cleaned-up’ but all this new software is slowing it down again!

I hope to offer the meditation to more people next Sunday at 12.30pm, so if you are interested in trying it out – get in touch!  For me, it is a lovely meditation to open my heart.  But everyone gets something different from it.

This afternoon – my head convinced me not to go on a long walk, so we headed to Kate’s Park.  Honey the Dog has a lot more energy this evening – due to not having such a long walk.  But it was nice to have a day off!

A bit of work after that and now the blog and telling everyone about the Chi Gong login details for next week.

I always change the login details each week – so I can consider if I want to continue each week.  That way I can relax more at the weekend.  If that makes sense.

Readers Corner



Helen from Sweden, was inspired from yesterday’s blog about the rain quote – “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s learning how to dance in the rain”.  She said:

“Your dancing in the rain quote in today’s blog, is something I think about every day. This painting hangs on the wall at the end of my bed as a visual reminder that I can choose the way I want to see and react to grey days.

I posted this in Facebook in April 2017:

Today is World Health Day with extra focus on Depression this year.

I wanted to bring it to your attention because episodes of depression are particularly common for those with multiple sclerosis and other chronic illnesses. It’s not just a matter of getting bummed out because chronic illness sucks. Something physiological is going on. For me, depression is just like any other ms symptom. It comes in waves.

This comic strip illustrates the quirks of depression really well.”

I agree about the comic strip – it’s well worth a look:

She also included a painting which she describes as “one of my favourites”, given to her by her husband Mikael.  She wrote a lot about the painting, here is part of it:

The painting is called “Tempest” which is a violent, windy storm. The storm will pass. Don’t suffer alone in silence! If it doesn’t pass, then “She stood in the storm, and when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails”. Too many platitudes? We understand so little about the mind and body, but depression is treatable or at least manageable. You wouldn’t hobble around on a broken leg, would you? Invisible breaks deserve the same care, urgency and time to heal. If you know someone with a broken soul, treat them with care and compassion as if they’re in a full body cast after a terrible accident 💔.

One of the biggest obstacles to treating depression is daring to ask for help in the first place. Mental health should not be a taboo subject. As an increasing global health concern, depression needs to be put in focus and become part of our conversations. So, today, on World Health Day, take a little extra time to ask someone how they’re doing. If they’re doing well, ask what’s going well for them. Take the time and listen. Be kind to yourself 🖤“.


Thanks so much Helen, for all your sharing.  Such an important topic to cover.  I am sure your sharing will help others.




Matt from Birmingham, also sent me a long message today to be included in Readers Corner.  He wrote:

During the initial lockdown, we took the opportunity to find some local walks including Moseley Bog, a local urban nature reserve. J R R Tolkien lived nearby as a child and acknowledged the site as an inspiration for the ancient forests in his books The Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit.

Yesterday we had the opportunity to go further afield for the first time in nearly two months. We decided against going to more popular places like the Malverns so went to a less well known place in Worcestershire. Bredon Hill, starting at a village called Elmley Castle and the Queens Head, after Queen Elizabeth I who I’d supposed to have stopped there.”

He included the photo he took, saying “Stunning views off the top”.  Explaining:

The hill is immortalised in poem 21 of A. E. Housman’s 1896 anthology, A Shropshire Lad.

Thanking Wikipedia for the poem!  See below:

“In summertime on Bredon
The bells they sound so clear;
Round both the shires they ring them
In steeples far and near,
A happy noise to hear.
Here of a Sunday morning
My love and I would lie,
And see the coloured counties,
And hear the larks so high
About us in the sky.
The bells would ring to call her
In valleys miles away;
“Come all to church, good people;
Good people come and pray.”
But here my love would stay.
And I would turn and answer
Among the springing thyme,
“Oh, peal upon our wedding,
And we will hear the chime,
And come to church in time.”
But when the snows at Christmas
On Bredon top were strown,
My love rose up so early
And stole out unbeknown
And went to church alone.
They tolled the one bell only,
Groom there was none to see,
The mourners followed after,
And so to church went she,
And would not wait for me.
The bells they sound on Bredon,
And still the steeples hum,
“Come all to church, good people.”
O noisy bells, be dumb;
I hear you, I will come.”


Wow – thanks Matt for such a lovely sharing in Readers Corner!



Pat from Glasgow put a comment on Facebook about yesterday’s blog.  He wrote:

“I Told You The Other Day To Not be Hard On Yourself …I Found Today That I Was Getting Si Bloody Angry With The Pigeons Outside My Window And Their Incessant Cooing And Found Myself Several Times During The Day Opening The Window And Scaring Them Off… I Think I Am Young Into Meltdown Or It’s The Fact Am Sharing House With 3 Others And We Are Getting On Each Others Nerves….Watch This Space…😙😟😙😟…Stay Well And Stay Safe My Friend…☘️☘️☘️☘️”

Thanks for that Pat.  I hope you find some space for yourself and your energy changes soon.

As I come to the end of the today’s blog.  I feel relieved that Helen, Matt and Pat shared so much for Readers Corner.  Maybe one day there will be so much in Readers Corner, we can have a blog just with Readers Corner!

I continue to feel tired all day today.  Still emotionally drained.  But the anger has gone.  I am sure the energy will shift soon.

The two photos of the tree here are of the same tree, at the end of my street!  The one with little leaves was from Day 19 (11th April).

Then today’s photo.  It’s amazing in just 5 weeks – the tree seems to have come so alive!

It’s only 10.45pm right now, so hope to be asleep before midnight!

Thanks for your continued support with this blog.

Lots of love

Jim xx