Day 51 – Reflections on Lock-Down

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It’s interesting how we have our routines.  Due to the LCN who host my website, doing essential maintenance on their platform between 11pm and 3am yesterday, I was unable to post my blog until this morning!  I had finished writing it, just needed to add the photos and then post.  But when I logged back in it wouldn’t work.  Then I visited the website and that also wouldn’t work – I tried on multiple devices, my tablet and phone and still it wouldn’t work, just the message “Error establishing a database connection”.

I looked online about what that meant and it said to contact the ‘Host Provider’, not so useful late at night, during lock-down, when they probably have reduced staff or most people are on furlough leave!

I logged into the host provider and finally found the message about the essential maintenance.

Finally finishing off the blog and posting it about 8.30am, just before Chi Gong started.  But, not so many people have liked the Facebook post and no re-tweets on Twitter.  It seems, that the delay in it appearing has disrupted your daily routine/time to read the blog!

Apologies for that.

On the positive note, for me, there has been no Readers Corner comments or posts to include, so today’s blog is a lot easier to write.  Downloading photos, videos, comments, etc…takes quite a lot of time!  But all very welcome.  So please, keep them coming.

Yesterday, as it was Day 50 – I started pulling together all the stats on all the blogs I have written.  I finished that off today – copying and pasting each one into Microsoft Word, so I can see the word count, counting how many photos I have included and compiling data on Readers Corner.

But instead of just giving you the results here, I have created a wee quiz for you to do.  Some questions are multiple choice and some are True/False.  I have used an online platform, but as I am using the free version, it limits me on what I can do.

But please do check it out, and take the quiz.  I will post the answers on Friday!

The quiz is up until yesterday, Day 50.  It doesn’t include this blog.

To access the quiz –

The password is8KLJ


The quiz finishes on Friday.  This gives you nearly two days to take the quiz.

Unfortunately, once you have finished the quiz, it doesn’t give you your results (it’s cos I’m using the free version).

But I will includes these (with the persons name) in Friday’s blog!  So if you don’t want your results included, when it asks for your ‘name’ enter ‘anonymous’ or something similar.

Good Luck & Enjoy x

Today I have been feeling anxious most of the day.  I am not quite sure why and still am feeling it.

At first I thought it was due to my finances, as these are very unstable at the moment.  I spent a good few hours today, planning the next few months – looking at my outgoings and what is coming in / potentially coming in.  I also spent a good hour trying to speak to someone at Bank of Scotland.  The telephone numbers kept taking me to a place to say that due to Covid-19 there was reduced staff and I could not speak to anyone today.  This was really frustrating – especially as I managed to speak to someone (who were in their home, they told me this) with Royal Bank of Scotland.

HMRC launched the Self Employed Income Support Scheme (SEISS) today – I already had found out that I was eligible, but today I found out how much I could get.  This is a one of grant, that is worked out as average self employed earnings over the last 3 years.  Then like furlough leave you get 80% of this.

As my business (Beyond Belief Magic) has only been going for 3 years, those years have been very low income compared to  this year (2019-2020) – but this year is not counted.  What I worked out I would get and what HMRC said I would get was different.  So the amount I will get is about half what I had anticipated.

My anxiety, still hadn’t eased looking at my finances, so I went for a 6km run.  Which although has given me lots of energy this evening – the anxiety is still there.

But during my run, I concluded that the reason I am feeling anxious – is because there is a lot of anxiety and fear around at the moment.  We have all been on lock-down and ‘staying at home’.  But now the news is all about easing lock-down.  In England this is already happening, in Scotland it is not.  But it is impossible to not hear and listen to what everyone is saying.

Everyone in Scotland is talking about what will happen – even if it’s to happened yet.

My anxiety is the uncertainty of the future.  What happens next.  Everyone has their own theories at the moment – a lot attached to fear of the future.  And I think I am picking up on all that and it is making me unsettled and anxious.

Up until now, the message has been very clear – STAY AT HOME.  Now it is all changing.

Its all this change – that is so so hard.

This morning on The Chris Evans Breakfast Show they were talking about how the house selling market has now started again.  People can go buy and sell their home, move house and even go and view prospective new homes.  But we still can’t go and visit friends and loved once in their homes!  It’s weird that one rule is ok, but not for others.

This is just one example, of why I think I am feeling anxious.

It’s all so uncertain.  Staying at home – was like we were just doing that – waiting until things change.  Now things are changing and its uncertain and scary and unfamiliar.

But also because there are so many different things being said – there is no consistency.

I think that is what is causing my anxiety today.


I posted all this yesterday – but will include it again.  Especially the Readers Corner Submissions – Deadlines & Etiquette.

I’ll see how the deadline time of 7.30pm works over the next few days – I may consider shifting it to 8pm.  But for the time being I will keep it at 7.30pm.

Readers Corner Submissions – Deadline & Etiquette

As Readers Corners is getting busier and busier I am giving you some guidelines.


(1) If you want to submit anything into Readers Corner, there is etiquette for photos you have taken.

The etiquette is if you want to share a photo you have taken.  It needs to be a photo you have taken the day it appears in the blog.  That means all photos are relevant for today!  This is the same for all the photos I include.


(2) DEADLINE – As I try to get to bed earlier, I have decided to set a deadline time for my blog submissions.

The time get your submission into today’s is 7.30pm.

If you miss this time, it will have to go into the following days blog.  BUT not photos you have taken – See Point (1)

(3) Also – to save me having to ask you “Can I include this in today’s Readers Corner with your Facebook Profile Photo” – it would be useful if you can let me know, if what you are submitting is for the blog!

If it is a comment on the blog page or on Facebook, I will ask you.



Days 8-14 on the Radio

If you missed Days 8-14 today on the radio, do not despair, it’s on again this week.

  • Friday 15th May – In the Evening – 20:00 – 21:10

You can listen to it either via the website –

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Daily Chi Gong

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  • Morning – 09:10 to 09:35 (by donation)
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So as I come to the end of this blog, it feels like things are changing for all of us on lock-down.

There is definitely a shift happening, not just in the UK but across the globe as everyone is talking about easing lock-down.

It feels like we are moving into a new phase of lock-down.

With the initial adjustments and changes to our freedom, which took a few weeks to adjust to.  To then getting used to it.  To eventually starting to accept it.  And eventually forgetting we were on lock-down.

We are now moving onto a new phase of it all.

It will be interesting to see where it all goes in the next few weeks.

In the meantime I will keep focusing on my anxiety and maybe it will be come clearer what is the kernel of my anxiety.

Thanks for reading.

Stay Safe

Jim xxx




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  1. Gezzzzzzz

    Great Blog Magical One. I have a question to pose to the blog challenge: did the anxiety level change (get better or worse?) with news of online energy festival?