Day 50 – Reflections on Lock-Down

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Last night, I was in bed at 11.50pm.  But, I couldn’t sleep.  I didn’t get fully asleep until 3am this morning!  In an attempt to fall asleep, I caught up on Eastenders!  The final episode sent me to sleep.

After my run yesterday, I had one of the Tuk Tuk Chai drink out of the 28 pack I got for 42p from the Amazon glitch.  I don’t usually drink caffeine after midday as I know it keeps me awake.  Although refreshing, this drink has black tea, which might have been the culprit!  Usually I am asleep within 10 minutes of switching my light off!

This morning I woke up to The Chris Evans Breakfast Show, he was talking about Matt Lucas and his potato song.  I was only just waking up, so since have looked it up (see below).  He was also talking about the charity silent auction and it turns out that he is moving house, hence the clear-out.  But has found some more stuff he has not sorted out so will be having another charity auction, this apparently will be the third one!  With his son, Noah, 11 years old, who did a charity sleep out in his homemade Den in the back garden under the stars, for 28 days – which has raised over £100,000.  The total he has has raised for the NHS is £1.2m.

Here’s Matt Lucas’ Potato song:


Bizarrely, an hour later, Theo shared another video by Matt Lucas (See Readers Corner).  Perhaps Chris Evans had been talking about that as well, before I woke up?!

This morning I tuned into Days 8-14 of my blog on Deepness Dementia Radio.  It was great to hear them all again.  I kept making errors when reading it.  But then recalled, I was doing it, back then on Zoom – so if I made a mistake, I would start again.  Sometimes starting again over 10 times.  I eventually, adopted the practice of just saying “I will start that sentence again”.

Thankfully, I later discovered the open source audio software Audacity, which is so much easier to use.  If you make a mistake.  You just stop, delete the error and start recording again, just cutting removing the error and joining it together, without anyone knowing the mistake.

When I finally decided to go out for a walk this afternoon, it was raining really heavily.  It hasn’t rained that hard for weeks (or at least seems like weeks!) – it was really weird seeing rain again.  I didn’t really fancy a walk in heavy rain, so Honey and I went to Kate’s Park.

In Kate’s Park, we met Sandra – Kate’s neighbour.  She recognised Honey first, then me!  She knows Honey from the sleepovers Honey the Dog has had at Kate’s home.  They go for walks on the beach, with Sandra’s dog (and humans).

I had a long chat with Sandra about lock-down, the future and the different jobs we have done and now do.  Whilst Honey spent the time looking for squirrels, cats and food.  She appeared from one back garden, licking her lips – so I am guessing she had some success.  But who knows?

This evening on our bedtime walk (we do that about 9pm) round the cemetry, just before it gets too dark.  The air was cold and damp.  It reminded me of the feeling in the air when on my annual summer camping trip in July round the Outer Hebrides.  Cold and wet, but a feeling of summer in the air!



Readers Corner Submissions – Deadline & Etiquette

As Readers Corners is getting busier and busier I am giving you some guidelines.


(1) If you want to submit anything into Readers Corner, there is etiquette for photos you have taken.

The etiquette is if you want to share a photo you have taken.  It needs to be a photo you have taken the day it appears in the blog.  That means all photos are relevant for today!  This is the same for all the photos I include.


(2) DEADLINE – As I try to get to bed earlier, I have decided to set a deadline time for my blog submissions.

The time get your submission into today’s is 7.30pm.

If you miss this time, it will have to go into the following days blog.  BUT not photos you have taken – See Point (1)


(3) Also – to save me having to ask you “Can I include this in today’s Readers Corner with your Facebook Profile Photo” – it would be useful if you can let me know, if what you are submitting is for the blog!

If it is a comment on the blog page or on Facebook, I will ask you.



Days 8-14 on the Radio

If you missed Days 8-14 today on the radio, do not despair, it’s on again this week.

  • Friday 15th May – In the Evening – 20:00 – 21:10

You can listen to it either via the website –

Or directly from this link –



Daily Chi Gong

I continue to run daily Chi Gong on Zoom, weekdays (Monday to Friday), both Morning and Night.  So if you are interested in coming along, please do get in touch.

  • Morning – 09:10 to 09:35 (by donation)
  • Bedtime – This is by invitation – but get in touch if interested and I can invite you.  It Starts 22:10 and is a bit more flexible on the ending time.



Readers Corner

For fairness I have decided to include Readers Corner submissions in alphabetical order.

Remember deadline for same day submissions for Readers Corner is 7.30pm




Brian has included a Tweet from the very talent musician Julie Fowlis.  About the growing concerns in Scotland that people from England will be driving to rural parts Scotland and the Outer Hebrides.



Fi got her Readers Corner submission in just in time!

See photos below and caption for each one.  The photos are in a Photo Gallery, so you will need to click on each photo to see it full size.

Photo 1 – Grey skies make the colour pop
Photo 2 – To the puffin stacks
Photo 3 – Can you see the raft of puffins?
Photo 4 –  Between a rock and a hard place, hope summers
Photo 5 – Mara watching the birds
Photo 6 – Spot the Pippin
Photo 7 – Where trees go to die

With lack of time to get this blog finished and to bed, I have, for the first embedded these two videos straight into the blog, rather than uploading them on YouTube first.  I hope they work!

Video 1 – is of puffins flying around but they are very hard to see!

Video 2 – is 10 seconds of peace

Fi wrote:

“The puffins were all on the water today.

None on the stack for the 30 minutes I was there.

I will need to go back without the dogs as they were hanging around the cliff each a bit too much for my vertigo to handle!

And a scope or binoculars to get a decent puffin picture 🐧


Thanks for that Fi and your gallant search the puffins for Readers Corner!




This morning Theo shared this video – Matt Lucas sums up Boris’s speech


He then commented saying:

“I’ve never seen Matt Lucas and Boris Johnson in the same room together!!!”

When I told Theo that today is Day 50.  He replied:

“Will you still be doing it on Week 50?”

Who knows?!

As I come to the end of this blog, it is now 9.55pm, I’ve rattle through typing away.  This week, I’m getting the time down to writing the blog in 2 hours!

I forgot to mention at the beginning that today is DAY 50!  We are half a century into lock-down..

I was hoping to compile some facts about the blog – word count, average word count, the amount of photos, etc…I started to compile earlier, but was taking longer than I anticipated.

So hopefully, tomorrow.

Hope you have all had a great day!  Hopefully, I will write something tomorrow which is less rushed.

Thanks for reading.

Jim xx