Day 49 – Reflections on Lock-Down

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Today is the first day since lock-down started where it feels like I don’t have enough time to get everything done!  I have been under pressure to get everything done by 11pm, so I can be in bed and asleep by midnight.

Last night I got to bed at 11.10pm and was asleep by midnight.  I felt so much better when I woke up this morning, having had over 7 hours sleep.

I am determined to do the same all week.  But ultimately, it means I have 3 hours less in my day, but still trying to do the same amount of things.  So I have been doing things at a faster rate.  Less time to think.

Saying that, after Chi Gong this morning I did meet with Magic Gareth for our weekly Zoom Coffee.  Plus this evening, the Edinburgh Magic Circle had it’s first meeting since lock-down on Zoom.  Was great to reconnect with some other Edinburgh magicians and hear what they have been up to.

I went for a shorter 4km run today with Honey the Dog and 2 shorter walks round the cemetery.

It does seem my evenings are getting more and more full these days with Zoom meetings/socials, etc…Thank goodness – there is no travel time for these – otherwise I wouldn’t make them 😉

I’m on a tight deadline to get this blog finished in 50 minutes, before Bedtime Chi Gong – so I can be in bed for 11pm and asleep by midnight!

Today I heard that the film Arguments which myself and Honey the Dog are in has won the Best International Documentary category at the Austrian International Film Festival.

The film follows the work of Ron Coleman and his wife Karen Taylor, who welcome people from all over Europe into their home.  Their guests hear invasive voices commenting on their thoughts and their daily actions. Together, they discuss the impact these voices have on their lives and social identities, leading each one of them to confront their voices.

The documentary film, introduces an in-depth discussion about the world and how human beings function. In scenes ranging from a family reunion to a conference attended by students, the film does not consider “insanity” in terms of a disconnection from reality but in terms of an awareness of reality. It is an account of an intimate hubbub, one which is inaudible to us, but which echoes all our hidden sufferings.

The film opens with Honey the Dog and me walking on Arthur’s Seat.  It was filmed 2 years ago (I think) around this time of the year, when there was lots of yellow gorse!  I am one of the main characters in the film, performing magic, taking part in discussions around hearing voices and even taking part in a ballet ballet (I didn’t realise they were filming at that point)!

The film is still being entered into different festivals, so is not out on general release.  But when it is, I will post something on Facebook – or maybe I will still be writing my blog 😉


Tomorrow is the first day you can tune in and listen to the second instalment of this blog on the radio – Days 8-14 at 10am.  Check out details below:


Days 8-14 on the Radio

I don’t know how many of you listened to my blog Days 1-7 last week.  We are now moving onto the next 7 days.

So Days 8-14 will be played on online on Deepness Dementia Radio twice this week.

  • Tuesday 12th May – In the Morning – 10.00 – 11.10
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Daily Chi Gong

I continue to run daily Chi Gong on Zoom, weekdays (Monday to Friday), both Morning and Night.  So if you are interested in coming along, please do get in touch.

  • Morning – 09:10 to 09:35 (by donation)
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Readers Corner

It feels that after yesterday, this blog has become a little political.  I think it was good to document the announcement of Boris Johnson yesterday, I received a few comments following this – thank you for that.  The short psychology video seemed to be helpful for folk.

But it feels, that I want to steer the blog more to the fun-side of lock-down and some reflections, etc…

The Readers Corner begins with some comments in response to yesterdays blog and then finishes on a lighter note that Brian shared, of some drama that happened around lunchtime today at The Shore in Leith



My mum is the first time to appear in this blog.  You will have read about her in the early blogs, when I was teaching her to use Zoom and post in her own blog!!  She is now a whizz on both!

She put a comment on yesterdays blog.  Writing:

“I fell asleep while Boris was talking!  Shows how inspiring he was to me.  Like the psychological thoughts behind the new slogan.  Blame someone else when it goes wrong.  We do need to take responsibility for ourselves however need some empathy as to what to do and support.”

Thanks mum for taking the time to write this.




My friend Theo who lives in Nottingham, made a comment on Facebook:

Ha ha.  I’ve never been alert in my life..”.

I can vouch for Theo’s comment, he never seems alert 😉




Lisa also made a comment on Facebook about my blog:

“Great post!
I’m angry about what Boris has said too and agree with Fi that he’s a clown.

It’s actually pretty embarrassing to watch and scary as hell to be expected to live under their wishy washy and dangerous guidance.

It’s never ok to put life before money and essentially it’s playing Russian Roulette with the working class because being honest this is aimed at us.  The MD’s and CEO’s will all be perfectly safe at home while Joe Bloggs is making them money and putting themselves and their families at risk. Disgusting, shameful and embarrassing.

The bloke on the video makes complete sense.

This will cost many more people their lives. 🙁 “


Thanks Lisa – well put!




Brian shared some photos he took today in Leith and made some comments.  This is the order he sent them to me…
(the first 8 photos are in a Photo Gallery – so you can click on them to see them in full-size)

He said:

“WHAT is going on here?”


He then shared this links from the Edinburgh Evening New:


Fire crews rushed to save a cat, who had been reported stuck under a bridge.  Rennie’s Isle thanked Edinburgh Fire Brigade for the brave rescue of Louis, a black cat who wasn’t so lucky today after a fight with another moggy.  He fell into the Water of Leith and ended up in a tunnel under the Victoria Bridge. Eight lives left, Louis…..

Brian wrote:

“No way!! The cat has made the news in Ireland – it seemed to have got caught on driftwood!”

He later added:

“No way! A full interview with the owner of Louis the Cat!


I was scared he was going to drown, he was really distressed and we could hear his miaows echoing under the bridge…”!!”

Brian later said it was talked about on BBC Radio 2.

Other places you can read about it

As I come to the end of today’s blog, I am just in time to get in finished before my deadline!

I am enjoying this new ‘early to bed’ idea – although it does mean I am trying to compress a lot more into my life.

My mood is more upbeat today and energised.  Fingers crossed, I can keep this going for the rest of the week and maybe beyond!

Thanks for reading.

Jim xx