Day 47 – Reflections on Lock-Down

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Today is Saturday my Day of Rest.  Last Saturday, I had loads of energy and so had a really productive day.  But today, I have had no energy and done very little.  I’ve noticed that when I have a day of no energy and do very little, my mood is so much flatter.

The reason why today has been so harder than last Saturday is because most of last week I had between 5-6 hours of sleep a night.  Going to bed around 2am (after writing my blog) and getting up around 7.30am (to get ready for Chi Gong).  Literally just collapsing with exhaustion today.

It reminds me of the early Saturdays of lock-down.  But it is clearly not good for my energy, mood or motivation.

With no energy, Honey and I didn’t go for a long walk or run today.  That was the same as yesterday.  That also affects my mood.

Tomorrow, I hope to get out for a run in the morning, rather than waiting until later in the day.

The other downside of not going out for a long walk or run today, is that I didn’t get many photos, just two in fact!

We went to Kate’s Park for a second day in a row and then walked through Montgomery Street Park, where there were lots of sunbathers, beer parties and picnics going on, just like yesterday!

It was quite nice to sit in Kate’s Park for nearly an hour just relaxing on the bench.  Honey found a bone, somewhere, but I took if off her, which she wasn’t so pleased about!

This evening I have been learning how to use a video editing App on my phone to make an introduction video to the Four Directions movement meditation I will be running again tomorrow (Sunday) at 12.30pm.

Last Sunday was the first week that I put the Four Directions Movement Meditation session on and found that I wasn’t so good at explaining it.  It is so much easier to do when in a group in the real life.  So hopefully the video will make it easier for everyone.

Jim’s Announcements

I’ve just come up with the idea, to create this section, to remind you of things I am running, etc…and to remind myself to tell you!


Four Directions Movement Meditation

This will be taking place tomorrow, Sunday, 10th May at 12.30pm.  It is 50 minute meditation, 35 minutes of movement to music and 15 minutes of silence/resting.  The first part of the session, will involve a video of instructions.  It’s not that hard to do in the real world, but found it is a lot more confusing to explain on Zoom – when I am using a fixed webcam embedded in my laptop!

If you are interested in coming along, please get in touch and I will send you the Zoom login details.  I plan to run this every Sunday at 12.30pm.  I realise this is very short notice!


Days 8-14 on the Radio

I don’t know how many of you listened to my blog Days 1-7 last week.  We are now moving onto the next 7 days.

So Days 8-14 will be played on online on Deepness Dementia Radio twice this week.

  • Tuesday 12th May – In the Morning – 10.00 – 11.10
  • Friday 15th May – In the Evening – 20:00 – 21:10

You can listen to it either via the website –

Or directly from this link –


Daily Chi Gong

I continue to run daily Chi Gong on Zoom, weekdays (Monday to Friday), both Morning and Night.  So if you are interested in coming along, please do get in touch.

  • Morning – 09:10 to 09:35 (by donation)
  • Bedtime – This is by invitation – but get in touch if interested and I can invite you.  It Starts 22:10 and is a bit more flexible on the ending time.

With little / no energy to write much today, I am turning to Readers Corner for inspiration.


Readers Corner



Theo is a good friend of mine, who lives in Nottingham.

He commented today about Day 43 blog.  He wrote:

Having completely lost track of time, your blog is a daily reminder of how long this has been going on!😁😁

I then commented, today is Day 47.

Theo replied:

OK so when i see it every morning – I add one. Got it!”

Thanks Theo – glad my daily blog is helping you know what day it is, most people use a calendar 😉



You need to introduction to Brian!

Hello there!  Thought you’d like this tweet about a fox hanging out at Waverley Station.  Must be much quieter in there than out on the streets with all these cyclists and joggers everywhere!  Animals must be so confused at what has happened in that last few weeks.  What is the fox thinking…?  “What is this place?  Why does it have so many stairs?  Why are the shops not open?  Why are big trains running with just one person in a carriage?” 🦊


Pat is becoming a regular feature in Readers Corner!

“Another Good Read Jim…You Mention The Isolation And How “There Has Been Not Much Change Around My Area” It Will Have To Be Better Enforced…This Is An Area That I Think Will Be Difficult Because People I Have Been Talking To Seem To Think It’s Happening Somewhere Else…My Father’s Cousin Died A Week Ago And He Was In A Care Home…When I Tell People This It’s A Shrug Of The Shoulders And Answered “Aye It’s Just Taking The Auld Buddies” He Did Die Of The Virus… It’s Just The Mentality Of People’s At The Moment…Stay Safe and Stay Well My Friend…☘️☘️☘️☘️”

Sorry to hear about your father’s cousin Pat.



Jan is my neighbour who lives above me!  She writes:

“Another interesting read, Jim – I do enjoy reading your reflections with my morning coffee 👍
The trees are all out now, so my view is much greener and I don’t see as much of the cemetery, but I’ve missed seeing you and Honey having a bit of a stroll in the morning, while I’m doing my workout or having breakfast – there are just a few runners going round and round 🙄

BTW – although the words graveyard and cemetery are often used interchangeably, a graveyard is actually a burial place in the grounds of a church. The lovely green space that we overlook (and walk in) is not attached to a church, so is usually called a cemetery 😉 😊

Enjoy your rest day (I’ll try not to do anything too noisy 😆) and keep up the good work.”

Thanks for clearing that up about graveyard and cemetery.  I find the word cemetery more ‘clinical’ compared to graveyard!  Not sure why that is.  Perhaps as I didn’t grow up in the city?!

There are two regular runners that go round the cemetery most mornings.

So with all that – I am heading to bed!

Good Night.


Jim xx