Day 380 – Reflections on Lockdown

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The motivation to keep the blog going is dwindling fast!

After such an epic day of working so many hours yesterday, I did less today, but still really tired.

This afternoon I headed to Easter Road to collect some post from my flat and some name tags for the letterbox and buzzer on the outside of the flat.

I completely forgot to take any photos for the blog, but luckily popped into Mo Beans Coffee Shop and took a photo of Honey with her friend Nuno.  However, the website always alters the photos (when taken on an iPhone compared to an Android) which is really annoying so the photo is just of Honey.

But below are the two photos I actually took and the full photo of the blog cover photo.

Tomorrow morning I will have to revert to writing the blog structure in advance, so that I can write something more coherent in relation to reflecting on lockdown.

But for today, I am going to end the blog here and head to bed!

Good Night x



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