Day 372 – Reflections on Lockdown

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I’ve been going to bed too late the last few nights!  It’s been due to the clock change, feeling more awake in the evening and ignoring that I am still getting up the usual time.  Less than 6 hours sleep a night finally took a toll on me this morning, when I fell back asleep after my alarms went off.  After all of Honey’s swimming yesterday (Day 371) must have also tired her out, as she usually starts nagging me to get up when the alarms start going off.

So despite having 4 alarms and Honey, I fell back asleep, waking up to realise I had fallen back to sleep, I glanced at the clock and it was 09:04.  With my Qi Gong session starting at 9.10am on Zoom, I jumped out of bed, threw on some clothes and was online at 09:08 – not bad, eh?  I guess, that’s what a lot of folk do these days, “going” to work!

I must admit I did wake up at 5.30am desperate for a pee, so walked over to the toilet block, admiring a lovely full moon, so perhaps my sleep cycle was all over the place compared to normal.

Qi Gong was a blur and I started to get that feeling that maybe I was still asleep and all this was a dream and that I would actually wake up in a moment.  I opened the front door to try and wake up!

The rest of the day, I spent at the computer doing paid work.  I have a deadline, that has to be finished by the middle of next week – after not doing much last week, as I was cleaning the flat, I’m now under pressure to get it done!

At 4.20pm, I took a break and took Honey for a walk across Bruntsfield Links and The Meadows to see Graeme, where I spent an hour chatting, justifying that this was part of Honey’s ‘walk’ – stimulation is as good as a walk!

On the way back, I noticed the coffee hut had virtually no queue, so I went and got a vegan hot chocolate.  The Meadows was very busy with students gathering and drinking but no police around.

Then back home and do some more work!


On This Day In History

A year ago today was Day 7


Here’s some extracts from that blog from Day 7

Time.  Time.  Time is slowing down. It seems to be disappearing.  I am not living my life around time.  I’m checking the time less.

Who cares what the time is.  Time is now governed by sunlight, hunger, tiredness and Honey the Dog.  A routine is still there, but no rush.

Without all our rushing about, with so much to do, travelling to work, going to appointments, being at work on time, routines around time, it feels we are taking our time.  Who cares if something takes a little longer than usual?  For me, it feels like something is changing.  Stripping away the usual layers of life and connecting more to myself.  Noticing the connections with others.  Connecting more to nature.  Taking time to be with a moment, rather than rushing to the next.

I wonder, whether this lock-down is creating an environment in which healing can occur?”.



This is what I wrote in my diary on Day 7

      • Feeling better today – using bigger computer.
      • Office in spare room is great!
      • Time is standing still – like being on holiday
      • Went to bed at 00:57


News Headlines on Day 7

      • Can London convert a stadium into a 4000 bed Covid Hospital in one week?
      • Glasgow SECC is also going to be converted into a Covid Hospital.
      • UK case numbers are increasing slower.


TOTAL Covid Cases and Deaths on Day 7











TOTAL Covid Cases

(increase since yesterday)


1,563 (179)

784, 381 (62,969)

22,141 (2,619)

101,739 (4,050)

87,956 (7,846)

163,479 (21,625)

TOTAL Covid Deaths

(increase since yesterday)


47 (5)

37,780 (4,184)

1,408 (180)

11,591 (812)

7,716 (907)

3,148 (673)

Lockdown Restrictions Corner



Nicola has confirmed that “Stay at Home” restriction will be lifted on Friday (Day 375).

The restriction is moving from “Stay at Home” to “Stay Local”, we must remain in our local authority boundary for another 3 weeks.


On Monday (Day 378) Hairdressers, barbers, garden centres, click & click and homeware stores will all open.

She also said the lockdown restrictions will probably continue as planned.



Golf courses that cross from Wales to England can now be played.

With golf courses opening in Wales last Saturday (Day 369) and in England yesterday (Day 371), it means golfers can now move between Wales and England to play their game.



Weddings have started going ahead after restrictions were eased yesterday (Day 371), although guest lists have been slashed, from 100’s to 6 guests.


As I come to the end of today’s blog, I am still feeling wide awake!  This clock change is so confusing to my body.

I have been feeling something has been missing in my life today, then on our afternoon walk I realised it was that I am no longer travelling back and forth between my home and my flat!  My life is now stationary, feels weird – it’s going to take a while to finally settle into my new life.

Today I hear it has been super hot in the south of England – t-shirt and short weather.  In Edinburgh it has been cloudy and a little warm, but not warm enough for no jumper or jacket!  The forecast at the end of this week is snow in Edinburgh !!!

Hope you’ve had a good day in the sunshine or colder (depending where you live).

Jim x



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