Day 371 – Reflections on Lockdown

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In yesterday’s blog (Day 370) I wrote that as Honey didn’t have a big walk, she would have lots of energy today.  We went on a massive walk this afternoon along the canal and she seemed to spend more time swimming in the canal than walking on the land!

She has mastered how to get out the canal when there is a high bank.  She puts her front legs on the bank, holding herself on land, then uses her back legs to push herself up – it’s quite impressive watching her.  When she went in the first time today, when the drop was quite big, I thought I would be pulling her out, but then I watched her technique.  Once she had successfully got out once, nothing was stopping her – except me shouting at her!

Can you spot her swimming in the distance in the blog cover photo?  You can click on the photos above to make them larger…

This evening I went to a Zoom magic lecture with a well known magician (in the magic world) Nick Einhorn.  Was a great lecture!


Just before the lecture, I was doing a bit of research about Nick Einhorn, watching some YouTube videos, etc…and a gust of wind blew open the front door, but I didn’t realise.  I guess that’s a good sign that it is getting warmer outside!  Honey spent about 10 minutes outside, sitting at Helen’s boat hoping she would get a treat.  Then Helen sent me a message with a photo and I realised that the door was open.

Honey had been sitting looking in her window, hoping she would come out – it worked 😉

On This Day In History

A year ago today was Day 6


Here’s some extracts from that blog from Day 6

“It’s been a day of movement and I feel so much better for it!!  I’ve made some physical changes in my flat, done some emergency plumbing, been working on some creative ideas to bring daily movement into my life and cut my screen time by about 90%..

The last two days my energy has been really sluggish, been feeling exhausted and had a headache.  I was starting to think that maybe I was going to crack (and I would be sharing this with you today).  That this situation and lock-down was becoming too overwhelming.  But with movement today I am starting to feel more creative and inspired.

I headed out for 6 km run on Arthur’s Seat with Honey the Dog.  I continued, my new running technique, from yesterday to not stick to the path and found the challenge of it a lot more invigorating.  There were so many people out and about, although social distancing.  It looked odd seeing so many people scattered across the hillside in their separate social distanced groups.

At the Virtual Pub on Friday night, someone said that what they were finding most challenging was the lack of movement.  This has been sitting with me ever since. 

Outwith lock-down we take movement for granted – travelling to work, walking the dog, buying food, walking up the street, going for a walk out the office at lunchtime, travelling back home at the end of the day, maybe more travelling going out in the evening.  It’s all movement.  For me, these changes of environment and changes of energy helps me keep things flowing through life.  A new environment, is a new energy.  It keeps a kind of routine.  For example, when I get home late afternoon, I have the inspiration to do some tidying and cleaning in my flat.

But living in my flat all the time, there just isn’t this travel anymore.  I go out for my daily exercise with Honey the Dog, but most of the rest of the time I am stagnant in my flat.  I’ve lost all routine in my life – except writing this blog!

So as I come to the end of today’s blog, I reflect on movement and energy.  Today, I have had renewed energy and feel so much more hopeful.  Movement is so important in our lives, it keeps us grounded and in our bodies. In these strange times of lock-down, self-isolation or restricted movements we have to find new ways to keep movement in our lives.  Something we have taken for granted.”.


This is what I wrote in my diary on Day 6

      • The clocks went forward – it feels like summer 🙂
      • Turned spare bedroom into an office – feels good.  Allow different spaces in my flat, I can walk to my work in another room.
      • Went to bed at 01:44


News Headlines on Day 6

      • UK maybe in lockdown for 6 months!
      • It will be a “good outcome” if the UK has a total of 20,000 deaths.


TOTAL Covid Cases and Deaths on Day 6









TOTAL Covid Cases


721, 412





TOTAL Covid Deaths







Lockdown Restrictions Corner

Today in England lockdown restrictions began to ease!


  • The “Stay at Home” restrictions have come to an end – although government has requested “minimal travel”.
  • More people can meet outdoors (including private gardens) – in groups of six, or as two households.
  • Outdoor Sports Facilities – have opened, including tennis courts, golf courses, basketball courts and outdoor swimming.
  • Organised outdoor sports – have resumed.
  • Weddings – are allowed for up to 6 people.
  • Continue to work from home if you can.


  • Non-essential shops, gyms and entertainment – remain closed.
  • Pubs, restaurants – closed.  But takeaways are allowed.
  • Holidays abroad – not allowed.


It seems from these pictures everyone has been taking advantage of their freedom!


The next stage in England is no earlier than 12th April (Day 385).


As I come to the end of this blog, I am feeling good, although tired.  Just like I wrote a year ago, the hour change and more light makes such a difference!  Thinking back to December when it was dark by 4pm and the light through the day seemed so much darker, it’s great that we are heading towards the summer.

I was reflecting about how a year ago, I missed not travelling places, where as now it seems normal.  All the time we used to spend travelling places – to go out, to go to work, to meet friends, etc…now most virtual, we have so much more time in our day.  How did we cope when we had maybe 2-3 hours a day of travelling?  I’ve also got used to not moving so much – I know lots of people say they have put on more weight in the last year, I wonder if that is partly due to us doing so much less movement?

Today the air has been really warm.  It’s been windy and partly wet, but the air has been super warm.  My second night without lighting my fire!  The temperature is set to drop by the end of the week, so might as well enjoy it while it lasts.  More strong winds and gusts of wind making Discovery shake!

Hope you’ve had a good start to your week.

Take Care 🙂

Jim xx



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