Day 370 – Reflections on Lockdown

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It was a quiet day today, both for me and on the canal, so few people were out walking along the towpath.  Whether it’s because the clocks went forward last night or because it’s been wet and windy most of the day or because next week lockdown restrictions are easing – who knows?

It was quiet for me, as I had a busy 6 days and needed to rest.

I did my bi-monthly filling of the water tank on Discovery and took Honey for a couple of short (ish) walks.

The water always takes about 25 minutes to fill up.  Now I’ve got used to this, I can just get on with other things, watching the timer, until 24 minutes and then wait for it to fill up, to save it flooding the bow too much.


This afternoon I cycled to Tesco to do some shopping.  I did some research about Tesco Stores – the different names and sizes.  All the Tescos close to the the boat are Tesco Express, which are more like a corner shop and seem more expensive.  I tracked down a Tesco Metro not too far away – this is larger than Tesco Express but smaller than a Tesco Superstore.  So I will now start using the Tesco Metro 🙂


On This Day In History

A year ago today was Day 5


Here’s some extracts from that blog from Day 5

“Its so interesting how much change we are being pushed into whilst on this lock-down, whether we want it or not.  But we are adapting to it.  I love the following quote about change…

You can not discover new oceans unless you have courage to lose sight of the show.

How many of us wish life to be different, but never take the risk to change it?  I can certainly relate to this.  In the current lock-down we don’t have the choice to stay near the shore, we are discovering new oceans and we are surviving.  Everything feels so strange and different to what we are used to – I’m personally loving the newness in my life, and yet also finding it such a struggle !!


As I come to the end of today’s blog, I reflect on change.  It’s been 5 days on lock-down.  It feels like a lifetime. 

We have all been pushed to our limits. 

Many having to isolate for 12 weeks.  Others discovering the world of working from home for the first time.  Some not having a job and not knowing how we will survive financially.  The news has been relentless – new rules, new updates, new announcements, fears about the NHS and the new cases and deaths all around the world.  Let alone adjusting to a whole new virtual world. And staying indoors!

For me, it has brought me into the moment.  Time has been so slow and that’s because there have been so many new and different moments.  It has been wonderful and I wonder how it will change my perspective in the long term.

So as you come to the end of reading this blog, I encourage you to reflect on the last 5 days on lock-down.  How has it been for you?”.



This is what I wrote in my diary on Day 5

      • My eyes ache at the end of each day – too long staring at screens!
      • I hate being in my head so much!
      • My motivation to do anything has been minimal
      • Went to bed at 00:50.


News Headlines on Day 5

      • Biggest jump in daily deaths in the UK – 250 deaths in one day!
      • UK – it’s going to get worse.
      • A lot of Westminster Government have Covid.
      • In US – most cases in New York.


TOTAL Covid Cases and Deaths on Day 5









TOTAL Covid Cases







TOTAL Covid Deaths










Readers Corner

A few posts today 🙂



Doreen posted a Facebook comment on Day 367 blog, saying

“I really enjoyed your blog Jim. Great to feel the fresh air.”.

Thanks Doreen – and welcome to Readers Corner and the Blog Community (Brayshaw, MJ, 2020).



Ivan posted a Facebook comment on Day 368 blog, saying:

“Great reading as always Jim. And congratulations. May your new tenants be happy tenants!”.

Thanks Ivan for your regular comments on the blog 🙂



Phyllis posted a Facebook comment on yesterday’s blog (Day 369) as I reach my one year anniversary of writing a daily blog, saying:

“Well done Jim – now you need to turn it into a book…. 🙂“.

Thanks Phyllis!

A book would be good, but need some editing ideas as the blog is probably about 10 books!



Ryan posted a Facebook comment on yesterday’s blog (Day 369) as I reach my one year anniversary of writing a daily blogs, aying:

“Well done that fella!”.

Cheers Ryan 🙂


It Made Me Smile

Saw this, this morning, in relation to the clocks going forward – it made me smile 🙂



As I come to the end of this blog, I am feeling wide awake and it’s past 11.15pm.  I always get confused with the changing hour, wondering why I felt so wide awake in the late evening, but now realise in the ‘old time’, it’s only 10.15pm!  I have also had a lazy day today, just what I needed – although Honey will have lots of energy tomorrow, due no big walk.

It’s interesting looking back at the blog and news from a year ago, everything seemed so new.  Time went really really slowly and I felt so much more in the moment.  I must admit I didn’t think a year later we would still be virtually in the same situation.

This evening, has been the first night on Discovery since I moved in on Day 224, that I haven’t needed to light the fire.  I honestly thought this day would never come!  But despite it being wet and windy outside, the air is quite warm, I’ve just checked the weather forecast and it’s +14 centigrade all night!

It’s been super windy today, with Discovery blowing around – gusts of wind up to 55 MPH.  When you live in a flat or a house, you can hear the wind outside, but you don’t feel it the same way in a boat.  When a gust of wind hits the boat, you know about it, as everything rocks and boat creaks.  I have a habit of looking at my mugs hanging on hooks to judge how windy it is in relation to how much they are swinging!

By the middle of next week the temperature is dropping again down to +2 centigrade – Spring is not quite here yet!

Stay Safe 🙂

Jim x




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