Day 369 – Reflections on Lockdown

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Today is my 1 year anniversary of writing the blog 🙂

This morning I got up the normal time for a weekday, which was too early, especially as I didn’t get to bed until 1.30am!  After a shower, morning walk and breakfast, Honey and I jumped on the bus and headed to my flat.  The tenants were moving into my flat, arriving at 10am.

I gave them the keys, showed them round the flat and bid them farewell, feeling glad that I had now moved and didn’t have a weekend of moving and unpacking which is what laid ahead for them.

I walked out the flat feeling relieved, a sense of release – I had done it!  Five months of decorating, cleaning, getting new furniture and finding homes for some many things of mine – such a relieve.  At the start I honestly didn’t think I was going to achieve it all, there was just too much to do.  But I have now finished – well apart from signing off the Inventory!

Honey and I then got the bus to Portobello, for a celebratory walk along the beach.  The sun was out and tide in – Honey loved jumping through the waves.

The beach was busier than I had anticipated it would be for 11.30am on a Saturday morning, there were lots of people playing Beach Volleyball.

As I wandered along the sand, I noticed the familiar feeling of “one day I will live by the sea” was less, it has been my dream all my life, to live by the sea.  I had started making plans to move to Portobello about 5 years ago, but then got distracted setting up my magic business instead.  But now that feeling was less, I would still like to live by the sea, but the longing is getting less, I am happy living on the canal.

Honey seemed disappointed to find the Wee Green Van which is always parked next to the beach was missing.  She always runs up to it and sees if any food has been dropped on the floor and I usually buy her some dog biscuits from it.  She just walked round and round where it usually is, looking lost!

Then onwards towards Robin’s who lives at the far end of the beach.

Robin was printing out the ‘Tech Program’ for the Zoom Equinox Ceilidh that I was being ‘tech’ at this evening.  We had a coffee in his garden and then bounced lots of on trampoline, which including Honey barking at times – I guess she wanted to join in 🙂

I only had 90 minutes when I got home to take Honey for another walk, cook my dinner, do the dishes and be ready on Zoom at 5pm for the pre-ceilidh set up.

I was then on Zoom until 10.30pm!


On This Day In History

A year ago today was Day 4


Here’s some extracts from that blog

“It’s been a sluggish day today.  I spent way too long staring at my computer yesterday, at my super small Netbook screen (25cm to 14 cm) and worked out it is starting to hurt my head!  A kind of computer hangover. 

As usual I woke up to The Chris Evans Breakfast Show, on my digital clock radio, as he reflected on lock-down and made some poignant points.  The first thing that stuck with me was his discussion about last night’s ‘Clap for the NHS’ and how amazing everyone is appreciating each other…He also talked about just a few of the amazing things that people are doing, reflecting that the world is changing…

What stayed with me all day, was the following.  He quoted Donald Trump saying that things will get back to normal very quickly.  Of course we will all return to work at some point, but he then went onto say – 

I don’t want the world to return to how it used to be.  The world was broken.  There’s been a pause.  There needs to be change…

As I come to the end of today’s blog,  I reflect on my day in lock-down, I wonder whether in fact I am starting to struggle being home alone?  I am sure there will be ups and downs on this journey and interested to see what happens next.

What is obvious is the world is changing so much.

We are starting to discover new ways to interact, inventing new things as we discover, like an interactive virtual pub radio station!  All this newness and change, it is amazing!!  Although totally exhausting!  After so long in stagnation – we have the control to create a new world!

I totally agree with what Chris Evan’s was saying this morning.  I don’t want the world to return to how it used to be.  The world was broken.  There’s been a pause.  There needs to be change and it is happening right now!”.

This is what I wrote in my diary

      • Crap mood today – too much time on computer.
      • Need a routine.  Need a lie in.
      • Went to bed at 23:58.


News Headlines from the Day

      • Boris Johnson has got Covid.
      • Duke of Edinburgh got Covid yesterday.
      • Plea from governments to stay at home this weekend.
      • Donald Trump gives $1.7 Trillion to USA economy.


Covid Cases and Deaths








Covid Cases







Covid Death Rate







As I come to the end of this blog I am totally exhausted!  Staying up late every night to write the blog is only possible if I can have a lie in at the weekend.  In addition to that, I haven’t had anytime to myself or to relax today.

With the clocks going forward by 1 hour tonight, I am hoping that I still get a good sleep and don’t wake up too early.

Today it was a nice sunny day, but this evening it has been raining and windy.

Good Night

Jim xx













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