Day 366 – Reflections on Lockdown

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Last night after writing the blog, I added the new ‘Binge Read the Blog’ buttons to jump to ‘Yesterday’s Blog’ and ‘Tomorrow’s Blog’ to the 20 previous blogs.  See Day 365 on what they are for.

I then realised if you really were “binge reading” the blog, you are not going to scroll to the top of the page after reading, to go to the next one.  Instead you would want to go to the next blog ASAP.

So I have now added the buttons at the bottom, as well as the top.  Plus, added that to all the blogs except yesterday (Day 365).

Today, after Qi Gong, Honey and I headed over to the flat and spent the day cleaning with my friend Lolit.  I didn’t realise just how tiring a day of cleaning can be.  The exhaustion from the last couple of days, reminds me of when I was painting the flat in November, December and January – how did I manage to keep going for so long?

But now – the flat is nearly finished – with only 3 more jobs to do.

This afternoon we went for a final walk round the graveyard and this evening we were back in B&Q!

I will take some photos of the flat before Saturday which is when the tenants move in and share with you in the blog 🙂



On This Day In History

I started this new section yesterday (Day 365) which will draw on what happened a year ago today.  I will use what I wrote in the blog the year before, plus my Five Year Diary, which for the first 6 months of lockdown restrictions I wrote daily cases, daily deaths and news headlines.

A year ago today was Day 1.


Here’s some extracts from that blog

“My day started similar to any other, a run on Arthur’s Seat with Honey the Dog. 

Then a trip with the hire car to the hire company, which was open and then a walk back home, via the butchers. 

Leith Walk seemed busier, with cars and people, than it had on Monday.  Still relatively quiet, but nothing too noticeable.

My day seemed exceptionally busy, compared to normal,  With people phoning, chatting on social media, etc…and my first large Zoom Meeting, with 15 participants (from around the UK), which I had been invited to join earlier in the day to listen and learn about Universal Basic Income. 

It was a massive learning experience, learning the etiquette and exploring the platform – keeping your sound on Mute unless you are talking, putting up a virtual hand to say something and seeing the list of participants.”.

I also quoted an Intensive Care Consultant who had been interviewed on LBC Radio, saying:

“When we were in the war…people were lying about their ages and lying about their health so they could go into battle and fight and die for our country”.  The Consultant continued by saying “All we are asking is for you to sit on your sofa [and watch Netflix]…..” “The virus is not going to crawl under your door.  The only way you are going to get it is [if you go out]…the virus can only live if it can go from one person to another person, if that cannot happen the virus is finished, its gone”.

I followed the quote with –

“And then it struck me – it has nothing to do with if the police or government legislation can force us to stay indoors –
It is a moral responsibility !!”.“.


This is what I wrote in my diary

        • Adjusting to life with no heating (saving money).
        • It’s weird being stuck inside, but excited of change and getting a new routine.


News Headlines from my diary

          • Hospital being set up in London Arena – 2 wards, 4000 beds.
          • We are still learning what we can and cannot do.

Covid Cases

        • UK = 8,077
        • WORLD = 417,693
        • Italy = 69,176
        • USA = 53,013
        • Spain = 39,885

Covid Death Rate

        • UK = 422
        • WORLD = 18,605
        • Italy = 6,820
        • USA = 685
        • Spain = 2,808

Lockdown Restrictions Corner

  • UK – Boris Johnson has announced that pubs may ask to see a Vaccine Certificate to allow you to go in!

The government is exploring different options, which publicans could choose to ask to see.  This could include a vaccine certificate or a negative Covid Test.


  • Germany – Yesterday (Day 365) I reported in ‘Lockdown Restrictions Corner’ that they were entering the tightest lockdown restrictions that have experienced with most shops closed, gatherings limited and people to be told to “Stay at Home”.  This would mean that Easter would have been cancelled.  However today Angela Merkel has announced it was a mistake and restrictions have been changed


  • Edinburgh – Edinburgh has lit up the city with a laser beam rainbow light display from Calton Hill and across the city.

The display is to “send a message of love, hope and kindness from the city to the rest of the world”, signifying a ‘global rainbow’.  It is not known how long the installation will run.  The significance of the the rainbow is for us to look back over the last year of the pandemic.

As I come to the end of this blog, I am super tired and need to go to sleep.  The hire car is due back tomorrow at 11am, but I am hoping to pop back to the flat before that and after Qi Gong.

Thinking back to Day 1 of the blog, it reminds me of the feeling of newness and how time virtually stood still.  I remember typing the quote from the consultant, but thought it was a lot further into lockdown restrictions, not Day 1!  This shows just how time was virtually standing still back then.  I also remember the excitement of having to just stay at home and not go outside.  I would spent hours watching BBC News 24 for hours on end, with little else to do.  Lockdown restrictions were so unusual that it all seemed really exciting and new, where as now it is so familiar and I am bored of it!

I think it was quite a sunny day today, but I was in the flat all day and didn’t really notice.  That’s the interesting thing about living on a boat, you notice the weather so much more.  It was raining a bit this evening.  Back on Discovery, it felt warm and I began to wonder whether I needed to light the fire, but I lit it anyway!

Hope you’ve had a Wonderful Wednesday!

Stay Safe 🙂

Jim x



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