Day 365 – Reflections on Lockdown

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So today is 1 year, since Boris Johnson announced the first lockdown restrictions.

This means I am super excited to announce, I have a BRAND NEW SECTION called ‘On This Day In History‘.  The section will include what was happening a year ago today, drawing on the blog and my Five Year Diary, which I methodically wrote every day for 6 months.  You never knew this, but after writing the blog, when I climbed into bed, I would spend another 30 minutes, writing the daily cases / death numbers from various countries and some news headlines in my Five Year Diary.  I kept this going every day until 11th September 2020, which was round about the time I was thinking of buying Discovery and had too much other things going on.  But now, I can share all this with you in the blog!

You will also notice at the top of this blog, there are two buttons that will allow you to jump to yesterday’s and tomorrow’s (when I’ve written it) blogs.  I wish I had done that sooner, as it will make it a lot easier for you to ‘binge’ read the blog!  Hannah had mentioned a while ago whether I could put this in to “binge read the blog”, but I couldn’t work out how to create a button, now I have.  If I can be bothered, I may add the buttons to all the other blogs, but this will take some time!

Today I have spent all day in the flat with my friend Lolit cleaning!  Back in November 2020 Lolit offered to help clean the flat before I rent it out, but then I asked if she could help do some glossing which she did in December.  But I went back to her for the cleaning and she was delighted to be asked and come back!  It also gave her a chance to see how the flat has transformed – she said it looks “brand new”.

I also had a few pick-ups (and cancellations) from people on the final items to leave the flat which I posted on local Facebook recycle pages.  Also a trip to the recycle centre to get rid of the empty paint pots and a trip to B&Q for lampshades, light bulbs and a few bits and pieces.  I’m exhausted.

Honey was in the flat with me all day, but we got a short walk on Portobello beach in the dark.



On This Day In History

This is a new section I have created, which will draw on what happened a year ago today.  I will use what I wrote in the blog the year before, plus my Five Year Diary, which for the first 6 months of lockdown restrictions I wrote daily cases, daily deaths and news headlines.

A year ago today was Day 0.

This is what I wrote in the blog –

“It was the evening of Monday 23rd March 2020 that Boris Johnson announced a UK wide lock-down, we all suspected it was coming, but still, for me it sent me into a bit of a panic!  We were losing our freedom to do what we wanted.  I was taking a hire car back the next day and suddenly worried, if the company would be open to return the car?  Would the garage still be open for petrol?  Would I be arrested returning the car or filing it up with petrol?  Would I run out of food?  So many thoughts rushed through my head!  I jumped in the car and filled it up with petrol, it was less than an hour since the announcement.  I bought a loaf of bread at the garage and headed home.

As I lay in bed, feeling a bit calmer.  I concluded, that there would probably be no police patrols on the streets, as there has been so many cuts!!  With that thought I drifted off to sleep.”.


This is what I wrote in my diary –

        • The UK has gone into a full lockdown – this means we are only allowed to go out once a day to exercise.  We will be fined if we are outside more than once a day.
        • UK cases are worse to where Italy was 2 weeks ago.
        • The UK death rate is six times greater than it was 7 days ago.
        • Alex Salmond is found not guilty on 12 cases of rape and sexual assault.


Covid Death Rate

        • WORLD = 16,490
        • UK = 335
        • Italy = 6,077
        • Spain = 2,311
        • Germany = 123

Lockdown Restrictions Corner

  • Today the UK marked one year since the first lockdown restrictions.

A national one minutes silence was held at midday, in which parliaments across the UK paused.


  • At 8pm today the UK was lit up to remember those who have be lost.  Landmarks across the UK were lit up in yellow and people came out on the streets to shine a light.


  • Germany has extended it’s lockdown for 3 weeks, creating an almost halt over the Easter Holidays, in response to a third wave.  Most shops (except food shops) will shut and gatherings will be limited, with no more than 2 households (5 people) allowed to meet.  In-person religious services are cancelled.


  • Denmark is to create a Covid Passport which will indicate if someone has had the vaccine.


Readers Corner

One post today.

Helen messaged me today, saying:

“I’ve just read the blog.

Is it weird that I’m super-excited that your tenants are moving in at the weekend? What a journey!

I’ve really enjoyed following it with you when you bought the boat, raised funds, decided what to do with your flat, moved into the boat, all the work you’ve done on your flat, the excitement of finding the.perfect.sofa!

What a whirlwind!!

And now your tenants move in.

A new chapter begins. I

‘m so impressed with your commitment and tenacity!

All the while, keeping us blog readers up to date with the latest covid-related news and chat, giving us our daily dose of Honey the dog photos and giving us a glimpse into your life. Thank you”.


Awww – thanks Helen.  So glad you and the blog community (Brayshaw, MJ, 2020) has got a REAL glimpse of my life and enjoyed the journey along the way.  It’s also special for me to share my life and journey with the blog community (Brayshaw, MJ, 2020).

Despite me moaning about the blog (at times) I do enjoy writing it – most of the time 😉

As I come to the end of this blog, I am super tired.

Lolit and I did a minutes silence at midday today, which was really moving.  At 8pm I was driving across the city on the way home to the boat, but I didn’t see anyone on their doorsteps with a light, neither did I see any buildings lit up in yellow.  Discovery has a view of the back of Edinburgh Castle and I didn’t notice anything different to the lighting of it – did anyone else stand outside with a light at 8pm?

I did spot numerous police walking and driving round The Meadows, I guess breaking up any parties that were going ahead, or protests?  Hopefully, by tomorrow most of the flat will be finished, I can’t wait until Saturday and I can relax!

I’m super excited about the new blog section, can’t wait to start looking back over the last year and reading the blog from the start!  Interestingly a year ago today I had a hire car, which I have today as well, although I don’t take it back for another couple of days, compared to last year which was the next day!

Jim x

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