Day 363 – Reflections on Lockdown

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Day 363 – can’t believe we are not long away from a year of me writing this blog!

I started the blog on Day 3 and think I missed a day in September 2020, as I was posting a day in arrears when I was in Canna, so I think Day 369 (Saturday 27th March), will be my anniversary of writing the blog for a year!

I have a new section planned for Day 365, which I have been planning for quite a while!

Today has been another sunny day 🙂

A lazy morning, I missed my meditation group this morning, as I was up late last night with my small Birthday Gathering (IRL).

Then I did more cleaning on Discovery, cleaning all the shelves, which have a layer of ash over them.  It seems with the fire, everywhere has a layer of ash, which I guess comes from cleaning the ash out each day from the wood burner!

I’ve also discovered, I can leave the front door open and have the bow door open and it gets air flowing right through the boat, which gives it a nice refreshing feel.  My neighbours have been saying since I moved in, I need to leave some of the windows open all the time, but fear of getting cold, I’ve only had the kitchen window open (they are mini windows).  But now I have the others open, all on the canal-side for security.

Honey spent most of the day, sunbathing, on her bed 🙂

She’s been super tired after being active most of the afternoon and evening yesterday (Day 362).

Then this afternoon, Honey, Helen and I walked and went up Craiglockhart Hill.  That’s two new hills in four day – on Thursday (Day 360) we went up Blackford Hill.  Edinburgh has seven hills round it, which locals always mention the ‘Seven Hills Race‘ when talking about them.  The Seven Hills race is where people run up all 7 hills and between them too!!  Now I only have two hills to get up, Corstorphine Hill and The Braids, although Honey also hasn’t been up Castle Esplanade.

I once watch my friend Thomas run the Seven Hills Race, which starts on Calton Hill.  The total distance between the hills is 14.3 miles and there’s about 2200 ascent/decent involved.  The winners, usually complete the race in about 1 hour 40 minutes!  Runners can choose any route up and down each hill.

I watched Thomas start his run, then the elite runners all arrived on their bicycles, chained them up and set off on their run.  It was a sunny day, so I just enjoyed the sunshine.  They then all returned at the finish line, back on Calton Hill, had the prize giving, jumped on the bicycles and all headed off home, then eventually Thomas arrived at the finish line!  Well done to him and anyone who completes it!!!

To get to Craiglockhart Hill we walked for quite a while along the canal, which was super busy!


The hill itself is quite a small hill, but lots of great views of Edinburgh and the surrounding hills around it.


Lockdown Restrictions Corner

The head of immunisation at Public Health England has said that face-masks and social distancing could remain in place for several years until other countries have successfully rolled out the vaccine!

She has also said that large scale events will need to be carefully monitored with clear instructions about staying safe.

Washing hands, wearing face-coverings and social distancing in crowded places have now become acceptable and still allows the economy to function, suggesting people can live with this lifestyle without problems


For me, I miss not greeting and saying goodbye to people with a hug, I can’t imagine not being able to hug people for a few years!

Would that result in the death of the handshake – another one to look at in ‘Things We No Longer Use / Do’ ??!


Readers Corner

Two posts today.



Gez posted a comment on the blog on Day 360, saying:

“Glad you had a good bday

Jim I was dismayed that you hadn’t had any cake but pleased you’d got an ice-cream during the day. Birthday cake sales must surely have dipped – for those in small/only households you can’t exactly eat a whole cake .

I might make something bakery oriented today, but playing cards keep appearing on my scales! I think its residual magical plasma or something from Tom’s magic show!!”.

Thanks Gez!  Good point about Birthday Cakes, I will look at that tomorrow (Day 364) on ‘Things We No Longer Use / Do’.

Shall I ask Tom to cast another magic spell to remove the cards appearing on your scales?  How did he do that magic ??!!!




Gez posted a comment on the blog on Day 362, saying:

“Hi Jim, belated happy birthday! I have read daily until the past few days (been busy painting my flat) so I am a bit late to the party! Hope you had a good time. So pleased to hear the blog will continue in some form!”.

Thanks for the Birthday message, yes, I’ve had a fun Birthday weekend 🙂



As I come to the end of this blog, I have decided to create an online survey in the next few days, to see what the blog community’s (Brayshaw, MJ, 2020) thoughts are on me continuing the blog.

My current thinking is that I will continue it.  What I struggle with is that it takes up my evening and go to bed too late, so perhaps I will write it in the middle of the day or even in the morning.

It means readers won’t get a review of my day, but I could split it over the 24 hour period.  That way, I can still write it, but get my evenings back!  I definitely want to keep writing it until June…

Next Saturday (27th March) I am performing and helping out (as Tech) at a charity Equinox Ceilidh on Zoom.

This is a traditional ceilidh where lots of people do little acts, rather than dancing.

My act is called ‘Jim NOT the Magician’, I am not performing magic, but instead reading some of my poetry.  Also if you missed Majk Stokes’ gig on Friday (Day 361) he will be playing again, just after me!

If you get a ticket on Monday or Tuesday, you will receive a ‘Box of Delights’ in the post before the event next Saturday 27th March (Day 369 ).  Details at – – also check out the flyer below:


It’s been another glorious day – I am already enjoying having a ‘garden’ to hangout in, can’t wait until it is even warmer.

Hope you’ve had a fun weekend 🙂

Jim x


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