Day 360 – Reflections on Lockdown

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As it is my Birthday today and it is nearly midnight, today’s blog is mainly going to be photos!

This morning after Qi Gong and doing some work, I got the inspiration to do some clearing and cleaning in the boat.

A few days ago, I discovered mould at the back of my wardrobe.  All my clothes which were hanging and touching the bottom of the wardrobe (its very small) had mould on them.  So I decided to take out the clothes and clean the mould off and dry out the bottom of my wardrobe.

Despite it starting off cloudy and quite cold, like all this week, it turned into a warm sunny morning and day, perfect for spring cleaning 🙂

Honey the Dog was happy lying outside sunbathing, so I kept an eye on her, whilst I was in the kitchen.

She started off just lying on the concrete, but then I got her bed out and a water bowl and she fell asleep in the sun.

I put all my clothes outside, hanging them along the boat – although forgot to take a photo 🙁

I had various phone messages this morning wishing me Happy Birthday and also went to Rachel’s Zoom Coffee Morning.

I put some washing on, which took 3 hours to wash, due to the machine keep switching itself off, but once the washing was in the dryer, Honey and I headed out for a walk.

On the way, I spotted this Covid sign on the side of the bus:


I decided to go up Blackford Hill, which I haven’t done before.  Honey’s been there a few times with Helen, so I let her (Honey) show me the way.

It was a lovely walk and some stunning views of Edinburgh at the top – picking out the landmarks – Arthur’s Seat and Edinburgh Castle.


Then back through The Meadows for an ice cream 🙂

The Meadows was even busier than yesterday!!


I remembered that the lockdown restriction rules state that we can’t drink alcohol outside in public places, this also has been disregarded in recent days.

I saw an interesting circular cloud in the sky –

Then back to the canal.

With a beautiful sun set a bit later on.


Readers Corner

Four posts from two people today.

I also got 59 ‘Happy Birthday’ comments on Facebook, but as they weren’t attached to the blog, thankfully I won’t include them all here!  In previous years, I usually post a Facebook message a few days after my Birthday saying “thank you for all the Birthday Messages”, where as today, perhaps mistakenly, I replied to every comment, resulting me being on Facebook most of the day !!



Julie posted a comment on yesterday’s blog (Day 359) saying:

“Happy birthday, Jim!”/

Thanks Julie 🙂


Julie posted a comment on Day 354 blog saying:

“Happy birthday, Jim!”.

Thanks – although a few days early 😉


Julie posted a comment on Day 313 blog saying:

“I miss random snogs anywhere, anytime. I can’t wait for lockdown to be over!”.

I am guessing you are referring to ‘Things We No Longer Do’ ?!



Maverick posted a comment on yesterday’s blog (Day 359) saying:

“I was saying to a friend, if you give to someone an inch, they’ll take the arm. But if you give nothing, they’ll take an inch. Better an inch than an arm!

I guess this is inevitable. Stricts restrictions keep us reasonable. I think it can only be good for our mental health! The key is to avoid interactions inside!”.

This is an interesting philosophical argument – are the rules actually just guidelines and shouldn’t be followed as the law (even though they are set in law)?  I know people who do follow the rules completely.

I guess, it comes down to whether you are in your twenties when you are at a significantly lower risk of dying or having long Covid or if you have an underlying illness or of a certain age in which if you get Covid you could die?!  Plus, whether you or your loved ones could pass Covid onto you, without them knowing.

As I come to the end of this blog, I am super tired, but had a great Birthday 🙂

Such a glorious sunny day, I love having a ‘garden’ to potter around in and neighbours to chat to!

This evening, I had a Zoom Birthday Gathering with my good friend Tom Brace doing an hour of magic.  It was a great way to celebrate my Birthday, with 25 people coming along!  I’ve performed at hundreds of Birthday Parties as a magician, but never had one at my own birthday, since I was a child, so great to receive it and see how special it is.

We then had some Zoom chat and I realised just how great virtual gatherings are, as people from all areas of the UK and beyond can come along 🙂

Hope you’ve had some time in the sunshine.

Jim x


  1. Gez

    Glad you had a good bday Jim I was dismayed that you hadn’t had any cake but pleased you’d got an ice-cream during the day. Birthday cake sales must surely have dipped – for those in small/only households you can’t exactly eat a whole cake . I might make something bakery oriented today, but playing cards keep appearing on my scales! I think its residual magical plasma or something from Tom’s magic show!!

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