Day 356 – Reflections on Lockdown

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Went to bed too late last night, so didn’t get up as earlier as I had hoped!

I also forgot to take a photo for this section of the blog 🙁

After a morning walk at about 11am, I slowly got up and caught up on emails and did some work!

Then at 4pm, Honey the Dog, Helen (my friend/neighbour) and I went for a walk round The Meadows, stopping off at the Coffee Hut for a hot chocolate.  This time I went for a dairy hot chocolate, last time (Day 337) I had a vegan one.  I prefer the vegan one!

Then suddenly remembering I hadn’t taken any photos today, I got Honey to pose for the blog cover photo and took some other photos too!

This evening, being Mothers Day, I phoned my mum!

About an hour ago, I had a late night phone call from Robin, who said he was cycling along the canal with Anna and did I want to come out and wave?  We chatted for about 5 minutes across the canal, before they headed on their way!


Readers Corner

Just one post today from Anna.

Anna shared her latest painting with The Paint Republic, saying:

“My latest card from The Paint Republic”.


Thanks Anna 🙂



It Made Me Smile

The latest Marsh Family song released in the early hours of this morning.  In fact, as I was posting yesterdays blog sometime after 1am, I noticed it had only been posted on YouTube 12 minutes and only had a few views.  I wish I had taken a screen capture, as now it is up to 42k views!




Their previous song which appeared on Day 342, is also raising money for Comic Relief


As I come to the end of this blog, I am getting good at putting them together in a short time, today’s has taken me about 30 minutes.  Back in the day, each blog would take me 3-4 hours – I guess I have less time on my hands now!

Today the weather has been the same as the last few days, some rain and some sunshine.  This afternoon it was clear blue sky – this evening it’s quite cold.

Hope you’ve had a Fab Weekend !

Stay Safe!

Jim x


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