Day 355 – Reflections on Lockdown

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The highlight of my day today was going for a walk with Danny on Arthurs Seat 🙂

Prior to that after taking Honey for her morning walk I had a long lie in bed, just what I needed!

I then sorted through a lot of the boxes stacked around the boat, finding things I thought I had lost.

I now have more room on the boat, although Danny took away my coconut wood chest of drawers and I replaced it with a wooden filing cabinet which was my Dad’s which I think was his Dad’s!

So now the boat is a bit of a mess, as I had to take everything out of the chest of drawers!

I also spent a good chunk of the afternoon doing chores in and around the boat, which included filling up the water.

It only took 22 minutes, usually it takes 25 minutes, resulting in water filling up the bow!

This morning on the way to the toilet I past Colin / Brian / Barry the Cormorant!

Then this afternoon we headed through The Meadows to Arthurs Seat.

Danny was running late, so we heading up Salisbury Crags, before meeting up with Danny and going on our usual walk along the road (anti-clockwise).

Danny then announced he wanted to do a different route, resulting in us exploring a different area I hadn’t been to before.  We followed a path, which became very steep at times not really knowing where it was going to take us.  Honey would go ahead of us for a while and then came back, so we knew if she was getting through, it was still leading to somewhere.  Although, then she wouldn’t go any further, so we were thinking of returning back the way we came, but then found another route down to the path.

It was a fun adventure exploring another area, although quite steep at parts 🙂  Danny had a fluorescent jacket on so was easy to see him!!

Then we headed to my flat in Danny’s car (he is in my bubble) and picked some things up from the flat, to bring back to the boat.  Plus other things that Danny was taking for himself or is storing for me.


Lockdown Restrictions Corner

As Wales begins to ease it’s lockdown restrictions and the UK plans a national day of reflection on 23rd March, Italy starts to tighten restrictions once again due to a rise in cases.



Shops, restaurants and schools across Italy will close on Monday (Day 357) as Covid numbers begin to increase and the fear of a “new wave”.  For three days over Easter there will be a total lockdown.

It was a year ago that Italy instructed its first full lockdown, but with cases increasing over the last 6 weeks, they are now heading back into another one.  Italy, as with many European countries, have had delays in the Covid vaccination program.

From Monday –

  • Schools close
  • Shops close
  • Restaurants close
  • “Stay at Home” except for work, health or other essential reasons.


Other European countries –

  • Poland – highest cases since November 2020.
  • Germany – rapid rise in cases among school children, which is a new variant.
  • France – highest number of people in hospital for 3 months.



Wales has begun it’s first stage of easing lockdown restrictions –

  • “Stay at Home” message replaced with “Stay Local”.
  • Four people from two households can meet outdoors (4/2 Rule).
  • Outdoor Sports Facilities – open, e.g. golf, tennis and basketball.
  • Hairdressers will open on Monday (Day 357).
  • Non-essential shops – remain closed.


UK National Day of Reflection

On 23rd March (Day 365) it will be a year since Boris announced the first lockdown.  To mark the occasion, a UK National Day of Reflection has been announced to remember those who have died..  There will be a minutes silence at 12:00pm (midday) with people being encouraged to light up their doorsteps that night.

Prominent buildings and landmarks will be illuminated across the UK.

There will also be community-led activities taking place – virtual assemblies, choirs, services and yellow ribbons wrapped around trees.  A series of free online talks will also take place, organised by Good Grief Festival, featuring experts, bereaved families and celebrities.



As I come to the end of my blog, I feel a bit wary that Italy and other parts of Europe are having an increase in Covid cases.  We seem to have followed Italy and Spain quite closely in Covid cases about 3-4 weeks behind.  I do hope we don’t go into another lockdown in a few months time!

It’s been a fun day and felt that I have got quite a lot done on the boat and at the flat.  It’s 2 weeks today until my tenants move into the flat, so I have quite a lot to sort out before then, but things are definitely progressing forward 🙂

I’m tired now, but it is 1am!

Today it has rained a bit, been clear a bit and still quite cold.

Stay Safe 🙂

Jim x



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