Day 354 – Reflections on Lockdown

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With a day in the flat today and Honey at Hannah’s I didn’t take one photo for the blog!  My blog cover photo always has Honey in it, so in a mad panic, as I was getting off the bus and realising this I sent Hannah a message!  Thankfully Hannah saved the day 🙂

Although all photos are of Honey!

Last night I decided to sleep on the sofa in the flat, rather than the bed.  I always think that if at some point in the future you are going to recommend the sofa as a place to sleep for the night, it’s worth having tried it out yourself first!  My first sleepovers on the boat (Day 207 and Day 214) I slept on the sofa, so when people come to stay I can honestly say it’s comfortable enough to sleep on!

So in the flat, I removed the back cushions, put a sheet over the bottom cushions and had a great nights sleep.

This morning, after Qi Gong, Colin the Carpet Fitter put the vinyl down in the kitchen.  Oh, I have a photo of that 🙂


Then I cleaned my fridge freeze and did other jobs that needed doing.

Arriving back at the boat just before 8pm – it was 3 degrees when I arrived onboard Discovery – but soon the fire was going and it was up to 30 degrees!

Now I am tired, so I am going to share all the photos Hannah gave me and a couple from Cleo’s (Hannah’s flatmate) Instagram 🙂


Lockdown Restrictions Corner

Today in Scotland the restrictions were relaxed a little, so that up to 4 people from 2 households can meet outdoors.  As I live on my own and generally just meet up with one other person, it’s not really going to affect me!

I wonder if others will suddenly jump to changing their habits with this change?  Certainly not many people stick to the two people rule, so will people disregard the restrictions even more?  Everyone seems to be getting tired of it all – we have had tight lockdown restrictions since 26th December!

Today a leading health expert has said much of our lives in Scotland, could return to normal as early as mid-June!


Professor Linda Bauld is optimistic that by mid to late June most restrictions will be lifted including many of the social distancing restrictions.


I do wonder if that has been said to boost our morale and keep us sticking to the rules until more restrictions are eased?

Who knows – we have to wait and see 😉


As I come to the end of this blog, it feels good to be back on Discovery.  As I’ve said before being the flat is a total luxury – lots of space, warm, don’t need to go outside.  It was a real treat to me in the flat.  But as I’ve also said before, that luxury is also a hinderance.  I hardly went outside at all and when I did I was hit of a barrage of busyness, noise pollution and traffic.  Living on the boat is good for my soul 🙂

The big mistake, that I have made many a time is if the boat is cold, I pile loads on the wood burner to warm up quickly, but then it gets too hot!  Unlike an electric heater and central heating, you can’t just switch it down or switch it off.  Once it’s hot – it remains hot!

As I didn’t go outside I can’t comment on the weather.  It was colder this evening and raining.

Jim x



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