Day 352 – Reflections on Lockdown

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Been feeling tired today, so my motivation to write the blog at all has been little, so it’s going to be a short one today!

I didn’t sleep so well last night, not totally sure why, maybe because of all the rocking from the severe gales throughout the night?

When I awoke this morning, it felt strange that the boat was not rocking, there was stillness in the air – so maybe that was what kept me awake?!

It’s been an ok day today, although still quite cold.  Although heavy showers on and off through the day in-between spells of clear blue skies!.

Honey and I went on a short afternoon walk today to Graeme’s computer shop.  My netbook, which he put a new hard drive in last week, won’t connect to Bluetooth.  This is the main computer I use for Zoom as my Bluetooth headphones work with them, so I need my Bluetooth working.  At the moment I have to use my iPad for Zoom.

Lockdown Restrictions Corner

You know when things are changing when it’s hard to find a Covid or lockdown news article for the blog.

I remember 6 months ago, all the news was related to the pandemic, now there is hardly nothing!

It’s slowly, slowly got less and less – now there is none!

As I come to the end of this blog, it’s a blog that I have just banged out to write one!  No inspiration or anything interesting to write, these are the times when if I wasn’t writing a daily blog for a year, I would just skip writing one.

I’m starting to realise that after the year is up, it’s going to be so much harder to keep the momentum going.  Perhaps, I need to set a date when I will stop – 21st June 2021 is the one that is hovering round for me, whether the lockdown restrictions have gone or not?!

What do you think?

Tomorrow I am staying in my flat so that I can defrost my fridge freezer.  I realised that it’s impossible to defrost it naturally (which is said to be better for the fridge freezer) in 5 hours, which is the maximum time I am in the flat.  So I am staying over.  Also I want to spent some time relaxing on the amazing corner sofa 🙂

This evening it has been quite windy, but no where near how it was last night.

Stay Safe!

Jim x


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