Day 350 – Reflections on Lockdown

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It seemed like the perfect place to have Honey the Dog pose for the blog cover photo, a large tree stump, which was hollowed out in The Meadows.

It took a while to convince her to jump onto it, which also took a bit of balancing, as there wasn’t much standing room.  But finally she was fine and posed for the photo!

What I didn’t know, was at the bottom of the hole of the tree stump was full of slices of bread!

Honey has a weakness for bread, she stops listening to me and eats as much as she can before I can stop her!!

So after she posed for a great blog cover photo, she discovered the bread and ate most of it before I realised what she was doing!!

Hopefully the rest will be eaten by tomorrow by another dog or birds or foxes (which is probably what it was put there for), otherwise she will be back there tomorrow!!

What a huge mistake I have made introducing her to that tree stump 😉

I totally forgot to take the ‘before’ and ‘after’ photo for the blog today.  So no photos sorry 🙁

Today has been International Women’s Day, with many Instagram and Facebook story stating this.  Here are a few I saw from the bigger organisations!

Lockdown Restrictions Corner

Today schools returned in England, in Scotland younger primary schools have already opened with more primary and secondary children proposed to return to school on 15th March.

In Wales younger children returned to school last month, with the remaining primary and secondary schools opening between 15th March and mid-April.

In Northern Ireland, younger primary schools are opening on 8th March with secondary schools opening on 22nd March.

So today in England primary Schools have opened in full with secondary schools having a phased return throughout this week, to allow for Covid Tests.  With more that 2 months of studying at home, its been a big day for children in England.

Pupils need to have a Covid Test, with parental consent being the biggest obstacle / challenge.

There has been questions on how to help children get back up to standard after home schooling, with some suggestions from the government of longer days and shorter holidays!! (

Nostalgia Corner

Today Helen sent me this –

“Hi Jim,

Nostalgia Corner got me thinking about all the Stay At Home Choir projects I’ve been able to do during the pandemic. And the music corner is one of my favourite sections in the blog.

This is a YouTube playlist of all the pieces that SAHC have produced so far.

I’m on 4 of these.

I also sent in a recording for Sogno Di Volare (of Civilisations fame), which will be released at the beginning of May.

The current project is a beautiful arrangement of Songbird. We’ve just started week 2 of a 4-week schedule of rehearsals.


Thanks for this Helen!  How does it work?  Do you each send an individual recording of you singing and then they put it all together or do you all sing at once and record yourselves individually singing but along to the whole choir?


I’ve found the Days Helen has shared her singing in the ‘Stay at Home Choir’ , think it is just twice?!  Day 270 was Star Carol by John Rutter and Day 320 which was Caledonia by Dougie MacLean.

Both shared below.





As I come to the end of this blog, it feels kind of disjointed, I think with photos missing it doesn’t seem quite right!

This evening The Melting Pot did a big announcement on Facebook Live on where the new premises will be ( which is in Calton Road directly opposite the back entrance to Waverley train station.  In fact, this used to be a nightclub (The Venue) which I went to when I first moved to Edinburgh in the late 1990s!

Today the weather continues to be cold, cloudy but no rain.  I’ve had the fire going on and off through most of the day.

Hope you’ve had a Magical Monday 🙂

Jim x


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