Day 346 – Reflections on Lockdown

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It’s going to be a short blog today, I’m tired and want a break!

Honey the Dog would not go to sleep last night!  Our night time routine goes like this – I write the blog, we go out for a short bedtime walk, Honey does a pee, we then clean our teeth, Honey has a bedtime snack (dental stick & biscuits), I climb into bed she jumps onto the bottom of the bed, I switch the light off and we go to sleep!

Last night, she didn’t go to the bottom of the bed, instead sat up next to my head.  She only does that if she is anxious, not feeling well or wants to go out for a walk (usually if she has eaten something she shouldn’t and has diarrhoea!).  She didn’t seem unwell last night, hadn’t eaten anything she shouldn’t and hadn’t been anxious.  I encouraged her to settle down, but she wouldn’t lie down – instead just set up starting at me!!

Feeling tired, I decided to ignore her, switched the light off and drifted off to sleep!  About 10 minutes later I woke up, switched the light back on and Honey was still sitting upright staring at me, with a look of excitement.

When I said to her “do you want to go out?” – she jumped off the bed in delight.  So I concluded this was the only way I was going to get to sleep.  I put on some clothes and took her for a walk, thinking she needed to do a poo.  Nope, we walked for 30 minutes – she just wanted to go for a walk!!

When we got back to the boat, I gave her some more biscuits (mimicking the bedtime routine), got into bed and she jumped onto the bottom of the bed and went to sleep.

When we were out on our 1am walk, it was so so quiet – no noise anywhere.  I remembered yesterday’s blog (Day 345) and ‘Nostalgia Corner’ – I was writing how amazing the silence was!!  Maybe it was my Dad giving me a ‘Signal’ after all 🙂


The knock-on from our late night walk, is today I was super tired.  But I also realised, Honey hasn’t been for a long walk since the weekend and neither have I – so we went for a run this afternoon.

Thursday evenings I go to the Easter Road ‘Community Meal’, so I decided to run there with Honey (just 6km) and then got the bus back.  It also allowed me to drop into the flat and check the post.

Was great being back on Arthur’s Seat, as we haven’t been there for a while – well maybe a week!

When we reached Easter Road, it felt really strange, a newness to it all.  The route we took was so familiar, one that we used to take all the time, maybe many times a day, but now it felt unfamiliar – so strange how things that are so familiar change so quickly!

I guess, that could be said about lockdown restrictions – when it all started nearly a year ago, time stopped and this whole new life was so new!  Where as now, nearly a year on – it is so familiar, it is the way life is.

When we were at the Community Meal, Hannah spotted us – she was on her way for a late night (evening) walk on Arthur’s Seat !


Then we went home to the boat!



As I come to the end of this blog, I decided to write a short one.  Not only am I tired due to lack of sleep last night, my 6km run has left my body feeling tired.  I haven’t been running so much recently.  So I decided to take a break from a longer more researched blog today 🙂

It’s been colder today, with the fire going all day.  However, I am now more accepting of it – accepting that we have slipped back into Winter and Spring won’t be here for a while yet.  It hasn’t rained, just cold and cloudy, although it was raining a little this morning.

Stay Safe!

Jim x

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