Day 340 – Reflections on Lockdown

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For regular readers you will know that today marks my 11th month of writing this daily blog!  Although lockdown restrictions began on 24th March 2020, my first blog wasn’t written until 26th March 2020.  In the first blog reflecting on lockdown, I covered the previous days of – Day 0 (the day Boris announced lockdown), Day 1 and Day 2.and Day 3 (26th March) all in one blog –

Today is also Day 340, only 25 days until a full year of lockdown restrictions!

Over recent months I have been wondering whether to continue the blog or not, which I posed at the end of yesterday’s blog (Day 339).  Two regular readers have responded in today’s Readers Corner, but I am still undecided.  It’s certainly been an epic 11 months!  I’ve always wanted to write a regular blog, although never dreaming of writing a daily blog for so long!  The blog, has evolved over it’s existence, with so many different sections and ‘Corners’, I honestly can’t remember them all…!  What’s been your memorable blog or blog section?

I will be sad to let the blog go, but I also have lost my evenings.  I will miss not taking photos of my daily life and sharing them with you in the blog, although I could continue this with social media – Twitter or Instagram?  Perhaps that could be a way I could evolve the blog, provide daily photos of my life on a daily tweet on Twitter?

I used to post daily photos on Twitter that I took when out walking Honey the Dog on Arthur’s Seat and at Portobello beach.  This stopped when my HTC Phone (android) broke and I decided to get an iPhone – not a good move, iPhone cameras are so much worse!  Check out the photos on this Twitter Account, some of them are lovely and I always planned to send some of them into cards to sell, but never did –

Today it has been a glorious day, clear blue skies and lots of sunshine!

I couldn’t get to sleep last night.  I’ve found that in the past, if I have been having too many late nights writing the blog and then go to bed too late, I can’t get to sleep.  I remember going in phases of that whilst writing the blog over the last 11 months, going through phases of going to bed too late and being unable to sleep.  With my Daily Qi Gong Sessions starting at 9.10am, I have to get up the same time everyday, whether I get to sleep at 10pm or 4am!  Which is why I set the Blog writing curfew – writing it between 8pm and 10pm, I need to get back into that curfew time!

This morning on our walk the sky and water was soo blue 🙂

Not the most productive day of doing paid work, I was too tired to get my head into it.  But I looked into Landlord Insurance and spoke to the Scottish Landlord Association about some advice, they were really helpful 🙂

As Honey and I arrived at Bruntsfield Links for our afternoon walk, I was stunned by the amount of people out and about, the place was alive with people out and about enjoying the nicer weather!

A tightrope was set up, between two trees, across the area which just a month ago was being used as a nursery slope for sledging by young children and families on Day 306.

Today, the place was still full with young children and families, but this time, being spectators of someone half way across the tightrope!  There was near complete silence, as everyone watched, willing the lady along the rope with shear concentration.  When she fell off the rope half way along, the silence was shattered with the explosion of children running towards the rope laughing, screaming and chatting!



There were even more people on The Meadows!  As I wondered along the paths, with the flowers starting to appear, I got the familiar feeling that I always get when the weather is starting to improve – how lucky I am do have a dog!  I do this walk in whatever the weather, rain, snow, wind or cold, but when it comes ‘alive’ with the warmer weather, it feels all so worth the harder walks 🙂


The sun was shining through the trees which was beautiful.  Reflecting on how how lucky I am to be living on this planet and in such a lovely part of  Edinburgh!

As I walked I was listening to a new musician I have recently discovered, Christy Ringrose.  You can find the album in the special one off ‘Music Corner’ later in this blog, unless we want to resurrect this blog section?

As I arrived back at the canal the sun was starting to set – another stunning view 🙂

Before being Special Guest at The Melting Pot end of the month Friday night drinks on Zoom – sadly I forgot to take a photo 🙁


Nostalgia Corner

Have you got a favourite blog?  Or a memorable feature or section or ‘Corner’ in the blog?  Maybe one of the photos I have shared you love.

As I move towards the full year of writing this blog, I thought I would start this section.  So please think back over the last 340 blogs and let me know what are your favourite memories of the blog.  Perhaps a particular section that has made you laugh out loud?



Readers Corner

Two comments today in relation to the question I posed in yesterday’s blog (Day 339) on whether I should continue writing the blog after a year, which is what I committed to do on Day 100.



Brian messaged me last night after the reading the blog, saying:

“Great blog! I think you have to continue until at least June 21 as historians who come across the blog in 100 years will always wonder why you didn’t continue until the Great British Day of Freedom….!”

Good point!  I do agree, but it depends on when the ‘Great British Day of Freedom’ will be.  If it’s 21st June it’s doable, but if it’s into the autumn, I am not so sure.



Jill left a comment on yesterday’s blog (Day 339) saying:

“Congratulations on reaching the 11 month mark! Maybe it could become a twice weekly blog once you reach your goal of a year so that you can get your evenings back!”.

Thanks Jill.  That’s a good idea too, although I would worry that I would lose the momentum all together.


Music Corner (a one off – or is it?)

I was listening to this album on our afternoon walk from Christy Ringrose, was perfect for the weather and my mood, felt like my spirit was being set free 🙂

The album is called ‘Dancing Without Space’.



As I come to the end of this blog, I forgot to take my ‘usual’ end of blog photo!  Another late night to bed, but Saturday is my only day for a lie in, so I always seem to go to bed later on a Friday night!

Despite my tiredness, I am feeling really good today – I think a combination of warmer sunnier weather, more people out and about and maybe the full, snow moon, tomorrow?

In relation to my blog, I am swinging towards continuing it daily, until 21st June, to see whether this becomes the official ‘British Great Day of Freedom’.  As Brian put it, it feels like it will be unfinished, if I stop it with potentially only a few months to go.  I guess, with lockdown restrictions and no magic work, the blog, has filled a void.  However, if I start getting magic work, which is 95% in the evening before the 21st June, I may have to re-review it, or write something shorter – perhaps just some photos.

I certainly like the idea, of phasing out of writing the blog into posting daily photos on my Twitter feed.  That idea only came to me whilst writing the blog today, I think that would act as a good transition for me.

Today it has been sunny and clear skies, although not hot or even that warm.  The temperature dropped this evening, so I’ve had to light my fire.  No rain today.

Hope you’ve had a Wonderful Week!

Stay Safe 🙂

Jim xx


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