Day 339 – Reflections on Lockdown

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Today I have spent most of the day doing paid work!

Feels very weird to actually have some work that I need to be doing, with a bit of a deadline – I haven’t had this amount of work since sometime last year, I can’t actually remember!  But nice to have a bit of a focus in life 🙂

So not much to write here about my day, in fact Honey didn’t get a long walk today 🙁

This is impacting on me now, as she is wide awake and pestering me to go to bed!

I stumbled across a great radio website today – which you can also get on an App too – Radio Garden.  Have you heard of it?

You can listen to 30,000 local radio stations from around the world.  You are presented with a globe, a bit like Google Earth, so you can spin round to any country and zoom into a local radio station.

I’ve been listening to radio throughout the world today!!  I find I can zone out when presenters are not speaking in a language I can understand, bit like listening to music.  Compared to a language I speak, I get distracted.

Here’s an article about it in The Guardian

Here’s Radio Garden –

So for all you budding travellers out there who are missing travelling, you can tune into local radio stations to places you have been to or want to go to soon 🙂

Lockdown Restrictions Corner

For regular readers you will have read Boris’ lockdown easing plans in Lockdown Restrictions Corner on Monday (Day 336).

This included all restrictions, including social distancing, being lifted by 21st June 2021 (Day 455).

It seems since that announcement everyone is starting to make lots of plans post 21st June!

There is some speculation on whether that will actually be the case, however, one wedding planner in London found that as soon as the announcement was made, her phone started ringing non-stop.  It looks like everyone who has been putting off their wedding plans are now going full steam ahead!

She is now booked up until the end of 2022!

The wedding planner, Rebecca Brennan-Brown said “I think I’m still processing what was said because I wasn’t expecting there to be no restrictions in June – that feels very quick for me personally”.


Many wedding venues in London are completely booked until 2023 and those that aren’t have increased their prices.


This is good news for me as a close-up magician, in 2019, 25% of my bookings were from weddings!  However, Scotland is lifting restrictions a little slower and I personally think 21st June 2021 is quite soon for all restrictions to be lifted completely.  We will have to wait and see!

What do you think?  Will lockdown restrictions be 100% finished in England by 21st June 2021?

Do you think that is quite fast or quite slow or just about right?


It Made Me Smile

Saw this and it made me smile 🙂


As I come to the end of this blog, despite having a busy day of work, stuck on Discovery, I am feeling good.  The moon was super bright and full looking this evening, although I have just looked up and it is not full until Saturday (Day 341).  This will be a Snow Moon, which is the name of the full moon in February (

Tomorrow, will be 11 months since I started writing the blog, a significant day, as I have been debating within myself on whether to continue the blog after a year or not?  You may remember on Day 100, I made the commitment to write the blog for a year.  Some regular readers have already said I can’t end the blog after a year and I must admit my life would be weird not writing it.  But I may also relish in having my evenings back !!

So I set myself tomorrow, as being the day I need to decide, so that regular readers have a month to gently withdrawal from the blog!

Today it’s been colder compared to the last few days and the temperature had dropped to +3 degrees this evening, it’s been up to +6 or even +7 in the night in recent days.

Hope you’ve had a Truly Cool Thursday 🙂

Stay Safe!

Jim x

  1. Jill Richardson

    Congratulations on reaching the 11 month mark! Maybe it could become a twice weekly blog once you reach your goal of a year so that you can get your evenings back!

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