Day 338 – Reflections on Lockdown

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I had a restless sleep last night, kept waking up quite a few times in the night.  When I asked Honey the Dog to get off the bed at some point in the night, she just stared at me.  When I asked her again, she moved away from me, but staying on the bed, she clearly didn’t want to move, so I decided to let her stay.

After such a stormy day yesterday (Day 337) it has been a lot calmer today and quite warm, I don’t think it has rained either?!

Honey is getting used to her new place standing outside The Facilities Block looking through the window waiting for me (See Day 337 for why that is).  As long as the gates are closed, I know she can’t get out!

My day was spent mainly on Discovery doing some paid work.

But my about 3.30pm my energy and motivation to do any more was starting to lag and I realised I needed to get outside.

I then got the desire to go for a run – as I hadn’t had any lunch, this was a bonus, as I wouldn’t be running on a full stomach.

So I got into my running clothes and then my phone rang.

It was my friend Gus who was passing by and was wondering if I was about – the last time he visited was on Day 323.

So I decided to take a pause on the run, whilst Honey, Gus and I sat in my ‘garden’ and had a hot drink.


Then Honey and I went on a short run to Arthur’s Seat and back, just short of 6km, but a good pace averaging at 6 minutes 16 seconds per kilometre (including crossing roads and taking photos).

The Meadows was super busy and there was a definite feeling of Spring in the air.

When we got back to the canal, there was a lovely sunset – so I took some photos.

I was planning on using the first one as the blog cover photo, but just noticing that the same shot was used yesterday, it has been shifted to here instead!



Lockdown Restrictions Corner

Today I was looking through my Instagram photos on my @jimthemagician page.  All my photos are selfies and or photos of the many people I entertain with my magic.

The last few posts are from about a year ago.  I find in quite disturbing that we are all so close together in large crowds, makes me shudder to look at, as we are so used to social distancing.  It makes me wonder is it going to be easy psychologically to adjust when social distancing finally gets lifted?


These two photos are from 22nd to 29th February 2020


These photos from 7th March 2020.


These final photos are my last two gigs on 12th and 14th March 2020.


In these last two photos we are totally squashed in together!  I remember going to both of these gigs and when offered a welcoming handshake declined.  But back then we hadn’t been introduced to the concept of social distancing!!!

When will we return to parties with so many of us squashed together?

Readers Corner

One post today.



John made a comment on yesterday’s blog (Day 337) saying:

“Hi Jim, had a similar complaint about dogs when I worked there, simple solution is to mop up her paw prints on the way out.”.

Thanks John – what a good idea 🙂



It Made Me Smile

Anna shared this saying:

“Another one from the Marsh family. It always puts a smile on my face.”.

She carries on making the note:

“If you look in the comments on the YouTube post it discusses the word tea as a meal and also that there is normally some discussion as to which take away is chosen and the dog normally wins!”.





The caption below the YouTube video posted by the Marsh Family reads –

This one was Thomas’s idea, which we leapt at because it’s a bit different.

A cracking multi-vocal piece to have a go at, most famously covered by The Tokens in 1961 (who we’ve modelled ours on). The original “Lion Sleeps Tonight” was written and recorded by Solomon Linda as “Mbube” in Zulu in 1939 (later English lyrics by George David Weiss).

So there was a danger of cultural appropriation, and also a danger of looking like we made an advert, and lastly a danger of Monty the wolf spoiling the whole thing by trying to get out of the kitchen.

But we felt we should own up to how much we’ve been relying on takeaway food as one of the few treats we can muster during lockdown. Obviously, everyone in the family has completely different preferences and then there are intense negotiations.

The dog always wins in the end.


Thanks Anna for sharing this – it made me smile too 🙂



As I come to the end of this blog, I am feeling tired, physically tired from the run and I guess from not sleeping so well last night.  I have been going to bed somewhere between midnight and 1am all this week, so it will be good to be in bed before midnight tonight 🙂

This evening, I forgot to light the fire, as it was so warm.  But after an evening shower I was feeling a little colder, realising the fire was not lit, I now have a little fire.  This will keep the boat warm through the night 🙂

In the news there’s lots of discussions and excitement about the proposed dates of lifting lockdown restrictions, Reading Festival has just confirmed it will be going ahead at the end of August (  Lets hope that these are kept to and the whole thing doesn’t go backwards!

Hope you’ve had a Wonderful Wednesday 🙂

Jim x

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