Day 335 – Reflections on Lockdown

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It’s amazing what a bit of sunshine and warmth does for the mood!

The weather has been great today and my mood and energy has been so much better 🙂

I started to imagine what it would be like living on the boat and by the canal in the summer….everyone says boating life in the summer is great, I’ve been told “if you like the winter, you are going to love the summer!”…I don’t quite know what is so good about the summer on a boat, but today I have been trying to imagine.

I must admit, I have loved the winter – maybe I won’t like the summer?

This morning I got up early (for a Sunday) at 9am, went for a leisurely walk with Honey, had a chilled out breakfast, did my dishes and was all ready at 10am for my meditation group.

Just what I needed to start my day 🙂

There was some lovely cloud formations on our morning walk.

After the meditation group, I started on washing my clothes.

I am sure I have mentioned it before, but the washing machine (and tumble drier) doesn’t keep to the set time it says.  If it’s meant to take 1 hour, it’s more likely to take over 2 hours!!  It’s all digital and I’ve heard people say it switches it self off half way through the cycle – so you need to keep an eye on it.

Honey and I went on an early (ish) afternoon walk along the canal – which was very busy!  The sun was super bright.

I made sure she was on the lead a long time before the rabbit field (see Day 313) and afterwards – there were two massive rabbits there, so thank goodness Honey couldn’t chase them!

In the nearly 6 years that I’ve had Honey, she has caught two rabbits and one squirrel – the squirrel was just last year!

After our walk, I decided to sit outside in my “garden” with a cup of tea and read my book (blog cover photo).  The book is ‘Short Strolls to Destiny’ written by my good friend, Theo Sitckley, I’ve only read a little of it, but its a great book –

Yesterday evening, my neighbour Fiona, was disturbed with a loud bang on the roof of her boat – she went outside (and so did I) and someone had thrown a bicycle saddle over the wall.  They probably thought, it was going into the canal, but hit her boat instead.

It didn’t fit Fiona’s bike – so she has given it to me – perfect as the one on my bicycle is really uncomfortable 🙂


As the sun went down, it started to get cold, so I went inside – capturing a great red sky – Red sky at night, shepherd’s delight. Red sky in the morning, shepherd’s warning !!  Do you remember when I did research on where that phrase comes from?  Check out Day 81.



Lockdown Restrictions Corner

It seems in recent days and weeks, the news has been covering when and how lockdown restrictions are going to be eased.

It feels that we are all just waiting…waiting…waiting.

It reminds me of being in a similar situation around about May/June 2020 when we were all waiting for lockdown restrictions to be eased.  It leaves, me with an underlying feeling of dread that it could lead to an increase in Covid cases and we could have restrictions tightened again!  Although, the government has reassured us all that the vaccine is reducing the numbers, so hopefully not – be do they really know how effective the vaccine is?



Boris Johnson is giving the full plan tomorrow on how he will ease lockdown restrictions in England.  Options suggested is that two households will be allowed to mix outside in the next few weeks.

He has also said Care Home Residents will each be allowed one regular visitor from 8th March.  Incidentally that is a significant day, as it will be Day 350 !!  It will be interesting to see how that pans out!



Nicola / Scottish Government hopes to publish a ‘route map out of lockdown’ next week as well.

We’ve been told not to book Easter Holidays.



Mark Drakeford, First Minister, has announced up to four people from two different households can exercise outdoors from Saturday.

He also said, he hopes the ‘Stay at Home’ message will come to an end in 3 weeks time, with non-essential shops and hairdressers opening up at the same time.


Northern Ireland

Robin Swann, Health Minister, says a review of current restrictions will take place on 18th March (my Birthday!), saying it’s unlikely restrictions will be eased by Easter.

18th March is another significant day (apart from being my Birthday!) – it is Day 360 !!



I’ve just had to look up when Easter is – Sunday 4 April (Day 377).


It Made Me Smile

Fi sent this in saying it made her smile:

“You got to put this in ‘It made me smile’ 😄




It made into newspapers –

Glasgow Times

Daily Record


As I come to the end of this blog, I am feeling really chilled out.  It’s been a really relaxing day, just what I needed !!

I am starting to feel more and more relaxed within myself after a pretty busy time with my flat, settling into boating life, since it all started back in October/November time!!

Today the weather has been super warm and sunny, hardly needed to light the fire at all.  I had it lit a little this morning and then this evening, but no coal, just a bit of wood 🙂

The forecast in the next week or so, seems similar, with some rain and super windy!

Hope you’ve had a Restful Sunday 🙂

Jim x

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