Day 334 – Reflections on Lockdown

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I’ve had a pretty active day today.

Although, first I had a long lie in bed, getting up about 11am.

Well actually got up early to take Honey for a walk, then went back to bed.

On our morning walk the canal was really clear and still creating lovely reflections.

It was also really quiet and peaceful, with a presence in the air – just what I needed to start my day 🙂

When we finally got up, we went for a run round Arthur’s Seat (anti-clockwise).

We started at a good pace, 6 – 6.30 a kilometre.

Heading past the tennis courts, which were all full. Recognising that outside tennis must be ok in lockdown restrictions!


Then onto Arthur’s Seat, I found a couple of guys to latch onto as my pacemaker, they were behind a girl in blue, who I guess was their pacemaker!!

It was useful to have them all, to keep the same pace up the hill.

When we got to Otter Lake, I had over taken the guys and was nearly alongside the girl. I had planned to stop for a wee while there to let Honey have a swim. Coincidentally the girl stopped too !

Then down the hill towards Swan Lake, I noticed the girl ahead.

Arriving at Swan Lake, the girl stopped and my pacemakers had gone 🙁

We then split off to go through the the valley and my pace dropped. I had ran 6k  at an average of 6 minutes 8 seconds a kilometre!!

Once back on the road to home, my pace picked up, but Honey was getting tired, following on the lead.

As we headed along Luton Place towards The Meadows, I spotted the girl (in blue) again!! By the time we got closer to her again, she had stopped running!


Once back at the boat, I had run just short of 11km 🙂

I had some breakfast, followed by lunch, then jumped on my bicycle to head to my flat. I was meeting my friend Robin at 2pm.

As I cycled, I reflected that between Honey and me, we had done a triathlon!! I ran 11km and cycled 6km. Honey had probably ran 15km and had swam 😉

Robin was running later, so gave me some time to pop into Mo Beans Coffee Shop to say hello!

Then Robin helped me to do some things in my flat – putting the blinds up, soap dish in shower…was lovely to hangout with Robin and catchup…


Then I cycled home and took Honey for her evening walk 🙂


As I come to the end of this blog, I am super tired all that physical exercise!! Honey is tired too, sleeping next to me on the sofa.

I didn’t have the motivation to switch my computer on this evening, so written this on my tablet – Hence why no links !!

The weather this morning was quite pleasant, but this afternoon and evening there’s been heavy rain and quite windy – Discovery is  blowing all over the place.

Heading to bed soon and it’s not even 10.30pm – my body is exhausted!!!

Good Night.
Jim x











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