Day 332 – Reflections on Lockdown

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Today, I’ve had a bit more energy 🙂

I woke up at 5am and wandered along the towpath in my pyjamas for a pee in the Facilities Block – it was really quiet and still at that time – beautiful.

Then went back to sleep.

Although, bizarrely, my radio didn’t come on this morning, on my clock radio – instead the alarm – even though it was set to be the radio to come on!

After Qi Gong, I looked out my kitchen window and marvelled in the flowing water on the canal.

There’s something lovely about seeing the water flow by – I’ve missed that with the canal being frozen for a while.

The morning and early afternoon was glorious blue skies, but when I started getting ready to go out with Honey the Dog for a walk, it started raining!  Although, on a positive note, when we got to The Meadows there was a rainbow (blog cover photo).

We then dropped in to see Graeme and then onto Arthur’s Seat.  It was a lot easier walking than the last time we were here on Saturday (Day 327), now there was no snow 🙂

I decided to head up the Crags for a change, it was a great walk!


The sun was slowly setting, creating some beautiful sky, although my photos don’t really capture how stunning it was!


Then onto Easter Road, for the community meal I go to.

Then we got the bus back, I didn’t fancy another 90 minute walk home 😉




Readers Corner

One comment today.



Susi left a comment on yesterday’s blog (Day 331) saying:

“Glad you are relaxing! It’s funny, before I even read today’s blog I was thinking to myself, as I brushed my teeth, day 311…I wonder if Jim thought he’d still by writing this far down the line..

Well done for keeping it up but remember to take time for you too”

Thanks Susi!  Interesting that I came to your mind when you are brushing your teeth 😉

On Day 100, I made a commitment to write the blog for a year, which I decided on Day 65, so yes – I knew I would be writing this for a year.  After that, I am still undecided whether to continue beyond 26th March 2021, which will be a year since I started writing the blog  (Day 3).



As I come to the end of this blog, it feels this week, the blog, has lost more of a lockdown focus.  I guess, this is partly due to it not feeling we are in lockdown anymore – as this way of life is now normal…it’s the way it is…!

All the unfamiliar Covid Signs on shops, streets, etc…are now just familiar to the world we live in.  I honestly have forgotten that we are under lockdown restrictions – not that I am ignoring the rules, just that this is ‘normal’.

Today the weather has been warm, although colder tonight.  I heard that another cold snap was on it’s way at the start of March – yippee – maybe I’ll get to use my sledge again 🙂

Hope you’ve had a good Thursday 🙂

Jim x

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