Day 331 – Reflections on Lockdown

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This evening I was in my flat, my friend was helping with my laminate flooring in the kitchen.

When I got home at 10pm, all I wanted to do was relax a bit before heading to bed.

It then dawned on me that writing a blog everyday, means I never get an evening to relax!

In fact, the blog limits me from going out in the evening – not that we can go out at the moment, but when we could, I couldn’t just go out, have a good time and relax, as the blog needs to be written!

With that all in mind, I’m going to finish the blog here and relax!

  1. Susi

    Glad you are relaxing! It’s funny, before I even read today’s blog I was thinking to myself, as I brushed my teeth, day 311…I wonder if Jim thought he’d still by writing this far down the line..
    Well done for keeping it up but remember to take time for you too

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