Day 328 – Reflections on Lockdown

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Being Sunday, I did not have to be woken by my alarms this morning, however, instead at 7.45am I was woken by Honey being sick!

Over the many years of living in my flat, as soon as I hear the familiar pre-being sick sound – I would jump  up and push Honey either into the bathroom or kitchen, the only places without carpet.  She learnt over the years, that was the place to go.

But Discovery, has no carpet!  But I still jumped up, a reflex of when I used to be in the flat.

I was expecting it would be the result of her eating three-quarters of a pizza yesterday morning (Day 327), but it was just a stick.  If she eats too many sticks, it literally comes up as a stick again, but all chewed up.  A lot easier to clean up!

I am sure you don’t really want to read all this – but thought I would share it anyway 😉

After walking to the Facilities Block to have a pee, I was hoping to go back to bed, but was now wide awake, so got up!

It was certainly feeling a little warmer this morning, the canal was still frozen – although starting to melt a little.

As soon as we started our walk, Honey hopped onto the frozen canal – there was nothing I can do – except put her back on the lead.  But I watched her, getting close to bridges where it’s less frozen and she would come back onto the towpath, then go back onto the canal further along.  So I concluded she is actually quite intuitive and let her be.  Although, I kept alert in case I would have to jump in if the ice cracked and she got into difficulty.


However, as from tomorrow, until the canal is completely defrosted, I am not taking any chances.  We will either have to find somewhere else to walk or she will be on the lead!

As always, it was great being out so early – it was so quiet, a few dog walkers and runners.

A pretty lazy day, doing a bit of work, having a sleep after lunch to catch-up on the lack of sleep from my early morning awaking and just chilling out.

Then this afternoon we headed on our Bruntsfield / Meadows walk.

Again really busy, with cars and people – it feels like everyone has given up on lockdown restrictions this weekend.  It will be interesting to see if it is quieter next week.

Plus, large puddles everywhere from melting snow!

On the way back to Discovery, I spotted a black cab, the first I’ve seen for many months!!  Remember it appeared  in ‘Things We No Longer Use’ on Day 312?


Now, taxis are a sure sign that lockdown restrictions are over??


I have some sad news to announce, sadly, Snowy the Snow Dog (see Day 324) is no more 🙁

Later this evening, he was just a puddle.

But there was an awesome sky 🙂



Readers Corner

Just one post today.



Jill left a comment on yesterday’s blog

“I am envious of the sledging. Looks amazing. So want to do that! I didn’t include my favourite pics so will now, Sorry”.

Yes – sledging was super fun 🙂

Jill included some more photos of snowy Edinburgh –

Wow – thanks for sharing 🙂 – What a lovely way to see Edinburgh 🙂



It Made Me Smile

Jill sent me this photo today saying it made her smile, she said –

“Tunnocks Taxi made me smile!”.



Thanks Jill – taxi’s are a bit of a theme today!


As I come to the end of today’s blog, I’ve enjoyed having a more lazy day!  After two quite active days, it’s good to relax before back into the working week tomorrow.

It’s been super warm on Discovery this evening, I have to remember to change my routine on piling on the wood and coal on the wood burner.  It’s +4 degrees outside right now and it’s 11pm – a hot fire is fine when it’s cold outside, but when it’s warm, it just heats the boat up too much.

Today, it has been cloudy all day and really warm.  I can walk about in a jumper and no jacket, its amazing – in comparison to the last few days, it feels like summer!  It hasn’t rained or snowed today.  The temperature is set to drop to +3 degrees through the night, which is also really warm, with a high temperature of +7 tomorrow afternoon !!!

Hope you’ve had a Super Sunday 🙂

Jim xx

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