Day 325 – Reflections on Lockdown

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Today it has been super cold!  It was minus 6 degrees centigrade until nearly midday!!!

I woke up (naturally) really early – 7am – so got up and went for a long walk with Honey the Dog along the canal.

I was surprised the towpath was not icy, just compact snow.

I guess as the snow is dry, it’s less icy.

It reminded me of those days when you go skiing – the sun is shining, the slopes have compact snow and it’s really really cold.

Lovely clear blue skies today all day 🙂

The canal is frozen solid!!

A couple of days ago, the glass in my wood burner got broken.  Just a corner, about 1cm by 1cm – I was trying to shove a large log in, before going to bed, but it wouldn’t fit.  It was now burning lots, so had to get it in one way or another,, otherwise there would risk of the smoke alarm being set off by the smoke.  I took the metal grate off, to push it in, wearing my super protective gloves – but the grate got to hot and I put it down, but no so carefully and the glass broke!  Although, the log did get in.

Worried, that the glass will crack more, I now only light the fire when I am on the boat, which at the moment is in the evening.  I would normally light it in the morning and let it burn all day.

I’ve now ordered a new piece of glass, although it will take 5-7 working days, not the best time to break the stove glass 😉

Today I left Honey the Dog home alone on the boat – the wee electric oil heater was on, but when I returned the boat was down to 4 degrees.  She seemed ok – wearing her PJs all day!  Fiona my neighbour took her out for a walk this afternoon.

So today, I did a load of errands on my bicycle – heading to the bank, to show my signature, they seemed to not have it on file.  I spotted a Covid sign.

Then back to Screwfix, to pick up a brass handle I bought for my bedside cabinet.  I spotted some signs there too –

Then along to my flat.  I cycled the whole way with 3 blinds sticking out the top of my rucksack!

When I went to leave the flat, I noticed my bicycle lights had run out of battery – so I had to cycle on the pavement or cycle lanes.  Not so easy cycling on the snow!

Just as I got back, a message popped up on the boating community WhatsApp – a boater had got stuck in his boat!!  The door was frozen solid – he was sending out an SOS for someone to come and help.  Honey and I went along with a kettle of boiling water, with that and a shove, his door opened!

Let’s hope he gets out early tomorrow morning to go to work – a great excuse if he doesn’t 😉


Face-Mask Corner

Helen sent me a message today, saying:

“I had an appointment at the hospital today and remembered to take a photo of my face mask.  Last time, I wore one of those disposable, paper ones.  With more and more face mask recommendations in Sweden, I thought Micke and I should buy a reusable mask each.

This one is called a “U mask model 2” and the filter (you can see the black tabs of the filter where it hooks into the outer lining) lasts for 150 hours of use.

It’s the same as what the Formula 1 drivers wear.  It’s expensive, but it’s the only one I thought I could get Micke to wear (not for fashion reasons, but because of how the filter works).  I don’t understand all the science behind it, but being able to say that Formula 1 must have done their research helped in the negotiations!”.



Awesome – I love it 🙂

The furry hood looks like it’s super warm!

Readers Corner

Two posts today 🙂



Jill left a comment on yesterday’s blog (Day 324) saying:

“Loved your snow dog! I will send you a few pictures, how pretty does it look. Not from here. Stayed here for years but from a wee town called Kirkcudbright! Edinburgh is looking good!”.

Thanks Jill 🙂

Wouldn’t say this was my best snow dog – but the snow was just not sticking!

Here’s the photos Jill mentions – and a video too of a bus stuck in the snow near the top of The Mound.

Although couldn’t work out how to embed the video into this blog, so I’ve put it into YouTube (unlisted).




Thanks for taking the time to send these Jill..!!  They are great 🙂



Ryan posted a Facebook post on Day 322, saying:





It Made Me Smile

Saw this today on Facebook and it made me smile 🙂

Skiing down Victoria Street, Edinburgh (that is in the centre of the city!).


As I come to the end of this blog, I am tired again.  The wood burner is burning super hot, but nice to be on a warm boat when so cold outside!  I wasn’t in the mood to write the blog, but after a 20 second microsleep, I felt wide awake!

As I have been writing this blog, I have been hearing intermitted firework displays – strange as we are in lockdown and it’s so cold!  I headed outside to see what was going on, but saw nothing.  After a flurry of messages to Edinburgh folk, I’ve been told it’s Chinese New Year celebrations!

Today it has been really really cold – maximum temperature minus 1.  Tonight it’s going to be another cold one, dropping to minus 6 and tomorrow much the same as today.  No snow today and no rain – just clear blue skies all day and sunshine 🙂

Hope you’ve been having a fun day in the snow!

Jim xx

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