Day 324 – Reflections on Lockdown

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Today it’s 100 days since I’ve been living on Discovery!!  My first night was on Day 224.

In attempt to try and get to bed earlier today, this blog will be mainly by photos!

Despite it forecast to be super cold in the night, I slept really well.

Honey had her bed coat on and seemed to be fine too 🙂

When I opened the door, I found it had been snowing lots in the night – a good few inches!

After Qi Gong, I took my turn to clear a snow path along the towpath.  I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, but always been beaten to it!  After Qi Gong, it still hadn’t been done, so I jumped at the chance.

Soon Fiona joined me scattered salt behind me – it was funny, me clearing the snow, Honey following me and Fiona behind Honey!


On the last bit I saw doing – suddenly – “snap” – I broke the snow shovel!  I concluded I didn’t know my own strength, but later Helen explained it had broken a few times already 🙁



Once finished I made a video of all that I had cleared.  After a wee while, I started to jog, to ensure the video wasn’t too long!  I’ve speeded it up as well, so there’s less time to watch!!  It took 1 hour to create the path, the video is 39 seconds long!

I’m chuffed that on my 100th day living on the canal, I created the snow path – what a great way to celebrate boating life 🙂




This afternoon I tidied Discovery (inside) and cleaned the floors – looks so much better.

Then Helen and I made snow sculptures – I made Snowy the Snow Dog, Helen made Bruce the Snowman!

The snow was not sticking, which explained why everyone’s snow sculptures yesterday (Day 323) were so small!  Although in Leith they were really big – I wonder if they had different snow?

For a long time the snow dog didn’t resemble a dog, Helen said it looked like a “cow”.  Then a lady passing by the other side of the canal said “Oh – look it’s a snow dog”…that boosted my confidence, although she then said “is it a dog?”.

Once the ears were on it started to look more like a dog.  The nose kept falling off, so Helen suggested I got some water.  A saucepan of water did the trick 🙂

Finished  – meet Snowy the Dog 🙂

The blog cover photo hopefully shows the size of him in relation to Honey.


Can anyone guess the breed?

I went to across the canal to see how it looked for passer-by’s, only to realise that Snowy blended into the white background 🙁

Here is Bruce the drunken Snowman.

All in all, it was a fun afternoon playing in the snow!


Readers Corner



Helen left a comment on yesterday’s blog (Day 323) saying:

“What a great action photo with someone falling off their sledge!

Sweden gets a lot of snow, but it’s not always the “right” kind of snow. If you can make snowballs or snowmen then it’s called “kramsnö”.

A lot of the time though, the air is so dry and the humidity is so low that the snow is like dust and doesn’t stick together. I’ve recently realised that when it is that dry, I can’t see my breath in the cold air either! That’s a really surreal experience. Like looking in the mirror and not seeing a reflection. You start to question your own existence.”.

Thanks Helen!  I don’t remember seeing my breath today – and definitely the snow was not sticking.  As Helen said it is “real snow” !!!



Gus left a Facebook comment on yesterday’s blog (Day 323) saying:

“Great to see you Jim we’ll get a pic next time.”.



It Made Me Smile

Another song from the Marsh Family, this was made in September 2020 – it made me smile 🙂



As I come to the end of today’s blog, it’s not midnight yet, so although not a super early night, I’ll be in bed before 12.30am!

I had planned to head to the flat today, but in fact a day in the snow was a lot more fun and hanging out with the boating community!

Tonight there is talk of the temperature plummeting to minus 6 degrees!!  It’s set to be a sunny day tomorrow, but at 9am the temperature is forecast to be minus 5!!

I plan to head to the flat tomorrow….

Today it has been snowing on and off all day, although not as much as yesterday and relatively clear skies when not snowing!

Hope you’ve had a fun day too 🙂

Stay Safe!

Jim xx

  1. Jill Richardson

    Loved your snow dog! I will send you a few pictures, how pretty does it look. Not from here. Stayed here for years but from a wee town called Kirkcudbright! Edinburgh is looking good!

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