Day 321 – Reflections on Lockdown

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There’s a well know quote that there are ‘32 different types of snow‘!

Today it snowed on an off all day, but snow I haven’t seen this winter.

Not the slushy rain/sleet snow.

Not the fluffy floating snow in big flakes.

Today – it was like those mini balls you get in packaging – but a lot smaller.

On our morning walk, I bumped into another boater walking his dog and we talked about the snow.  He described in like hail – but it didn’t fall heavily like hail, but lightly like snow.

You could see the individual snow flakes, or more like snow balls, over the ground.

Today I’ve not done much, hanging about on Disco and the canal.

This morning, I had my fortnightly meditation group on Zoom, then just chilled out all afternoon.  After quite a lot of exercise over the previous two days, 11km run on Day 319 and a cycle, job and long walk yesterday (Day 320), a rest was what my body was needing.

Honey and I went for an earlier walk, about 3pm up to Bridge No. 3 and back.

This evening there was a power cut across parts of Edinburgh – Blackford, Colinton, Gracemount, Swanston and the top end of the canal.  From beyond the gate, next to my boat up to the start of the canal there was a power cut, but not affecting me – that gate seems to be a bigger barrier than I thought 😉

But strangely if affected my 4G, I’m with EE network.  As I have no broadband, 4G is all I have to access the internet – so I was late starting the blog.  The 4G was affected for about an hour!  Then when the boaters beyond the gate said their power was back on, my internet starting working as well!


Lockdown Restrictions Corner

Today I saw this article in The Guardian, which is titled – ‘It’s only now I realise the toll the pandemic has taken: a letter from the other side of Covid;.


It talks of a lady who moved from London to New Zealand, where in New Zealand life is ‘normal’ post-Covid.  She spent two weeks in government managed quarantine and then wrote “It felt like I had slipped into another world through the back of my wardrobe.”

She describes the sense of normality as “surreal”, walking round in wonder – strangers clustered in cafés, her face-mask in her suitcase, she was able to look at strangers and see them smile.

When in crowds she felt “supercharged”, if a stranger came close to her she would jump out the way.  In London this would be “a considerate gesture”, in New Zealand it seemed “passive aggressive”.  She found it hard being in crowded shopping centres.


It’s an interesting viewpoint and well worth a read – how long is it going to take for us to overcome the psychological impact of these restrictions, post-covid?


Things We No Longer Use / Do

Following on from Day 319, when I was looking at Offering to Take One’s Photo, Helen messaged me today with some screenshots of the Washington Post article that I couldn’t access as I wasn’t signed up.

Helen wrote –

“The Washington Post article about not asking strangers to take a photo was interesting.

I think you can read it if you zoom in”.



Helen continued with –

“And the comments were interesting too”.




Thanks for sharing all this Helen 🙂

Readers Corner

One post today.



Helen sent me a message today saying:

“I thought you might find the photo interesting.

My friend took it and sent it to me from the local ski slope. It’s a socially distanced queue of people waiting to get on the ski lift.

The ski slope also restricts the number of visitors at any one time so that the runs don’t get too busy. The usually have a café and an indoor place to get changed and warmed up, but all the indoor areas a closed.

The ski slope is called Yxbacken“.



Thanks Helen – that’s a long queue !!!


Helen later messaged me saying –

“Ok, that confirms it … the Scottish government is definitely reading your blog!!!”.


She shared this Tweet by Nicola Sturgeon in regards to the video I posted yesterday (Day 320) in ‘It Made Me Smile’  –

As I come to the end of this blog, I am looking forward to doing the final bits and pieces of work on my flat next week.  The biggest challenge is getting the laminate down and cutting pieces to make it fit, I am feeling quite apprehensive about it.

Today it has been a lot colder than the last few weeks, about 0 degrees centigrade, going to the toilet without a jacket was cold!  It snowed on and off all day, and cloudy.  The temperature is set to drop further over the next few days, with more snow forecast – I wonder what type of snow it will be!

Hope you’ve had a fun weekend 🙂

Jim x

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