Day 32 – Reflections on Lock-Down

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This afternoon felt like it was payday weekend.  It is the last Friday of the month, but unsure if anyone has been paid – either furlough leave or a regular salary?

Whatever was going on there was definitely a partying vibe in the air!

When I used to go out and about and do magic busking in and around Edinburgh, payday weekend was a great weekend to earn a good amount of money.  In fact, the weather it has been today and potentially payday weekend is the perfect time to earn a packet when doing magic busking.

I haven’t done magic busking since August last year, but when I did – I found that on a Friday night, when it was a super sunny and had been all week, everyone would be out in the pubs drinking.  There would be an excitement in the air!  Those who had been working all week, hoping that weather would last – could now go outside and enjoy it.  It felt that the feel good factor of a hot sunny day, would increase people’s mood to party – and so I would bounce up and do some magic, would be the perfect touch to their night out!

When Honey the Dog and I were out on our walk this afternoon, there were loads of people out – on the street and Arthur’s Seat – the most I have seen since lock-down.  It feels, like folk are starting to ignore the lock-down rules.  On Arthur’s Seat people were sunbathing, picnicking, sitting in groups chatting, drinking beer, playing sports, etc…

There was some police presence today – but Arthur’s Seat is such a big area, its hard to cover all parts.

As you can see from the photo at the top of this blog – it was a hot day today!

This evening, I have little energy or motivation to write this blog.  Partly, because it is Friday and the end of the week.  And partly, because I ate too much pasta tonight – Pasta Bake, without the ‘bake’!

This afternoon, I had a Zoom Meeting at 3.30pm – which meant by the time that had finished it was 4.45pm and my window of motivation (usually about 2.30pm / 3pm) to go outside for a long walk / run had gone!  It was the same last Saturday.  So I must keep my afternoons free for that ‘window’ otherwise the long walk/run feels like a chore!

I’m always tired on a Friday night.  I have between 5 to 6 hours a night of sleep, staying up late to write the blog.  So by Friday it is all catching up with me!

So with little / no motivation – I will move onto Readers Corner.

Readers Corner

Readers Corner is coming my favourite part of this blog!  I don’t have to find inspiration to find something interesting to write about – I just include everyone else’s words!

Please keep the sharing coming – I’m loving hearing from everyone 😉



This morning one of my colleagues, Sue shared a lovely video, of birds singing, that she made this morning, I guess from her flat window, of city living during lock-down.  It’s at the top of the Royal Mile.  The black spire is The Hub and just a little up from that is Edinburgh Castle  Check it out below:



Whilst trying to get the link for Sue’s video (above) on my YouTube channel, I saw a video from Callum who runs Wood Chip Films.  Callum loves my magic and made an amazing film of me performing magic at The Pleasance Courtyard last year – check it out it here on my video page.  It is the top film.

Callum said that he is trying to keep busy by making wee films like this one (see below).  It completely captures Edinburgh in Self Isolation.




Aileen has appeared a few times in my daily blog – my Virtual Magic Show a couple of Friday’s ago and a few days ago with the Instagram post.  But maybe some other times, that I can’t remember right now!

She posted a comment on yesterday’s blog:

“I agree with the comment of spring time being the time of year when if feels as if nature if coming alive.  What’s nice is that we get time to appreciate it properly this year, as our lives are less busy than normal (apart from yours, Jim!).  We also have time to properly relax and slow down without any guilt or fear of missing out – FOMO – which I think everyone needed even if they didn’t realise it themselves”.

Thanks for the comment.

I completely agree.  Definitely, my FOMO (fear of missing out) is no longer there.  I often see posts on Facebook (outwith lock-down) about someone’s great day with all their friends and feel like I have missed out.  Where as now, we are not with our friends (unless they are in our household!).  As for my busy life – I am enjoying the change in pace.  It’s also nice to have an enforced routine which doesn’t come with self-employed work…with routine comes a rhythm, which I am enjoying.



Matt is a friend of mine in Birmingham, who is always one of the first to liked any Facebook posts I put up (any time of the year), which he continued to do during lock-down.  He is one of my daily blog readers.  In the last few days I noticed he had not liked my blog posts so I messaged him to see if he was okay.  He’s had a busy week with work.  He also put a Facebook comment and then continued with some words in Messenger.  He said:

Terrific swim by Honey – bet she enjoyed that!”

She loved swimming in the river Avon near Bidford when you were last down!  Our little outdoor swimming group had a dip there late last summer”.


Matt and his partner adore Honey the Dog.  Hopefully we can get back down there before the end of the year ?!


As I come to the end of this blog, I am looking forward to a lie in tomorrow.  Saturday’s is my day of rest 🙂

Definetely thinking another run to Portobello tomorrow or Sunday.  Also, trying to plan a longer movement meditation (on Zoom), maybe on Sunday at 12.30pm (just before lunch).  Will let you know in tomorrow’s blog.

Wishing you all a great Saturday.

Until the next blog – Stay Safe.

Go well.

Jim xx