Day 319 – Reflections on Lockdown

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Today I’ve had so much energy, I don’t know where that has come from!  I usually get more energy around a full-moon, but the next full-moon isn’t for a while.

This morning I woke up naturally at 7am, lying in bed for about 10 minutes, then decided to get up.

I went for a shower and a longer walk with Honey the Dog.  After forgetting to take a photo for the start of the blog yesterday (Day 318), I made a particular effort to stop and take a photo.  But when I came to gather my photos for the blog this evening, there isn’t one for this morning?!  Tomorrow, I will have to check it is there once I’ve taken it.

After retuning from the walk, there was still loads of time until Qi Gong, so I decided to wash all my bedding.  Over the last few days I have noticed an increasing smell of ‘dog’ on Discovery.  I guess, being such a smaller space and open plan, it’s harder to control the smell of ‘wet dog’.  Yesterday, I worked out it was mainly on the bed.

Once my washing was on, we both had breakfast and then I did the dishes, cleaned out the wood burner and laid it for lighting later.  Then I logged onto Qi Gong at 8.50am, with loads of time for people to join early.

I then did some work and had some Zoom meetings.  By 3pm, my motivation was starting to lag, it was Friday afternoon, so decided to take Honey for a walk.  After 2 days of wind and rain all the time, it had finally stopped and was actually quite pleasant day, but just as I was getting my things together, I heard heavy rain on the roof.  I waited for a while, not really wanting to go outside for another walk in the wind and rain.  I checked the forecast and it was set to be wind and rain for the rest of the day!

So I decided to go for a run instead – if I was going to have to be outside in the wind and rain, I might as well be running.  After Honey chased rabbits near the canal (Day 313) I decided to go to Arthur’s Seat.  Was good being out running again, realising I hadn’t been for a run for nearly a month!


As I ran towards Arthur’s Seat I wondered what route to take, now nearly 4pm, it would be dark in an hour and didn’t want to lose Honey in the dark.  Also it was likely to be pretty muddy and slippery, so I decided to run on the road that goes round Arthur’s Seat.  Usually we run clockwise, coming from the flat, but today we went anti-clockwise.

Anti-clockwise, means there is a gradual uphill at the start.  As we started along the road, I noticed some students ahead of me, so I decided to use them as a pacemaker, which gave me a good pace up the gradual hill.


But then they stopped running, but I kept my pace going until we arrived at the Beaver Loch (previously called in the summer ‘Swan Pond’, but the swans have now gone)!  Honey went for a swim (blog cover photo), my camera was not working so well on the phone – so I had to get her to go in three times before getting the photo.


Then we were back on the road, I suddenly remembered the nice view of Arthur’s Seat, so turned round to take it, to see the two students now back running towards me.

As we headed down the hill, I picked up my pace and Honey seemed to love the faster running pace, running quite far ahead, I had to keep shouting at her to slow down and wait for me.

Near the bottom of the hill, she went back on the lead as we approached the road and the official ‘Swan Pond’ (known by the locals).

I couldn’t believe the amount of swans there – must be double, if not triple the usual amount.  Perhaps they all hang out together in the winter?

Once running, my pace was slowing, but then I heard some chatting behind, looking round to see the students not far behind.  So I picked up my pace again and continued the run.

However, not long later, I pulled off to go through the valley (aka Hunter’s Bog) (also known as the ‘fish bowl’) they carried along the road.  Remember the valley is where the wee pond is where Honey has a swim, which also dried up over the summer.

It was super wet along the path and it wasn’t long that I decided to give up trying to avoid the puddles and ran through them.

Over the hill and then back down towards the road, where we had started going round Arthur’s Seat.  I spotted the students walking up the road, it’s a big hill, soon picking up their running again.  They headed into Pollock Halls (the Edinburgh University halls of residence), I felt chuffed that I was correct that they were students.

Despite, feeling tired, I started to get faster and faster on the final part back to the canal.  Doing the last two kilometres in under 6 minutes each.  I arrived back to the canal completing a 11km run!!!  My average time per kilometre was 7 minutes, which isn’t bad as I had to wait to cross roads, take photos of Honey and get her on and off the lead.  I am definitely getting fitter 🙂

This evening, I collected the curtains for my flat which I ordered yesterday and was tempted to cycle to the flat to put them up, but was now feeling tired.  So relit the fire and relaxed on the sofa 🙂

When out collecting the curtains I saw this big banner.  Something you would never seen Pre-Covid.



Lockdown Restrictions Corner

As we all continue to speculate when lockdown will be eased, with Boris saying he’s confident that by Easter (or even earlier) things will be a very much better ( and is optimistic that we will be able to have summer holidays this year (, Scientists that advice the government have warned the government not to set dates for lifting lockdown.


Professor Graham Medley, a member of the Scientific Advisory Group has said decisions should not be made based on the calendar.  This has come off the back of some MPs saying Westminster should be starting to open at society.  Graham Medley has suggested decisions should be made in relation to Covid circumstances not key dates in our annual calendar.

The question is how will restrictions be lifted?  There has to be a balance, if reduced too quickly, there could be another wave due to people unvaccinated spreading Covid.  If reduced too slowly the economy will slow down, jobs will be lost, children’s education will suffer and people’s mental health can deteriorate.

I personally think, things should wait until the Covid cases are relatively low to where they are now, because a 4th time where restrictions are tightened will be hard to tolerate.  For me, it’s the coming out of tighter lockdown restrictions and then going back into them which is the hardest.  We have adapted to what the current situation is, so why not wait for longer to avoid tighter restrictions if another wave happens?

After the Christmas fiasco, I agree there’s a big risk in promising things will have changed by a certain date within the yearly calendar!

Things We No Longer Use / Do 

There’s been – Kilts (Day 300), Irons (Day 301), Suit and Tie (Day 302), Passports (Day 303), Massive Travel Delays (Day 304), Clothes (Day 305) High Heels (Day 311), Taxis (Day 312), A Random Snog in a Nightclub (Day 313), Karaoke Clubs (Day 314), Cash (Day 315), Handshake (Day 316), Head Lice (nit comb and medicated shampoo) (Day 317) and Pinworm Infections (Day 318).

Today I am looking Offering to take someone’s photo.

We’ve all done it, seen a group of people trying to take a selfie where there are too many people OR spot a group photo being taken and one person (whose taking the photo) won’t be in it.  We step in, as a stranger, and kindly offer to take the photo for them.  Whether it’s in a pub, restaurant, outside or on holiday.

In fact over the last 6 months, whilst trying to get selfies with me and Honey the Dog, folk have offered to take the photo for me.  I have declined on all occasions.

Is this a thing of the past, due to fear of spreading Covid on the phone / camera?

This article talks about this –

Although I am unable to read the article, due to asking me to subscribe.

This article, which I also can’t read unless I subscribe has a title – ‘Covid has killed the most precious human quality – our trust in strangers’

It suggests there has been a shift in behaviour that we have become used to.  People giving each other excessively wide berths on the pavement, the shifty look you get if you cough in public….

I guess, this also comes to offering to take someone’s photo, we can’t trust they don’t have Covid and we are going to pick it up from them handling our phone.

What do you think?  Do you have less trust in strangers?  Would you say yes if a stranger offered to take a photo for you with your phone?


Readers Corner

One post today.



Pat posted a Facebook comment on yesterday’s blog (Day 318), saying:

“Why The Hell Are We Still Allowing People’s From These Countries “Some Of Them With The New Variant”Into The Country?? It’s Bloody Madness…Stay Safe and Stay Well All…Mind You The Way Thing Are With The Above Comment Why Bother….😟😟😟“.

Thanks Pat!  You seem particularly frustrated with this!



It Made Me Smile

Helen messaged me today with this, which she thought could be in Music Corner or It Made Me Smile.  This made me smile, so it is here!

Helen wrote:

“Something for a rare music corner? Or made me laugh! 🤣“.
Helen shared it from Facebook (, but this version I found on YouTube has a bit of the outtakes from the start and end, which made me smile more!

It’s the Marsh Family again singing about Lockdown 3.  You will remember them singing about Lockdown 1 back on Day 10.





I can see the Marsh Family coming to the Edinburgh Fringe – with all the material they already have and the fame, they have a sell-out show already!

As I come to the end of today’s blog, my body is starting to ache from the run.  Honey the Dog has been sleeping all evening, she must have done nearly double the running – 20km?  I can’t wait to get to the flat tomorrow to see if the curtains work, I hope they are not too long!

I really don’t know where all my energy has come from today, but it’s been a good day and glad that I took advantage of it when I could.  I wasn’t in bed until after midnight yesterday, so less than 7 hours sleep at the end of the week!  Tomorrow is my only day in the week for a lie in 🙂

Was great putting all the clean and warm (from the double drier) bedding back on the bed.  I did this before the run, knowing Honey would be smelling of ‘wet dog’ again.  Although, after the run, I gave her a thorough dry.  The boat doesn’t smell of ‘dog’ this evening 🙂

Today the weather has been dry and relatively pleasant (compared to most of the week), but then it started to rain mid-afternoon and has been raining and windy ever since.  Discovery has been making strange banging noises all evening, I guess due to being buffered around in the wind.  The current is quite strong on the canal due to the wind, which is probably causing the banging.

Hope you’ve had a Fantastic Friday!

Enjoy Life!

Jim x

  1. Helen

    Thanks for finding the YouTube versions with outtakes. I thought I recognised them. Of course I saw them first in this blog!

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